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High Professional Car Photography Prices- What is The Solution?

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As a car dealer, professional car photography prices can often catch you off guard.  And why not? Professional car photographers can charge as much as $200 to $500 per hour. For more experienced ones, the number can go up to $300 to $2,000 per image. 

If the prospect of getting professional images of your inventory scares you, it is justified.

Every car seller trying to build the presence of dealerships online probably knows how important professional-looking images are. From the background, exposure, and placement to window tinting and number plate masking, every element matters to create high-impact visuals for VDP.

Therefore, it is not really unfair for car photographers to quote ridiculous photography prices. However, this article is not intended to help photographers. By the time you finish reading this article, you will have found a perfect, more feasible solution to reduce the cost of inventory cataloging.

But first, let us understand why car photography prices are on fire and what challenges they pose for dealerships.

Why are car photography prices so high? 

Looking at the car images, it is easy to say that a professional car picture is just the result of a DSLR camera and the right exposure. However, the job is much more tricky than it looks.

  1. One of the major reasons why car photography prices are high is that the challenges are more, and mistakes can cost a lot. So, it almost becomes a necessity to hire photographers with more experience and better equipment.
  2. Cars are expensive and large products to shoot. Therefore, the challenges are higher, and the equipment is quite expensive. To maintain the profit margins, the photographers have to cover the cost involved in the production.

This ultimately increases the final car photography prices. 

Challenges of Car Dealership Photography and Reasons Behind High Prices

These are three challenges faced by the car photographer when shooting for car dealerships: 

1. Too many cars to handle at a time

Unlike life, the more, the merrier does not go well with professional car photography. The challenge of shooting the volume of cars is that each car requires multiple shots (from the inside and outside).

You need to figure out the angles, lighting, and countless edits for these cars. 

2. Be mindful of lighting 

When it comes to professional car photography, lighting is the big cheese! When setting the lighting, controlling reflections is crucial for auto dealership photography.

To get the best shots of a car from every angle, a photographer needs to adjust the lighting according to the shape and color of the car.

While lighting sounds like a simple challenge to crack, it is a difficult one, and getting it right requires professional expertise. 

3. Location is the key factor

Finding the right location to photograph cars is also imperative. It might not be possible to find a scenic location in proximity to shoot professional car images. Therefore, dealerships often prefer studios for car photography, that eventually shoots up the prices and costs.

This is another challenge that dealerships face during auto dealership photography.

How can dealerships reduce photography costs? 

Now that we know how high car dealership photography prices are and the reasons behind them, it is time for a solution.

Deep-tech companies like Spyne.ai are helping car sellers in automotive marketing and businesses generate high-impact catalog visuals with just a few clicks and at a 75% lesser cost. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are changing the traditional way of doing car photography while saving the money spent on high prices.

The solution to your expensive photoshoot is Spyne’s auto dealership photography, editing and publishing software.

Here’s how Spyne does it: 

Professional-looking car images with a smartphone

Spyne’s inbuilt AI camera helps dealers and sellers shoot car images with a smartphone. The AI tech guides the photoshoot to suggest the best angles, lighting, exposure, car placement, and much more.

This not only reduces the cost of hiring a photographer but also saves on getting an expensive camera for clicking excellent shots.

With this AI technology, your smartphone will do the deed! 

AI editor for studio-like output

Once your raw images are ready, it’s time for Spyne’s AI image editor to do the magic.

Since you take hundreds of clicks, shouldn’t it take forever to edit these images? Ideally, yes, but not with Spyne’s virtual studio. No need for a manual retouch.

With a few clicks, you can instantly produce high-quality output similar to what you’d see in a studio.

Book a demo to avoid paying for high car photography prices without lowering your quality of images. 

Wrapping up 

Contrary to common belief, spending more does not always guarantee good quality. We help you get the best results at a lesser cost with the help of AI. So invest your time focusing on your customers and increasing your revenue, while we take care of your making a top-notch automobile catalog for you! 



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