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How To Create Photorealist Visuals For Cataloguing Without Photoshoot

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Do you need to create samples just for cataloguing and you find it very costly to get your fabric or garment stitched and photographed on a model?

There’s a way you can create high-quality, photorealistic visuals of your products without actually having to shoot for cataloging. Before we discuss how you can create lifestyle images of your fabric or garments for cataloging without having to stitch and photograph, we’ll take a look at product cataloging and why it is important for any business.


catalog photoshoot

What Is a Product Catalog?

A product catalog of any business is a marketing resource that lists the brand’s essential product details that help potential consumers make a purchase decision. The details in a product catalog include product descriptions, high-quality product image editing, features, dimensions, price, weight, colour, availability, client reviews, etc.


product photography

Source: Data4Amazon


One of the best examples of an e-commerce product catalog is the Amazon marketplace, where you can see a lot of products listed with a host of information. For instance, if you want to purchase jeans, Amazon will provide you with all the information you need about the jeans you’ve selected. The information will include the size, brand, seller’s name, colour, high-quality, zoomable images, reviews and more. All these details help a buyer to make a purchase decision.

Importance of High-quality Product Images

However, among all these details, high-quality product images play an important role in helping a buyer make a purchase decision. All the online marketplaces use HD images to provide a detailed look of a product to consumers. Since consumers can’t touch or feel the product, it becomes crucial for businesses to use zoomable images that drive conversions.


product rendered images


However, if you’re a seller who sells saree, pallu, dupattas, suits, home furnishing items, etc but can’t afford photography and other expenses to get your products photographed, there’s a solution for you!

Whether you sell your products online on a marketplace or on your website, if you face challenges such as stitching your fabric or garments as a sample (in various styles and colours) for cataloguing, hiring in-house photographers and designers or outsourcing these images for post-production, you can always look for highly affordable and creative solutions.


product quality images


With AI and AR making inroads in photography and the visual world, a lot has changed since. Technology brands such as spyne are creating AI-driven automatic tools that help businesses and dealerships create high-quality visual content in a click, 100% automatically. They put AI to task and help you scale your requirements in faster TATs.

For sellers who sell garments on e-commerce platforms find it difficult to use high-quality images of their products. Since they’re selling online, they’d need zoomable, lifestyle images to convince buyers. But this is very expensive for sellers because of several reasons, here are some mentioned below:


product lifestyle images


– They need to create some samples from fabric or garments by getting them stitched manually.

– They have to hire designers to create various designs for a single fabric for cataloguing.

– Must have a physical studio for photoshoots or ship products for photography in case of outsourcing.

– Outsource final images of the clothes for post-production and for creating e-commerce friendly images.

– Typically use mannequins or live models to create lifestyle images for a better perspective.

It’s not just a lot of work and time but a lot of money and effort, which requires huge manpower to oversee and execute these operations.

What’s The Ultimate Solution? 

As I said, tech companies are using AI to create tools that help sellers with photorealist visuals and even post-production, bidding adieu to manual editing and a lot of other expensive operations.

Similarly, you can use an AI-powered digital draping tool to create photorealistic models images from flat fabric photos in a matter of seconds.


photorealistic model images


Spyne’s cutting-edge draping technology can be used to drape sarees, pallu, suits, blouses, home decor items such as curtains, bedsheets, table runners, etc by just uploading a single flat photo of your unstitched garments or fabric on our AI web tool and turn this simple photo into lifestyle model image in a few seconds – 100% automatically, all you need to do is a few clicks.


lifestyle model images


You don’t have to spend money on stitching samples or getting them photographed for cataloguing, when you can pull it off by just uploading a photo. You can simply generate high-quality lifestyle model images in seconds – no stitching, model or photography required.

How to use Spyne’s draping tech for sarees & home furnishing items?

Go to Spyne’s draping tech tool, you can click here to jump to the site. There are several categories to choose from, you can select one as per your preference or the products you sell.

Select the category:

– Saree

– Suit

– Home Furnishing/Curtains


home furnishing photography


Upload a Photo

For instance, you choose a saree category and want to turn your one simple saree photo into lifestyle images. All you need to do is click a photo of the saree with the right lighting. Make sure you place the photo the right way. You can use the inbuilt buttons on the screen to rotate your saree for better results. Similarly, you can click multiple photos for Kurti and other home furnishing items.

When you click a photo with your cell phone or a camera, you need to make sure:

– The lighting is uniform and there are no wrinkles/shadows on the product.

– The image captured is not blurry/distorted.


kurti quality images


Click Upload to proceed further

Select a model

Select a model from our portfolio and our tech will drape your saree onto that model 100% automatically. How cool is that?


Select a pose

How would you like the model to stand or pose? Choose the pose you like, and click Next. Wait for a few seconds and your images will be ready to download.


Download the HD images

In a few seconds, you can download lifestyle photo-realistic visuals of your product draped onto a live model with ai in seconds. These images are ready to be published and drive your potential customers to make purchases.


What makes Spyne Different? 

So, using this tech, you can use tech to save hundreds of thousands of rupees. Spyne’s tech can efficiently convert your saree photo into beautiful lifestyle model shots. The output images are high-quality and highly zoomable that can go on your listings without any need for further editing – as Spyne, helps you create visuals according to e-commerce marketplace guidelines.

– Create high-quality, photorealistic visuals in seconds

– Turn simply flat photos into lifestyle model images for cataloging

– Drape your fabric onto home furnishings items instantly

– Spyne’s draping and 3d rendering are 100% automatic.

– Choose from multiple templates

The AI tech rendered images are photorealistic, which is nearly difficult to guess whether the model images are really photographed shots or rendered by an AI tech. So Download Spyne’s App or Book A Demo with us to try our photoshoot and photo editing services. Also if you Have any questions regarding our tech, or do you need any kind of help, please reach out to us via [email protected], we’d love to help you!

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