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The Ultimate Guide to Car Background Removal for Dealerships

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Want to know how to create attractive, high-impact images for listing your vehicles on online sales platforms? You’ve come to the right place! Welcome to Spyne’s ultimate guide to car background removal. Here, we discuss the hows and whys of removing car image backdrops, along with how Spyne’s AI-powered cataloging platform can help you.

This detailed guide walks you through everything you need to know about car image background removers.


What is a car background remover?

A car background remover is a resource that removes a vehicle in an image from its original environment. Any clutter or unwanted elements in the photograph thus gets removed. The cutout car can then be placed on a new backdrop (if needed) and used for sales listings, social media posts, advertisements, etc. Background removers can be classified into two categories – manual and automated. Spyne lets you shoot your images anywhere, remove the background and edit them completely automatically within seconds. 


Car Background removal


Want a more detailed explanation? Here you go!

First, let’s understand what a car image background (BG) is: it’s the area in a picture that covers everything besides the vehicle. This includes a wall behind the car, a tree on the side, or any other element that isn’t the subject.

Some backgrounds comprise contrasting colors or simple graphics, while others may consist of an outdoor environment. However, they may not be easy to capture. Most of the time, even with the ideal settings, there can be instances where the background distracts a user’s eyes away from the product.

This is the job for a car BG remover. This makes the photo customizable and unique. There are various types of car custom backgrounds that you can consider once you remove the existing one from an image.

Wondering why you need it?

Gone are the days when customers preferred to visit a dealership before deciding on a car. The first step now is to look at brochures or car images online and filter choices before visiting the showroom. Did you know, 92% of potential car buyers prefer to research online before making up their minds?

These factors make it necessary to have good-quality car pictures available on all your digital platforms – website, social media profiles, etc. These high-quality pictures must outline and cover all the essential details of the car.

However, getting good pictures may not be as easy as it seems. There are multiple factors involved, including the right background, to get perfect car photographs.

A good background forms the most crucial factor in making your car stand out in a picture. More and more dealerships and car marketplaces are making use of AI software to enhance car image backgrounds or, in some cases, remove the existing ones and replace them with more appealing backdrops.

The benefits of car background editing include improving sales and keeping the website theme consistent. Other than that, car remove bg allows you to:

  1. Remove unnecessary elements from the background
  2. Add special effects to images
  3. Change background colors (including making it transparent)
  4. Enhancing the visual appeal of your car photos
  5. Quickly remove cluttered backgrounds to get high-quality images.

Well, there are plenty of challenges, like:

  1. Getting the perfect car cutout
  2. Limited space
  3. Reflections distorting your car image
  4. Removal of background for an interior shot
  5. Background visibility through windows


Types of car photo background remover

As stated earlier, photo background removers can be classified as manual or automated. Let’s understand what they are:

Manual image background remover

A manual car background wallpaper editor requires the user to edit images by hand (sometimes partly so). Hence the ‘manual’ part. Software like Adobe Photoshop, Preview, and are great options here, and the latter two are free too!


Car Background removal manual methods


While manual car editing gives you a lot of creative control over your work, it takes a lot of effort as well. Editing multiple images not just takes time, but takes massive effort as well.

Automated image background remover

An automated background editor doesn’t require you to edit every single image by yourself. All you need to do is upload the pictures you want to be processed and then let the system handle the rest – the editing is fully automatic!


Car Background removal automated methods


While automated editors save you a lot of time and effort, they don’t usually give you any creative freedom. Your images are completely processed by the system, and you’re only at the receiving end. That said, different background removal platforms offer different levels of personalization, including adding custom backdrops to images.


The need to remove car background in images

You may have the perfect car and the ideal photographer, but the location of the photoshoot might not be the best. That’s why you need to remove the background from car images with the right tools.

With the advent of online car sales and the need to expand your portfolio online, it is necessary to have a robust set of images online. These pictures need to highlight all the features of your car and entice customers to make a physical visit.

However, without the right background, your car images may turn dull. Here are the reasons why you need a car background remover.


1. Removing unnecessary objects from the background

A picture may be shot perfectly, but when working in the post-processing stage, there may be some distractions in the environment. You can take care of these issues quite easily; you just need the right tool to remove BG in car photos.


2. Addition of special effects

Car Background removal special effects


In some situations, special effects need to be added to a blank canvas for better visual appeal. These additions can only be made when you remove BG (background) from car images and add new, appropriate ones.


3. Changing the background color or making it transparent

A photographer may want to add a specific color in the background or make it transparent for aesthetic reasons. In both these cases, car background removal is beneficial.


4. Enhancing the visual appeal of your car photos

Car Background removal colours


Sometimes, your vehicle images may not look appealing enough for a digital catalog or a marketplace. In such cases, it is essential to use a car background remover; just subtract the off-putting backdrop in the picture to enhance the visual appeal.

Because of all the above-stated reasons, it is essential to have an option for car background removal.


Benefits of car background removal or editing

Now that we know the need for background removal in car images, let’s look at its benefits:


1. Better Sales

Better pictures may not be directly proportional to better sales, but they will improve the chances of scoring better deals. High-quality, professional-looking photographs create a strong image in the minds of your consumer.


Car Background removal improve sales


They can also help them make better decisions when it comes to buying their dream car. The better the quality of your car images, the easier consumer research becomes. This also helps establish their trust in your brand.


2. Match website themes

A uniform theme for your car catalogs can add to the look and feel of your digital catalog website. This is only possible through vehicle background removal. You can pair a picture with a background color that matches the theme of your dealership website or marketplace.


Car Background removal matching website theme


BG removal from car images is useful for branding as well; a uniform color theme throughout your website makes it feel more premium and upmarket.


Challenges of car background removal

While we have analyzed the need and benefits of removing bg car backgrounds from images, you may encounter multiple challenges in the process.

These challenges may not be specific to the equipment you use to click the photos but multiple other elements. Whether using your smartphone camera or using an advanced DSLR camera, you may face these challenges irrespective.

Let’s look at some of these:


1. Getting the perfect car cutout

Perfect car cutout for Background removal


To get the perfect image, you sometimes need to superimpose a background, which requires the cutout of the car. However, the entire image quality is affected unless this cut-out is perfect.

This challenge can be minimized through AI alternatives like Spyne Darkroom, which creates the perfect car cutouts from raw images in a few seconds.


2. Limited space

Car Background removal in limited space


If you are operating in a close, dense area, there is difficulty in ensuring a single-car image. That is, multiple cars may be in the background, leading to a lack of focus on the main car. Simple, manual background removal can work here, but it would require a lot of effort. However, AI-powered techniques can be useful in these situations, thanks to automatic editing.


3. Reflections distorting your car image

Car Background reflections removal


In outdoor photoshoots, there would be numerous reflections on a car’s windows and windscreens. These reflections can spoil the aesthetics of your car images, so they need to be appropriately removed without making the pictures feel unnatural.


4. Removal of background for an interior shot

The interior of a car is equally important as the exterior, but background removal from the interior areas is even more difficult. You encounter multiple occlusions and small areas that need to be individually masked. Taking up this task manually can be very time-consuming and, at the same time, will not provide optimal results.


5. Background visibility through windows

Background removal through car windows


With a manual car background remover, cutouts of windows can get really difficult. This is because windows are transparent, so the background that is visible through them also needs to be removed alongside the rest. You could employ automated editing tools instead, which handle all these tasks without the need for manual efforts.

Does automated car photo background removal seem attractive to you? Spyne’s AI-powered photoshoot and image editing platform offers plenty of features, including an automatic photo background changer, that can solve these issues.


How can Spyne help remove car backgrounds automatically?

When it comes to car dealerships and the digital catalogs they offer, the most critical parameter is the quality of images. High-quality images provide more credibility to your business and lead to more sales conversions.

A studio-like background adds professionalism to any picture and makes your potential customers believe that you are in the market to do some good business. Since most customers prefer checking out cars online before the test drive, it is crucial to convey the right features of the car through images in a digital catalog.

But creating the right high-quality car images may seem daunting. Additionally, hiring a professional for car photography and the right editor can also burn your pockets. If you have been in the business of selling cars or being part of a car dealership, you may already know the importance of good-quality car images and automotive marketing as well. However, manual editing can be long and tiring, while churning out basic output!


Car Background replacement cataloging


If you wish to level up your marketing game with high-quality car images, we strongly recommend you make use of AI-generated options. We, at Spyne, have developed a fully automated revolutionary technology that can be easily used to remove BG in car images and deliver clean, consistent, and professional images, quickly and easily.

Not only that, the replaced background images are generated in a matter of a few seconds. So, if you need to get rid of a single distraction or multiple objects in the background, you can do this easily with our technology.


Features offered by Spyne’s AI-led car cataloging platform

Car background replacement is just one of the many things that Spyne offers. It also includes features like-

  • Window tinting
  • Floor replacement/enhancement
  • Number plate masking
  • Realistic shadow generation
  • Window and windshield reflection removal
  • Creating 360-degree vehicle videos

The best part about Spyne is that you can edit previously shot images as well as shoot images using the smartphone app. The latter helps in maintaining a high standard of quality through guided photoshoots.



We hope this ultimate guide has helped you in understanding the various aspects involved when it comes to removing backgrounds in car images. Your vehicle listings and catalogs need to be crisp and clear. They should also highlight all the car features correctly. Spyne uses advanced computer vision algorithms to edit your car backgrounds in seconds. It helps you highlight the features of your vehicle in a creative and appealing manner.


Spyne price


  • Q. What are the essential elements of an ideal car image background?

    While there is no specific list comprising one size fits all, it ultimately depends on the requirement at the dealership’s or retailer’s end. However, a couple of essential points to note are:

    Declutter– Best backgrounds are the ones that are decluttered and have minimum distractions.

    Drive focus to car– The background should draw attention to the car, not take focus away from it.

    Right colors– The background and car should not be of the same color; clearly, a contrast is required.

    For the maximum impact, you can remove BG from car photo in post-production, using either manual editing software (like Adobe Photoshop) or automated editing solutions (like Spyne).

  • Q. What is the easiest way to remove a photo background?

    When it comes to looking for more straightforward solutions, note that the quality may be lost. Both quality and speed rarely come together. However, this is possible with AI technology and deep learning! Explore Spyne for a quick and effective way to remove car backgrounds.

  • Q. Are online alternatives good for car background removal?

    The pixel quality that you get while using online alternatives may not be of the highest level. Therefore, you should be careful when choosing the correct platform to remove car BG in images. We recommend taking free demos of all your options before settling for one.

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