6 Powerful Reasons Why Background Removal Of Images is Necessary

6 Powerful Reasons Why To Remove Background From Image Is Necessary

Background Removal Images play a pivotal role in any business. And when it comes to selling products, it is, too often, proven that images are the key factor behind any purchase that consumers make. Perfectly edited images can create a curiosity in the minds of consumers and can prompt them to take action. 

There are studies that suggest that people remember 80% of what they see (visual content) and only 20% of the text (what they read). It shows how much people like to see engaging visual content and how they react to it. A study also found that over 75% of consumers like to see the product images before buying the item. So, using image editing like services to improve the quality of the product photos can help you achieve bigger sales targets. It not only convinces the buyers to purchase the product but also improves the brand image and trustworthiness.

Every action in the image editing or post-production is crucial. From removing the background to adding props, it is necessary to see what makes the product images more appealing. In this blog, we will delve into the importance of background removal in image editing. 


Why background removal is important?

Background removal is one of the most frequently used image editing techniques that allow us to make product images finer and aesthetically pleasing by removing unwanted objects from the photos. There are various methods of background removal, however, given the higher need for image editing in e-commerce and alike industries, most of the businesses choose to outsource any kind of image editing from AI-based companies that take a few minutes to edit hundreds of images as per the set guidelines. For example; From removing the background in a click to editing product images as per the marketplace guidelines, Spyne’s AI-powered tools allow you to do that in the fastest turnaround time (likely 67% faster than the manual editors).

Here are
6 powerful reasons why background removal of images is necessary

1. Remove disturbance

2. Draw attention to the product

3. Follow marketplace guidelines

4. Ensures Consistency

5. Make images compelling

6. Making trustworthy

Remove disturbance-

Not always can you shoot products without ‘disturbing elements’ in them? Take an example of apparel - you shoot clothes using a mannequin to give the best fit and feel of the product but you need to use background removal technique to remove. Removing just the unnecessary objects from the image will be time-consuming so it is best and advisable to remove the background of the image at once.

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Draw attention to the main product-

While clicking the images for fashion and jewelry, photographers use props and decor items to make them look aesthetic. But to get all the eyes on the main product you need to avail the background removal serve. It not only makes the image clear but allows compels the viewer to just look at the main product without any disturbance. 

bg remover

Follow marketplace guidelines-

One of the main reasons to change the image background is that white background is demanded by many marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, etc. Colorful images tend to create stress in the viewer’s eyes. So to follow the marketplace guidelines and reduce the eye stress of customers background removal of images is done. 

Ensures Consistency-

Simplicity is loved by all and it is not at all complicated. Consistency is regarded as one of the most significant elements of a business. Even some believe that it is the consistency that establishes the brand. Using one background throughout your product range ensures consistency and it significantly improves the charm of the brand. 

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Make images compelling-

Additional objects or uneven colors in a product image can divert the attention of a customer. So, it is important to use the background removal method to make the images compelling. 


Making trustworthy-

Keeping consistency with what you do make your brand trustworthy. If you use a single background on a regular basis across your product range, your customers will rely more on you and choosing what allows them to see the product as clearly as possible.


So, if you are thinking about outsourcing your image editing then Spyne is the best option you can have, our AI-based systems allow us to produce your work at 67% faster than any manual editor and at 30% lower cost. From photo restoration to background removal and manipulation, Spyne’s SpyneTouch provides you all editing solutions in one place including Photo Background Removal Service. We cater to companies based out in the US, Europe, and across India. Wanna Get Images Edited For FREE? Click here.
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Written By - Younus Sideeq on 22 Aug, 2020