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10 High Impact Dealership Marketing Tips That Are Both Innovative And Time-Tested

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It’s no secret that people are doing more and more research online before making big purchase decisions, like buying a new car. In fact, prospective car buyers now spend around 59% of their time researching online. This is a clear opportunity for automotive marketers to attract new customers via the Internet. However, there are many challenges and hurdles when it comes to car dealership marketing strategies.

When finding leads online, automotive marketers have a tough job, and it’s not getting any easier. With increased competition, consumers make more thoughtful decisions before making purchases. 

Therefore, car dealerships should craft more creative marketing strategies targeting buyers at every stage of their car buying journey

How can I get more customers for my car?

Generating sales leads can be a challenge for car dealerships. This is especially true for dealerships that have no online presence. Therefore, every car dealership should craft marketing strategies that are both time-tested and innovative enough to stand out. 

The following auto marketing channels can help to increase sales – 

  • Social media marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Partnership marketing
  • Email marketing

10 High Impact Car Dealership Marketing Strategies That Are Time-tested And Innovative

  • Invest in SEO

If you want your website to appear as one of the top results on Google, you need to invest in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). 

In this regard, a keyword planning tool can help you identify which keywords are most commonly searched by consumers in your industry. 

The basics, like selecting the high volume and low difficulty for keywords, go without saying. However, selecting keywords closer to your business intent is the most crucial parameter. 

For example, ranking your website for the keyword “buy cars” will not be as good as ranking it for “buy cars in Ohio” or whichever place you are located. 

You should also consider the brand keywords for which your competitors are ranking. 

  • Leverage trends, festivals, and special occasions

You might want to increase your marketing budget during special holidays or festivals. This is because your marketing activities will reap the best results during this period. 

Craft special discounts, giveaways, or freebies with the cars people buy. Create digital campaigns with the right message and ensure you trend during the trending season. 

  • Focus on creating a compelling ad copy

Coming straight to the point, how to create a compelling ad copy? Consider the following points- 

  • Make a meaningful headline 
  • Insert relevant keywords
  • Add value
  • Insert high-quality professional images
  • Add an impactful CTA (Call-to-Action)

The most important of all elements is the images. So how do you capture compelling car images?

Getting high-quality car images is not a simple task. These images should be professional, presentable, and appealing without being too expensive or time-consuming.

Certain deep-tech companies like‘s create high-quality, studio-like inventory images with AI, allowing anyone to shoot car images with a smartphone and get professional results.

Want to know more?  

  • Utilizing the potential of remarketing

Remarketing is a crucial piece of any car dealership marketing strategy. With all the comparison shopping that goes on, you don’t want to lose new leads during the marketing stages of your campaign. 

Remarketing ads can help keep potential buyers interested and increase their chances of staying in your sales funnel.

  • Show up in local search results

Organic search is a great way to reach a global audience on Google searches. However, one should not ignore the power of building a local presence on the web. 

When a specific type of business is searched on Google, a map with the top local businesses appears at the top of the results page. Ensure your business profile is complete and includes relevant keywords and information such as the city, state, contact details, and more. 

  • Use data prominently

Your car dealership marketing strategies must reach the correct people. To ensure this is the case, you need to segment your audience to target them with individualized campaigns. Doing this will guarantee that the right message is being seen by the right person and increases the likelihood of conversion. 

How does this work? Modern technology running on AI and Big Data makes this task a cakewalk for online sellers. One doesn’t need to go through the data manually and brainstorm personalized campaigns for various kinds of buyers. Technology is doing it all at lightning speed and with excellent efficiency. 

  • Get into video advertising

Around 90% of consumers agree that videos affect their purchasing decisions directly. New side-of-town dealerships will find that the key to success lies in how you utilize video. 

In this regard, video marketing is a great way to promote cars and deals to followers when offering new models or end-of-year sales.

Displaying car images in the advertisement is too basic. Try incorporating 360-degree vehicle videos and immersive virtual reality car tours. The 360-spin helps dealerships provide their customers with a view of what’s available from various perspectives. 

Many shoppers enjoy looking for new cars and not being bothered by pushy salespeople when checking out their options.

Wondering how to create these? 

  • Get more customer reviews/testimonials

If you are in the automotive industry and marketing your business, getting good reviews from customers is imperative. As an automotive marketer, you want to ensure that existing customers are happy about their experience with your business. It will work as a foundation of trust for future buyers as well. 

Don’t just stop at creating excellent reviews on Google and social networking sites— level up your customer satisfaction measures in a way that generates word of mouth.

  • Repurpose customer reviews 

You can turn things into one cohesive campaign by creating success stories and videos featuring some of your most loyal customers. 

Share the story of their buying experience and what they think about your service. Convert it into articles, video content, and social media posts. This is a highly effective marketing tip that conveys the story in a more impactful way. 


What is the target market for car dealerships?

So what constitutes your target market? Consider the following points- 

  • People who want to purchase a new car
  • One who wants to upgrade their current vehicle
  • One who’s looking for a specific type of car
  • The one who had a not-so-good experience with other dealerships
  • People who want to sell their current vehicle


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