Create Showroom-style backgrounds on your car images

Create Showroom-style Custom backgrounds On Your Car Images In Seconds

Artificial intelligence has come a long way to redefine the way businesses take professional photos or edit images. There have been huge advancements in post-production driven by algorithms. Of course, neural networks are making it much more seamless, affordable, and efficient. The time-consuming manual editing or traditional way of editing pictures has been costing too much and apparently is tedious and time taking. What businesses need is a tool that can help them get images edited in a matter of seconds. A tool that ensures consistent quality and faster turnarounds. Get Professional Car Background  Iamges using Spyne Car Editing Background Technology.

To edit images using AI-based technology, there are several tools that let you create a fresh background on images, helping you cut post-production costs and time. However, removing and replacing backgrounds doesn’t work well when it comes to editing car images. Because, once you remove the car image background and then place a new background behind it, the outcome looks unrealistic and unnatural because you not only do away with the floor but other settings like depth and shadows as well that make the car look manually checked. 

Is there a tool that helps car dealerships create car backgrounds and floors that look realistic and natural?

From helping you create stunning backgrounds to generating rotating floors beneath the cars, Spyne’s cutting-edge technology is making in-roads in the automobile industry to revolutionize post-production. The tool, SpyneAI, allows you to create studio-like car images in a matter of seconds without having to set up a Capex heavy studio. 

Yes, most of the high-end dealerships and car sellers set up physical studios, which cost them a lot of money, to take professional car images. Certainly, images play a crucial role in helping shape the purchasing decision of a buyer. To make your Vehicle Detail Pages (VDPs) stand out from your competitors, you need to make sure that your imagery is top-notch.

But what are the main challenges for creating high-quality car images that Spyne’s cutting-edge AI tools solve? 

Setting up Studio:

It needs a lot of money to set up a studio, where professional car photos can be taken. It also means you need to have a turntable - after you set up a studio, you would definitely need a rotating floor to capture 360-degree car video to improve your conversions, right? It is a lot of work to set up a physical studio and not to forget that you need a space for it. 

SpyneAI lets you create studio-like car images using AI technology. 


Even if you have a studio, you will take at least a few days to shoot a few cars, then get the car images edited from your manual photo-editors, which eventually increases turnaround time.

Spyneai will not take hours to edit your images, it saves you 48 hours of waiting time. The AI tool creates stunning images in a matter of minutes. 

Huge cost:

To set up a studio, you’d need a lot of money. Besides, pos-production, labour, and fuel can be other challenges to shoot better car images

Spyneai helps you cut huge costs that otherwise would be required to set up a studio, hire photographers and editors, manpower, etc. Spyne charges you 90% less than any image editor. 

Shoot Your Car

Follow smart overlays to shoot your car anywhere according to your marketplace. Confirm your shots after every capture.  

One-click edit

Submit the images on the app itself to get them edited in minutes and save 48 hours of waiting time. You can choose your background from a stack of premium backgrounds and get showroom-like outputs

Easy Download

Download ready to publish images and publish them on your desired platform instantly. 

Sell Faster

Images created using Spyneai allow you to sell 40% better and faster. Boost your sales now. 

Download the SpyneAI App and start creating awesome images for your brand in a few clicks. Use the app’s cutting-edge technology to edit images like a pro. 

Download Spyne App And Try It Yourself !!

Written By - Younus Sideeq on 14 Apr, 2021