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Spyne: The Best Alternative to Motorstreet 360 for Walkarounds

AI-powered visual solutions that offer studio quality without the need for an expensive studio

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Most Successful Dealerships &
Marketplaces Trust Spyne

Most Successful Dealerships &
Marketplaces Trust Spyne

4 Reasons to Choose Spyne over Motorstreet 360

Here is a detailed comparison between the different features offered by Spyne and Motorstreet 360

Huge Savings over Traditional Methods

Spyne’s AI-powered Spin 360 solution is significantly more affordable. That’s because you don’t need an expensive studio, photography equipment, or a crew. All you need is a smartphone with the Spyne app.

Spyne is more affordable than Motorstreet 360
More Realistic Image Merchandising Solution than Motorstreet 360

Shoot anytime, anywhere

You don’t have to prep your car or drive it to a studio for shoot, Spyne takes care of it all! Our AI automatically transforms your car 360 view, taking care of background replacement, numberplate masking, video stabilization, window cleanup and see-through, reflections on virtual floor, etc., to ensure photorealistic output.

Automatic Hotspot Detection & Tagging

Our powerful AI systems automatically detect dents and damages on the car you’re shooting. You can mark them, along with key highlights, to increase transparency in the car buying journey and gain audience trust.

Chevrolet 360 Spin car Motorstreet 360

Car Listings That Drive Sales

Leverage AI to create engaging visuals for an extraordinary experience

Add Background
Add Shadow
Number Plate
Window Tinting
Logo Placement
More Powerful Smartphone App than Glo3D

Smartphone App makes Life Easy

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Top Alternatives to Motorstreet 360

Let’s understand the services offered by MotorStreet, the advantages and disadvantages of their platform, and what alternatives you can use…

Car photography is a critical aspect of the automotive industry, be it for professional photographers or dealerships marketing their vehicles online. MotorStreet 360 is a software suite that employs artificial intelligence to generate high-quality images and virtual tours of vehicles. It is a popular tool used by automotive photographers and dealerships. However, it may not be the best fit for everyone, which is why you must check out alternative tools and services for your dealership.

This article discusses 15 alternatives to MotorStreet360, highlighting their unique features, advantages, and disadvantages. These options can enhance your car photography skills, offering more affordable pricing, greater customization options, or distinct AI-powered features. By comprehending the benefits and drawbacks of each substitute, you can make an informed decision regarding which tool is most suitable for your requirements.


What is MotorStreet 360?

MotorStreet 360 offers a comprehensive solution to automobile dealers, trucking companies, and heavy construction companies with 360 cameras, 360 walk around software, car turntables, 360 merchandising software, DMS integration, and training/support. With the advent of virtual reality, MotorStreet360 has revolutionized the approach of automobile dealers towards marketing and selling their new and used car inventory. They introduced the first-ever 360-degree car spin merchandising platform, drastically changing how dealerships showcase their vehicles to prospective customers.


What products and services does MotorStreet 360 offer?

360 Car Cameras/Vehicle Turntables

Currently, MotorStreet offers 360 cameras, 360 walk-around software, car turntables, 360 merchandising software, DMS integration, and training/support to automobile dealers, trucking companies, and heavy construction companies. This helps these businesses to compete against the likes of CARVANA and VROOM in the automobile industry.

VR Car Visualizer

MotorStreet 360 leverages its VR engine to drive traffic to online dealerships. It provides a good virtual dealership experience. Prospective customers can virtually step inside a customer showroom and take a virtual tour of the parts department or service bays, enhancing their engagement with the business. Additionally, MotorStreet allows the sales team to provide an immersive experience to customers by handing them VR headsets.

MotorStreet 360° ViOSK

Luxury auto dealers can access the Motor Street 360 touchscreen ViOSK, allowing customers to browse the same 360-degree vehicle inventory in the dealership showroom via a touchscreen tab. With this technology, businesses can enhance the customer experience and provide a unique and engaging way for them to explore the inventory. They also offer a Samsung flat-panel multi-touch option that can be hung on the showroom wall, providing a visually appealing way for customers to interact with the inventory.


What are the advantages of MotorStreet 360

Here are the advantages of using MotorStreet360:

  • It provides a fast and easy way to capture 360 spins of any vehicle or heavy equipment with an iPhone or Android, without the need for a car spin app.
  • MotorStreet provides training on how to capture 360 spins of big trucks, trailers, and heavy equipment.
  • Their software is compatible with any iPhone or Android device, as well as the DJI OSMO stabilizer for smooth video footage.
  • It allows you to shoot a video while walking around the exterior of the vehicle, and capture interiors with the Insta360 One RS Camera Kit.
  • The process of logging into the Motor Street platform, uploading the exterior video to create a 360 spin, uploading interior 360 views, and publishing the content is simple.
  • It enables customers to browse a dealership’s 360 vehicle inventory using the Motor Street 360 touchscreen ViOSK or Samsung flat-panel multi-touch option, enhancing their shopping experience.


What are the disadvantages of MotorStreet 360

The are plenty of reasons to opt out of MotorStreet360’s services:

  • Limited industry focus: MotorStreet 360 is specifically designed for the automotive industry, which may limit its usefulness for businesses in other industries.
  • Limited customization: While the platform offers a range of features, there may be limitations on the ability to customize and tailor the virtual tours to specific business needs.
  • Learning curve: Some users may find the platform difficult to use initially, requiring additional time and resources for training and onboarding.
  • Technical issues: As with any software platform, there is a risk of technical issues or glitches that may impact the user experience.
  • Cost: MotorStreet 360 may not be the most affordable option for businesses with limited budgets, especially compared to other virtual tour solutions on the market.


Alternatives to MotorStreet 360

1. Spyne

Spyne is an AI-powered software solution that offers automotive dealerships and businesses image editing features and virtual tour creation services. With AI and computer vision algorithms, Spyne delivers quick, cost-effective editing solutions for superior results. The platform streamlines the image editing and virtual tour creation processes for businesses in the automotive industry. This saves time and money while also improving the overall quality of the images.



Spyne’s app offers a guided photoshoot feature that suggests the best angles and distances to shoot images from. The platform’s AI automatically performs editing tasks such as background removal and replacement, shadow generation, window tinting to remove unwanted reflections, and number plate masking. Spyne is an all-in-one solution for photography and editing needs for car dealerships and marketplaces.

2. Carousel-USA

Carousel USA manufactures state-of-the-art turntables and rotating platforms for various industries. These versatile, reliable, and aesthetically pleasing turntables are custom-designed to meet the specific needs of businesses. Their display turntables can be used for showcasing vehicles, from high-end showrooms to classic car auctions. They also offer custom-designed car turntables for private residential needs, providing easier access to classic car collections. The industrial turntables, with diameters of over 100 feet and the ability to support 80 tons or more, are perfect for maximizing traffic flow in various industries. Additionally, their heavy-duty turntables can be used for manufacturing, production, logistics, and the trucking and train industries.

3. Dealermade

Dealermade offers an AI-based solution for car sellers and their e-commerce platforms. It promises studio-quality automotive pictures and various other services like high-volume picture processing, a carousel photo studio, automotive 360 spins, and perfect images all the time. The platform also offers a Media Maker AI background removal feature, which allows seamless removal and replacement of image backgrounds with high-quality and attractive ones. However, it’s worth noting that using Dealermade’s car studio could be costly.

4. CarTurner

Their turntables are designed and built by engineers from General Dynamics and General Atomics using modern technology to create reliable industrial-grade automotive turntables. CarTurner offers transparent pricing, making it the best-priced turntable on the market. Their higher production and sales volume keeps pricing affordable. Their units come with wireless controls, automatic stopping, a safe 24-volt system with multiple motors for redundancy. These turntables require no engineering work, demo, concrete cutting, additional drainage requirements, or excavation costs, making them a hassle-free solution. The installation of the turntable is included in the price of the unit.

5. VC360

VC360 is a comprehensive tool that offers a variety of features for car dealerships. It includes background changing and 360-degree technology to create an immersive experience for customers. It also provides live streaming capabilities and online customer management. The VC360 Offer Manager tool helps to manage the publication of car sales advertisements, while the VC360 Car Inspection App & Digital Certification provides accurate and detailed information on the condition of vehicles. This feature can help dealers build credibility and make the purchase decision process faster for customers. Pricing details are available upon request.

6. Glo3D

Glo3D photography provides a cost-effective solution for car dealerships to enhance their digital marketing strategies with 360 car photography. You can produce engaging virtual tours and high-quality videos of your vehicles in less than five minutes using your smartphone. The software offers personalized banners, customizable backgrounds, and seamless synchronization with your inventory management, social media, and website. Additionally, the app automatically aligns and scales your car image and allows you to use a gimbal to stabilize your shot. To further enhance your virtual tour, you can also add an interior panoramic angle with a 360 camera and a monopod.

7. AutoUplinkTech

AutoUpLink Tech sets itself apart from other solutions by offering a complete merchandising platform that does not depend on third-party software to import and export car inventory data. The platform collects and aggregates inventory data, videos, and images almost instantly, and exports it directly to your inventory management system or DMS. This platform provides the necessary tools to help car dealerships save time and improve their sales through effective inventory management.

8. CarMedia 2.0

CarMedia 2.0 provides car dealerships with the ability to schedule a professional photoshoot for their inventory, or use their user-friendly self-serve software to photograph the inventory themselves. Their software ensures that vehicle images meet manufacturer compliance requirements and reduces duplication by detecting identical vehicles in your inventory.

Additionally, CarMedia 2.0 offers 360-degree views of your car’s interior and exterior, allowing you to highlight features such as the car’s infotainment system and any defects that a potential buyer should be aware of. By providing high-quality images and showcasing important features, CarMedia 2.0 helps dealerships create a great first impression on their customers, thus increasing the chances of making a sale.

9. EZ360

EZ360 is a platform that enables businesses to create and distribute immersive 360-degree virtual tours of their products and services. The platform offers a comprehensive range of features, such as virtual tour creation, hosting, and distribution, helping businesses create engaging and interactive virtual tours with ease. The primary advantage of EZ360 is that it enables businesses to distribute virtual tours across multiple channels, such as social media and email marketing, to reach a wider audience. With EZ360, businesses can showcase their offerings in a compelling and captivating way, increasing customer engagement and driving sales.

10. InstaVid 360

InstaVid360 is a comprehensive digital marketing solution designed for dealerships across Sub-Saharan Africa and Europe. With a team of over 50 experts in digital data, customer relationship management, and mobile app development, InstaVid360 offers a range of services to help dealerships reach their target audience, manage their customer database effectively, and streamline their CRM processes. If you are interested in learning more about InstaVid360’s services and pricing, simply reach out to their team to discuss your specific needs and requirements.

11. SnapLot 360

SnapLot 360 is an advanced mobile video marketing solution that caters specifically to the automotive industry. The platform offers various features, including 360-degree video capture, image capture, and vehicle history reports, providing a comprehensive solution for dealerships’ marketing needs. With SnapLot 360, dealerships can enhance their marketing efforts, create immersive experiences for their customers, and showcase their inventory effectively. However, one possible drawback of using SnapLot 360 is that it may require some additional resources and training to utilize its full potential. Additionally, the 360-degree video capture feature may not be suitable for all dealerships, depending on their marketing strategy and goals.

12. Redline Automotive

Redline Automotive provides a range of merchandising solutions, both in SaaS and physical service formats, through its flagship inventory management tool, Redline Inventory. Their user-friendly tools offer a variety of products and services designed to improve efficiency for car dealerships. They allow you to capture inventory images and offer editing services. Along with hybrid services, videos, SMS-based lead generation tools, and other solutions that help increase traffic, leads, and sales. Redline Automotive offers a comprehensive suite of services to optimize your inventory management and digital marketing efforts.

13. Snapcell

Snapcell is a cloud-based marketing solution that is tailored to meet the needs of automotive dealerships. Its user-friendly interface enables dealerships to create engaging videos that can be sent to customers through email or text messages. The platform also supports live streaming, which enables dealerships to connect with customers in real time. Snapcell’s intuitive design is one of its main advantages. It is also making it easy for dealerships to create and send videos without any technical expertise. However, some users may find that Snapcell lacks some of the more advanced features found in other video marketing solutions. Additionally, while it is easy to use, some dealerships may require additional training to take full advantage of its capabilities.

14. Promotion Pix

Promotion Pix is a video marketing solution that simplifies the process of creating and sharing videos for businesses. With its drag-and-drop interface, custom branding options, and pre-built templates, it aims to make video production accessible and affordable for businesses of all sizes. However, one of the potential drawbacks of Promotion Pix is that it offers limited customizability. Users may have limited control over the design and customization of their videos. This can limit their ability to create a unique and branded experience for their customers.

15. XciteAuto

Xcite Automotive is an automotive servicing and software company that provides dealerships with fast and effective solutions to get their vehicles ready for the front line. Their aim is to make the automotive business more innovative, profitable, and speedy. They have a team of over 500 employees. They provide on-site car picture, video, and 360° spin image-capturing services to more than 1,300 automobile dealerships across the country.

Xcite Automotive offers digital and point-of-purchase vehicle-specific marketing material using their PureVin and Xcode software solutions. These solutions are compatible with an in-house extensive Window Sticker program and several dealer website suppliers. Additionally, they have established Reconlogic, which provides car cleaning, reconditioning, and vehicle marketing services at their reconditioning centers. Get in touch with Xcite to learn more about their pricing and services.



MotorStreet 360 has competitors in the market that offer similar features for vehicle image capturing. It is essential to evaluate each alternative and select the one that best meets your needs. With numerous options available, it has become more convenient to take high-quality photos of vehicles and make informed decisions while buying or selling.

One of the best alternatives worth considering is Spyne, which provides comprehensive car photography solutions. By exploring different options, you can select a solution that fits your unique requirements and budget.

Frequently Asked Question

  • What are the benefits of professional car images for car dealerships?

    What are the benefits of professional car images for car dealerships?Customers prefer dealerships that have optimized their car images, including background editing. The edited images are associated with quality and professionalism. They portray confidence and promote your brand. Original images can come across as cluttered and turn customers away from your site.
  • Is Spyne better than Car-Cutter?

    Is Spyne better than Car-Cutter?Spyne offers you AI-powered visual solutions, with studio-grade output, for car images, 360 spin, and video tour. That’s more than what Car-Cutter offers, and all that’s available at an affordable price too!

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