How 360 Degree Photography Influences Consumer

How 360 degree photography influences consumer perspective?

The world is a big round place, and the issue is that we have been looking at a cropped view of it for a long time now.

However, we now owe to the new tech advancements in cameras and online algorithms that allow us to witness everything around us – from the front and back, to the right and left, above and below, in spherical, and 360 panoramic views.

360 degree photography

The emerging concept of 360 photography is helping to eliminate the major barriers faced by online shoppers, such as the inability to see their potential purchase from various angles or feel the product. This type of photography allows a potential buyer to see the product in a more realistic and 3D format – Swiveling.

As the demand for immersive Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality experiences grows unprecedented, more and more online marketplaces and e-commerce businesses offer their potential buyers to see their potential purchase from all angles with the support of 360-degree photos and videos. It gives consumers a better idea of the size, scale, aura, and perspective of fit. 

360 degree photography, 360 degree cover photo

We might have not observed it, but we have been seeing 360 images for a long time now. The moment you stroll down the Google Streetview, you are looking at a consolidation of multiple 360 images that gives you a feeling of being immersed in that particular location. 

Now, whether you are a property seller who wants to sell houses 60% faster or an e-commerce seller who wants to increase the business by over 15%, 360 virtual tour photography can help you boost your business and foster your brand image.

360 degree product photography, 360 degree cover photo

360-degree photography for Real estate

Are you all set to skyrocket your sales? If you are a property seller, real estate professional, or a small seller, you need to understand the increasing trend for 360-degree photography. 


Let’s start with the organic traffic to your website, sounds great, right? 

With high competition and several buying options available online, it is significant that your business stands out, agree? What if you provide your visitors with a virtual interactive experience of your property, making them feel as they are strolling through the living room and the bedrooms of the property? By using 360-degree real estate photography, the potential buyers will spend more time viewing and considering purchasing your property. Using 360-Degree images, you can increase a visitor’s duration by up to 32%.

360 product photo, 360 degree cover photo

Increases Customer Satisfaction

If your customer is satisfied, it becomes easy for you to convert, true? If you are aware of the latest Marketing Trends of 2020, then you must know that 360-degree real estate images are a great way to convince potential home buyers. It is believed that using 360-degree images, you can increase customer satisfaction rates by up to 50%.

360-degree photography captures the intangible feeling of a moment in real-time.

When your customer views these 360-degree images it will almost make them feel like being teleported into that particular location. These panoramic images will allow them to click, drag, and scroll on the photo to look down/up/right/left within the image. 360 product images, 360 degree cover photo

These pictures are very interactive, helping customers to get completely immersed at the moment and virtually experience what it is like if you really were at that particular location. Spyne is a photography company that helps businesses like property sellers, e-commerce marketplaces, and alike with all kinds of visual content. Spyne provides eye-catching 360-degree photography that allows your customers to virtually stroll through a location. Explore here. 

360 panorama photo

360-degree photography for products

Improving Product Display

The first impression is your last! Are you a seller whose website has some packshots with front, back, and side angle views? Do you believe that these still shots are enough to convert the lead?

By doing 360-degree photography, you will be able to allow your shoppers an in-store-like experience by elevating the presentation of your product using interactive 360 pictures. It will enable them to swivel the product a full 360 degree, and zoom in to observe the product details minutely such as design, texture, quality, color.

360 degree product photography, 360 degree car photography

Engage Consumers With Your Products

Well, if you have multiple Professional Product Images, you are still doing fine. However, if you have 360-degree images of your product you’re doing great!

Since 75% of online shoppers rely on product images, you need to rethink what will help you improve your conversion rate. A few pictures will not help your consumers but multiple product images will certainly engage them with the product and reduce return rates by 15-55%.

Shopify study says, only 0.52% of online shoppers prefer to see one product picture, and some 33.16% like to see multiple images. However, online shoppers who prefer to see a 360-degree view of the product is comparatively high – over 58.03%.

360 angle photo, 360 degree product photography360 degree product photos, 360 degree product photography

Product Transparency

Trust comes with transparency. If you want your viewers to buy your product without reading reviews, then you certainly have to earn the trust of your consumers by providing impeccable services and transparency. 

You can completely be transparent with your potential buyer by displaying a precise understanding of a product using 360-degree product photography. 

Rotatory and zoomable pictures are a strong visual representation that can best depict your product. Image quality and display invoke trust in your consumers and helps them in making an informed purchase.

360 degree product photos, 360 degree product photography

Tech-driven conversions

Using technology, businesses will have a creative edge in the e-commerce space. It can help you make your product stand out, display them accurately with marketplace-customization and emotions, eventually leading to conversions.

By your unique representation of your product, your site will be able to garner more consumers to your store, helping you increase your overall conversion rates. 

If you want to make your business grow by 15-50%, then you must avail of our premium 360-degree photography to improve your product catalog display. Spyne also provides aerial photography and other product photography services across the country. Give your products the limelight they deserve, Contact us here.

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