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Car Photo Editor App – Complete Guide to Get The Perfect Car Pictures

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You need top-quality images when selling cars online, to showcase on your VDPs. Even offline sellers research their options online, making the role of images on your website/marketplace listings even more crucial. To ensure the best quality, you’ll need the right car photo editor app to help you out.

Digitization has revolutionized every industry, including the automobile sector. Nowadays, every seller has to abide by the rules of digital retailing to attract more customers. If you want to spice up your car retail business, then you’ll need to find the best car photo editor for your business.


Complete Guide to Get The Perfect Car Pictures


In this blog, we explain what these apps are, why you need them, and the best one for beautifying your online car inventory. So, let’s get started!


What is a car photo editor application?

A car photo editor application is software that helps you modify a vehicle image to your liking. It can help you remove unwanted and ugly elements present in a photograph, change or adjust the colors, manipulate the subject and standardize them as per a template, add brand logos, etc., in order to beautify the image. These images can then be used for different purposes – listing products online, promotions and advertisements, social media, etc.

Car photo editor apps

Not every car photographer has the luxury of driving vehicles up to a scenic location or a studio for the perfect photoshoot. Sometimes, you just have to make do with shooting an automobile in busy or not-so-pretty locations. In such a scenario, modifying the image background using a car photo editing app is the way to go.

car image editors can broadly be classified into two categories:

  • Manual editing apps
  • Automated editing apps


Manual car photo editor apps

Manual photo editing applications are the ones in which a user has to manually manipulate a photograph. This requires skill as well as experience; you need to either learn how to use such software or hire a professional to run them.

Automated car photo editor apps

Automated photo editing applications do not require a user to run any editing operations. The background removal and replacement, color correction, removing reflections from windows, etc. – are taken care of by the application. You don’t need any experience or skills to use automated editors, making it a brilliant option for amateurs.


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Why do you need a car photo editing app?

Why you need car image editing app


If you want your business to prosper, then you should have a robust online presence. Your business needs to have an outlet on the internet to attract new buyers, as well as a strong social media presence to sustain in this competitive market. For that, you need high-impact car images and videos. There are plenty of reasons why your visuals need to be top-notch:

  • Good-quality images and videos help consumers trust your brand
  • Standardized images on your VDPs help bring visual consistency to your website
  • If your vehicle looks incredible in the picture, you’ll be able to upsell them
  • People often check a brand’s online presence before indulging in business with them, and a good social media presence can help build consumer trust further


If you want to influence a buyer’s purchasing decision in your favor, you have to be one step ahead of your rivals in the interweb space.

Also, it’s not easy to shoot high-quality photographs at all times. Even when the conditions are perfect, you’ll need to remaster your images (and videos) in post-production to get the best impact. How can you do that? Simple, through the utilization of photo editing apps! They are essential in maintaining a solid social media presence, without which you can’t excel in the digital world.

There are a few apps that specialize in preparing images for sharing on social platforms. Spyne is one of the best car photo editing apps you can use for your business as a filter and sync it across multiple devices easily. So, car retailers that include car dealerships and autonomous sellers need it the most to boost their social presence on the web. Editing will ensure they can revamp their pictures and draw more people into their fold.

  • Give a professional look to your social media photos that stamp their brand’s authority
  • Touch-up the photographs – Regulate the brightness and contrast, adjust the colors, etc.
  • Creating a better visual language for your marketplace/digital dealership


Benefits of using a car photo editor

Car photo editor benefits


Apart from making your life easy, do car photography apps have any significant benefits? Yes, plenty! Let’s discover some convenient benefits of such apps:

  • Makes your website look more professional and consistent by improving VDPs using standardized visuals
  • To create a strong visual brand, you can use a photo editing app that allows you to appropriately brand your vehicles
  • Beautifully edited car pictures are great for email marketing, social media marketing, and several other channels perfectly
  • Some applications have presets – such as car presets for lightroom mobile – that help simplify the editing process further
  • Photo editing apps make it easy to resize and crop images, so that they can meet the upload requirements for different social platforms, marketplaces, etc.
  • Numerous editing apps compress the image to a smaller size without compromising its quality. Eventually, it reduces the load time and enhances your website rankings on SERP.
  • An aesthetically appealing photo brings a ‘premium’ look to your website that creates a positive impact on the mind of the buyers and increase brand recognition
  • Great visuals also help you capture the attention of online car buyers, thereby bringing a potential boost to your sales numbers


Let’s dive a little deeper into that last point – how better images and videos can help you capture audiences on an online sales platform:

Shooting 360-degree car spin video

Google research found that more than 90% of customers do extensive research on the internet before buying a car. This includes searching for all the options in their budget (sometimes beyond!) and looking for the different dealerships from where they can buy the vehicle. It also includes checking a particular model out thoroughly before making a purchase or physically visiting a dealership to see it.

For used car dealerships, it’s crucial that all the cars listed by showcased in a manner that allows people to check it out from all the corners without breaking a sweat. One great way to do that is via 360-degree spin car videos. Rotating views are a great way for people to see how an automobile looks from different angles; you can showcase both the interior and exterior of the vehicle.

In fact, Google research also shows that 56% of car buyers can be convinced to buy a vehicle purely online, without even the need for a test drive. Through new-age visual media like 360-degree videos! However, editing (and shooting) such visuals aren’t easy.


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You could manually click and edit car 360 visuals, but it’s quite a Herculean task. Unless you’re skilled in photography and editing, you’d only get sub-par output. Options like Spyne, Impel, and Glo3D are much superior in this regard – you can easily create 360-degree views using these platforms, without the need for any professional help. Otherwise, you could get a car studio and hire a photography crew to take care of these tasks for you.

You also need attractive videos and pictures for advertisements and promotions. No matter how great your images are, you definitely need a lot of manipulation and editing in order to ready them for promotions! No matter how you look at it, you’ll definitely need editing software for these!


Spyne AI: The best car photography and editing app for your business

If you’re in the market for good editing software for your car retail business, Spyne AI is a brilliant choice. The AI-led platform offers automated image editing, helping you create HD car images in seconds! Spyne is there to transform digital merchandising for automobile sellers, helping them dominate the online space.


Car photography and editing app for dealerships


With Spyne AI car photo editor, you get

  • Automatic car photo background replacement
  • Over 100 backgrounds from which to choose (with the option to upload custom backdrops)
  • Automatic reflection removal from car windows and windshields for a cleaner look
  • Automatic color correction for consistent visual quality in a batch
  • Automatic shadow and reflection generation on the virtual floor, for an authentic studio feel
  • Automatic centering and framing of the vehicle, to always keep the viewers’ attention on the vehicle


Spyne AI car photo editor can be accessed via the smartphone app (for Android and iOS) or the Darkroom web application on your browser. The AI-powered car photo editor smartphone app has an added benefit; it offers guided photoshoots. The system instructs on how to click the perfect car pictures so that you don’t have to rely on outside help! It is one of the best apps for car photography!

Here’s why you should opt for Spyne’s AI-powered editing platform for your car retail business:

  • Arrive to market with lightning speed: Our automated photo editor platform processes images much faster, allowing your vehicles to be listed for sale 40% faster.
  • Presenting viewers with engaging content: We create visual content that can get more than 90% views and half the likes on several social media platforms.
  • Saving expenditure: Instead of investing in a studio or hiring professionals with hefty photography equipment. Our automation software offers cost-saving software that ensures better facilities at a low price.


Almost all modern dealerships and automotive marketplaces now vouch for Artificial Intelligence (AI) for their photography need to different degrees. You should too! Book a free demo and find out how this will benefit your business.


The Bottom Line

For any modern automobile retailer, no matter how big or small, it is vital to maintain an emphasis on top-quality images and videos. Hence, image editing is not a luxury, but a necessity! Almost every person starts their car-buying journey on the internet, and you need to capture their attention early in the process to increase your chances of a sale.

Interestingly, one car photo editor app might not be enough for different needs you might end up needing more for different tasks – preparing images for VDPs, social media, ads, promotions, etc. We suggest you try out as many options as possible (most have a free trial available).

Spyne price


  • Q. Which apps do professional photographers use?

    In 2022, most professional photographers are using high-tech and advanced apps for different tasks. Here, we are listing the top options in the different categories:

    Photography apps for taking photos:

    1. Bacon Camera
    2. Camera+
    3. Camera Zoom FX Premium
    4. Moment Pro Camera
    5. Adobe Photoshop Camera

    Photo Editing Apps for Photographers

    1. Adobe Lightroom Mobile
    2. Snapseed

    Photography Assistant Apps
    1. Pocket Light Meter
    2. PhotoPills
    3. Photographer’s Ephemeris
    4. Photo Sharing Apps for Photographers
    5. Flickr
    6. 500xp
    7. Instagram

    However, for car dealerships and marketplaces, these different photo editors are not necessary. Options like Spyne are much quicker, more efficient, and a lot more affordable.

  • Q. What are some excellent automatic car photo editing apps?

    There are numerous automatic car photo editing apps, and we will present the best for the year 2022:

    1. Spyne
    2. Optifo
    3. Car-cutter
    4. Impel
    5. Autofox
    6. MotorCut
    7. Slazzer
    8. AutoShoot
    10. Fotor

    And many more! Automatic car photo editors can help car retailers – marketplaces, dealerships, and independent sellers – improve the appeal of their car images, helping them attract more buyers online.

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