Introducing Custom Walls: Create Custom Background on Your Car Images Using AI

Introducing Custom Walls: Create Custom Background on Your Car Images Using AI

Need to change the background of a bunch of car photos?

Removing and changing the background from a car image can give you the freedom to use the same image again and again across the sales channels. You can also change the car image background to give your cars a new look before actually uploading them on your marketplace or website.


Spyne has been working on computer vision AI technology to enable car sellers to create stunning car images using technology. The AI tool helps car sellers and marketplaces transform poor car images into studio-setting images in seconds, 100% automatically.

The web application of our AI-powered Car background Replacement Tool also helps you transform multiple car images into showroom-like images at once. You can transform your car images unlimited times using highly affordable image credits. Instantly change your car background with Spyne car photo editing.

car ai photo editing

Our AI tool helps you generate a new background setting and a turntable-like floor for your car image automatically. We can also help you customize backgrounds for your car according to your dealership’s facade.

However, our recent ‘Custom Wall’ feature allows you to replace just the car background while keeping your car floor the same. This way you can take your car anywhere.

car background replacement

Are you a car dealership?

If you have to update your car listing on a regular basis or you shoot car images a lot, then Spyne’s car background replacement tool is the ideal solution for your business. You can simply make your car images stand out in a matter of seconds, without actually relying on a manual editor – or wait for 48 hours of the editing process. Now You Can Instantly Replace Your Car Background Image with Spyne Car Photo Editor.

car image editing

Just upload, choose a background from a premium background setting and get your images transformed instantly and automatically. The Virtual Studio helps you replace the background and the floor of your car image completely. However, the Custom wall helps you just change the background of your photos.

Here’s how you can create marketplace-ready images by adding Custom Walls on your car images in a few seconds:

1. Go to and sign up or log in with your email. If you’re a new user, you’ll get 10 free credits as an introductory offer.  

car image editing app

2. Upload your car image(s) or simply drag and drop your car images to see the magic. Toward the right side of your screen, you’ll see Virtual Studio and Custom Walls, select custom walls. 

car background replacement


car image editing app

3. Choose a background of your choice or simply upload your own background. 

car background replacement app

4. Click on the “Magically” to set your custom wall automatically or choose “Manually” to do it yourself by adjusting the wall using Smart Slider. 

automobile image enhancement

5. Click on Apply to apply the changes. 

The AI tool will give your ready-to-publish car image in a matter of seconds. This way you can get your multiple car images transformed into a new set of photos without actually spending a lot of money or relying on a manual editor.

car image editing app

Using this tool, you can cut your cost by about 70%.

Get car images transformed at 90% faster TATs.

Scale your image production by 3X.

Boost your sales up to 12%. So try spyne’s photo editing services by just downloading spyne’s android app or IOS app. You can also directly Book A Demo with Spyne’s to try our AI based photo editing tool.

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