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Spyne: Best Alternative to Car-Cutter for Automotive Merchandising

AI-powered automotive photography and editing solutions that help boost your online sales

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Most Successful Dealerships &
Marketplaces Trust Spyne

Most Successful Dealerships &
Marketplaces Trust Spyne

3 Reasons to Choose Spyne over Car-Cutter

Spyne has plenty of advantages over Car-Cutter, the best of which are listed below

More Realistic Images

Spyne’s image transformation offers a more refined output, with photorealistic shadows and reflections on the virtual floor, improved see-through and tinting on windows and windscreens, and more.

More Realistic Image Merchandising Solution than Car cutter
Chevrolet 360 Spin car cutter

Better Spin 360

Spyne has an industry-leading 360 spin solution, which offers multiple transformation features – custom dealer branding, window cleanup, spin stabilization, numberplate masking – apart from background replacement.

Automatic Hotspot Detection & Tagging

Spyne advanced AI can automatically detect and mark the damages and dents on the vehicle you shoot. This adds transparency in the buying journey and helps you gain consumer trust.

Spyne spin 360 hotspot better than car-cutter

Car Listings That Drive Sales

Leverage AI to create engaging visuals for an extraordinary experience

Add Background
Add Shadow
Number Plate
Window Tinting
Logo Placement

Top Alternatives to Car-Cutter

Let’s understand the services offered by CarCutter, the advantages and disadvantages of their platform, and what alternatives you can use…

The car market is changing. Earlier, purchasing a car meant going to the local dealer. Now, many people research online before they buy. There is more to online research than just getting price comparisons and learning enough about the products to be better informed. It is essential to have a great presentation of cars with great visuals. Decisions are influenced by just how the car looks on the screen. CarCutter and other alternative services exist to help you achieve stunning visuals.

Since images are the first thing a customer sees on a screen, it becomes their deciding factor. Dealers and retailers must identify and understand various types of digital engagement platforms before investing in any type of software or platform. Various image editing platforms are worth checking and trying.

The article will help to understand the services offered by CarCutter, the advantages and disadvantages of their platform, and what alternatives you can use.


What is CarCutter? is an AI-based visual editing and optimization service for the automotive industry. It provides dealers with automotive imagery solutions, revenue, engaging customer relationships, and API integration. If you are selling a car, you need good, high-quality photographs. With a good photo, you are gaining customers. Dealerships can show off the best features of the vehicles to sell them faster. Good photography is not just about selling cars; it is also about your brand image.

Professional photographers and studios charge you heavily for it. So, if you want a studio-like image that can create an impact, artificial intelligence is your answer. You can upload a basic photograph, and it will do the job for you of making it look professional.


What Services Does CarCutter Offer?

CarCutter offers multiple services, such as generating quality images of vehicles. It can generate these images using AI to increase the click rate. They also offer a feature to generate 3D showrooms for cars and cut-out interior and exterior shots of the cars to use in these showrooms. They also have an app that provides imaging solutions.


What are the Advantages of CarCutter?

The CarCutter app can reduce your photography process to only 8 minutes, which results in cost savings. It also allows quicker merchandising by eliminating wait periods so your cars can appear online faster. They provide retailers with access to an inventory management system and mobile application in 15 minutes. This process streamlining can drive sales faster and increase profits for your business.

If you feel watermarks, banners, or backgrounds over a license plate are unwanted, you can quickly replace them with your branding and fill them with colors.


What are the Disadvantages of CarCutter?

When you edit images, it will take at least 30 seconds for every image. This tool also doesn’t suggest images; if you don’t have one, you must upload them yourself.

CarCutter doesn’t have any provision for 360-degree car spin videos. However, they are reportedly working to create a solution. Overall, their dealership and marketplace solutions could be more extensive in number.


Alternatives to CarCutter

There are good alternatives available to CarCutter. Some of them are mentioned below.

1. Spyne

Spyne is one of the best all-in-one tools for the AI-based editing of images. It can edit images in seconds. It also creates showroom settings and studio-grade images without the use of photography or a studio, saving you unnecessary expenses. This improves car listings, boosts sales, and increases customer conversions.



Spyne helps you showcase your cars in studio-quality images and lets you choose from over 100 showroom backgrounds. You can customize the images according to your preferences too. It shows your image from all angles by creating a 360 spin video, allowing an immersive experience for the customer. Spyne also masks the number plate, tints the window, and removes reflection. You can also enhance images of the interiors of the cars.

There is more: Spyne focuses on not only the automobile category but also e-commerce, food, fashion, and footwear. So, any business belonging to these categories can edit images and turn them into high-quality, studio-grade photographs. This is why it has become a great choice.

2. MotorCut

This tool can assist you if you need a better-quality smartphone camera and want to advertise your vehicle. MotorCut is a tool for editing photos and turning them into high-quality images. It is designed to enhance and replace vehicle backdrops by creating great images that can influence user purchases.

MotorCut also has an app to help you edit images for your advertisements and website. You can easily download them through the web since the advertisements are synced. The starter plan costs £75 per month and increases to £600 per month for Diamond users.

3. Glo3D 360

Glo3D is a service that allows you to create virtual and professional video tours of your vehicle in under 5 minutes. It adds studio-like photography by using just a smartphone. This tool also offers custom backgrounds and personalized banners and can be automatically synced to your website, social media, and inventory management.

Glo3D 360 allows dealerships 360 car videos in up to 16k resolution. It offers services to the automotive, heavy machinery, fashion, and retail industries. They provide a dealer-basic subscription at $50 a month. Whereas a dealer-plus subscription at $199 a month. Both plans offer a one-time setup fee of $350.


As the name suggests, this tool automatically removes backgrounds by editing photos through artificial intelligence. It offers the user speed and a user-friendly interface. will remove the background of any product in 5 seconds, and you can also edit images in bulk. This tool can detect hair and color interference and can be used on mobile, desktop, or website, but it requires an internet connection. The pricing for this tool is based on credit and use per image, so you will have to choose which suits you best. You can also create a free account with one free credit.

5. Fotor

Fotor is a straightforward photo editing and graphic design tool with all essential editing features. It can crop or resize images, add effects, remove objects, and enhance images. It is available on iOS and Android, Mac, and Windows. Fotor is free to download, but you must purchase it before you use its services. It works on all categories, but it is a basic photo editing app and may not give you a studio-like photo.

6. Octopus

Octopus retouches hundreds of images and assists car dealerships in automated image processing. This tool provides different solutions based on the name: Piranha, Gecko, Orca, Eagle, Meg, and Natas. These are different apps that provide different solutions. Piranha allows you to take photos, 360° spins, 360° interiors, and videos—all in the same app. Gecko provides customized or brand backdrops for your vehicle. Orca is a web-based alternative to Piranha when you have digital cameras instead of smartphones for photos. The Eagle is a tool for medium and large businesses and resellers to keep track of their business.

You can tailor it according to your preferences or interests. Meg is a tool if you have high volumes of images, which can then be automated and transferred to the Octopus via the MEG RESTful API. Natas is a car clipping app. You will have to contact the team to create your account.

7. Impel

Impel offers merchandise communication and imaging solutions to dealerships. It is a digital engagement platform that allows dealerships to transform the buyer’s journey by integrating omnichannel experiences. This enables the customer to be well-informed about the product right when they land on a website, leading to a showroom visit and converting leads into customers. It even allows post-purchase services. This tool is powered by AI and assesses behavioral data, offering marketing, communication, and imaging solutions for all websites. To learn in-depth about the services, they provide a free demo.

8. InstaVid360

InstaVid360 offers dealerships digital direct marketing, database management, and CRM services across Sub-Saharan Africa and Europe. It is backed by 50+ digital data, CRM experts, and mobile app developers. As a dealership, you must contact the business to know more about the pricing.

9. AutoUpLink

This tool integrates products and services with over 800 third-party sites, systems, and platforms. It collects and aggregates your inventory data, images, and video in near-real time. They also provide services that create engaging content to sell your inventory. You can check their website and contact them for detailed pricing.

10. VC360

VC360 is a tool that changes the background and adds 360-degree technology to photos, 5G live streaming, and online customer management. You can show the features of your vehicles and the actual condition of the used car. This creates reliability in your brand by being transparent about the vehicle’s conditions. They also have the VC360 Offer Manager tool, which will manage the publication of your car sales advertisements.

The VC360 Car Inspection App & Digital Certification is an interesting feature that will understand the vehicle’s condition and transfer this information into the digital platform. It will then provide the authenticity of information that will help build the credibility of dealers and make the purchase decision faster for customers. Details will be available once you contact them in terms of pricing.

11. Flick Fusion

Flick Fusion is another tool that provides seamless services through the marketing funnel, such as increasing sales, KPIs, and digital marketing services for dealerships. It ensures that videos and images such as 360 spins and inventory videos make the transition easier, more cost-effective, and easier to post on the dealership website.

The platform also leverages store sales and marketing initiatives to ensure the message reaches the customer at the right time of their customer journey. It is great for dealerships because it can store all digital software in one place and offer customizations too. You can also schedule a demo.

12. CloudPano

CloudPano is unique because it does not require any code for publishing virtual tours. You can control the privacy of these virtual tours and embed pictures, videos, and HTML. You can add sounds and customize floor plans. It even provides a live video chat with clients and extensive dealership community support.

They offer services for various industries: real estate, property management, photography, automotive, RV, power sports, and Entrepreneurs. However, it only offers virtual tours of businesses and nothing else. Their pricing starts at $49 a month while providing $33 a month for an annual subscription.

13. Dealersync

DealerSync focuses on dealer management software and has a mobile-first website. It can be utilized to fit any size dealership. It provides many features such as market analysis, lead management to boost sales, 360-spin technology, a mobile app for auction pricing, and inventory. DealerSync will also guide you with SEO to ensure your business ranks at the top of a search engine, marketing, and the generation of market leads for shipping. You can also partner with the company by selecting one of its programs. More about this is on their website.

14. CarData Inc

CarData Inc needs to be AI-generated and thus may take a lot of time. However, it offers professional photographers for vehicle photography by providing quality photography, videos, vehicle comments, and professionally showcasing inventory. Contacting them might be the best option since CarData Inc provides personalized quotes according to the needs of the business.

15. LES automotive

LESA is a private media service provider offering video services such as dealer video inventory, suit and service, and real estate videos. This tool can enhance your online reputation by adding video testimonials and promo videos, and it includes picture-in-picture videos so that you can introduce your business and cars at the same time. This will earn the buyer’s trust and be easy. You can get more information on the pricing by visiting their website.



Car purchasing can be challenging. CarCutter and its alternative solutions greatly help make this purchasing process easier for both the buyer and the retailer. Buyers like to start immediately, and they have research as their weapon. You must be fast if you want to avoid being drowned away by your competition and still create an impression. Using these tools will help you save time and money.

Choose what fits your company’s needs the best. It is best to choose an all-in-one solution for a smooth and seamless experience for you and your customers.

Frequently Asked Question

  • What are the benefits of professional car images for car dealerships?

    What are the benefits of professional car images for car dealerships?Customers prefer dealerships that have optimized their car images, including background editing. The edited images are associated with quality and professionalism. They portray confidence and promote your brand. Original images can come across as cluttered and turn customers away from your site.
  • Is Spyne better than Car-Cutter?

    Is Spyne better than Car-Cutter?Spyne offers you AI-powered visual solutions, with studio-grade output, for car images, 360 spin, and video tour. That’s more than what Car-Cutter offers, and all that’s available at an affordable price too!

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