AI-Powered Car Background Removal Using SpyneTouch

AI-Powered Car Background Removal Using SpyneTouch

Hold back. I can tell you that now you can take your cars to any location you want without actually driving the car. How?

Car background removal!

Yes, using car background removal, you can put your car in front of any background of your own choice. Now, you can use SpyneTouch to remove your background in a few secondsCar background removal is one of the challenging tasks in automobile image editing, however, using AI-based tools you can get images editing in a flash. 


Remove your image background in a swipe


Background removal means erasing the background of an image to make the subject appear brighter and appealing. Then unwanted objects in the background of an image can create a lot of distractions in the mind of prospective clients. So, in order to attract the customers' attention towards the main object, the background removal of the image is preferred. It not only helps you to make the product look appealing but it becomes the only thing to look at when the background chosen is neutral and clean.


Use a pure white background to attract the viewers' attention and eliminate the distractions 



SpyneTouch, an AI-based image editing product suite for businesses that allows businesses to edit all kinds of images in a go. From removing a car background to apparel background removal to shadow creation and background addition, SpyneTouch allows you to do all that in a few clicks. 

From putting a vehicle in front of a wall, placing it on a brand new floor, improving the depth of the floor to adding a simple white background, you can do it all using SpyneTouch.

Artificial Intelligence-based technology

Spyne is an AI-based technology company that helps businesses with quality visual content, photographers with global opportunities and content management, and all kinds of image editing for all at faster turnaround times. 

Spyne recently launched an app - SpyneCliq, the target audience of which is mostly e-commerce. Users can use the app to click the image of any product using their smartphone and get the images edited within 48 hours. The bg removal services also include:

Car background removal using SpyneTouch - An AI product

Removing background: You can easily remove the background of an image or simply take the cut out and paste it on a simple, clean background.


Adding background: From adding picturesque beauty backgrounds to adding adventurous spots to your image, you can add various backgrounds to your image during the bg removal. Most of the brands, car dealers use a white background to make the cars look more elegant. 

Shadow generation

Using SpyneTouch, you can create a shadow around the car in a flash. The product’s AI will automatically detect the need of creating shadow around the car. All you need to do is sit and watch - while out AI technology does the work for you.

Image enhancement

If you need to change the proportion of an image, you can do that by using enhancement. Sometimes you need the subjects in the image to be bigger than the real ones and you can do all of that using SpyneTouch, catering to all of your requirements.  


Written By - Younus Sideeq on 09 Sep, 2020