Spyne AI: Automatic Footwear Photo Editing With 100% AI Technology

SpyneAI: Automatic Footwear Photo Editing With 100% AI Technology

A recent IRCE report shows that more than 75% of online shoppers think of product images as an important feature while 66% & 61% think alternative views of the product and zoom-in features are also crucial respectively.

Businesses across the categories have joined the race to improve their catalogs and elevate consumer experience considerably with high-quality, zoomable product images.

Similarly, it is critical for footwear brands to have appealing shoe images that drive and hold customer attention. In fact, it might be one of the challenges faced by the brands to fulfill their visual content requirements at faster TATs. However, there are AI tools that can help transform catalog images and create appealing product pages.


footwear background replacement


Spyne’s cutting-edge AI technology helps e-commerce marketplaces, businesses across the world with high-quality Product Photo Editing. If you have footwear images, you can automate your footwear photo editing with 100% AI tech that helps you edit shoe images 3X faster, saving you about 70% of your average post-production time.

The tech tool helps businesses edit all kinds of product images and give a makeover to the product catalogs at a 50% lower cost. Since it puts AI to do the work for you, minimizing the manual labor, hence making it highly affordable.


footwear image enhancement


Are you selling your products on Amazon or any other marketplace, or do you sell images on your own online e-commerce store, you can simply create marketplace-ready images in a few minutes while incurring extremely fewer costs. Our AI tech is any marketplace complaint, which means with one input you can create a ready-to-publish image for one or multiple marketplaces you chose. This helps sellers create a variety of images from one product image, enabling them to publish images across the sales channels.


shoes photo editing


Multiple Backgrounds

Now since you’re selling your products on multiple marketplaces, you’d need to redefine your visual content accordingly. For instance, if you’re selling on Amazon, you’d need your product images with white background only, unless it is a lifestyle image, right? Similarly, if you’re using another marketplace that accepts images in gray backgrounds only, you’d need to comply with the guidelines to list and sell your products. Spyne’s AI-based footwear image editing technology helps you create ready-to-publish multi-background images at once.


footwear marketplace ready images


shoe background replacement


Margins & scaling 

This is another part of creating your product images, and you can always leave it to the AI to auto-scale your product images according to your requirements or marketplace guidelines. No matter where you sell, our AI keeps the ratios in its intelligence so that you don’t have to worry about the sizing of the images.


footwear marketplace ready images


Realistic shadows

Now you might imagine that, how would the images look realistic if they are edited with AI, let me tell you that our AI makes sure that every criterion is met in order to make the images look real and perfectly edited. The difference won’t be measurable, it helps you with 99% accuracy across your SKUs. The AI tech identifies the coordinates of the dark spots and creates realistic shadows around the product, and elevating the look and feel of the product considerably.


footwear AI edited images


Automate your post-production 

SpyneAI footwear image editing tech can be used in multiple formats base on the number of images you need to process or simply the requirements. If you want to process under 5000 images per week, you can simply use our Web tool to get the footwear images to edit instantly or you can use our API key to automate your post-production process and cut down your average footwear photo editing time by almost 70%, helping you to make your products live faster. As the AI technology footwear image editing tool is 100% automatic, it makes the editing process 3X faster, which means get images in faster TATs at 50% lower cost.


footwear marketplace ready images


SpyneAI application

Do you need to hire footwear photography? Does it cost you a lot and you can’t afford it or simply want to cut your photography costs? If yes, you can simply use the SpyneAI application to shoot your footwear images with your cell phone from anywhere and get them edited within minutes from the app only. The application is an AI-based product that uses AI to do the editing work for you. If you take 10 minutes to edit one picture, you can take a few minutes to click and edit several minutes.


footwear image editing


You can Download Spyne’s app or Book A Demo with us to understand our tech and we’d love to demonstrate how it can help you scale your business considerably.

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