Wedding Images Editing: 10 Pro Tips To Make It Gorgeous

10 Pro Editing Tips To Make Wedding Photos Gorgeous

A wedding is a sacred affair where two people come together for life. It is so precious that everyone at the wedding, especially the bride and the groom, demands to capture every moment of this incredible day of their life. 

The need of a wedding photographer is not just to take pictures, but to create memories for the couple and their loved ones to cherish, capture the stories of joy, love, and happiness, and create a treasure to be relived throughout the lifetime. 

Now, when wedding photos are so important, wedding photographers are very careful when it comes to editing the wedding photos. 

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Some photographers are a pro at editing the wedding photos, and some tend to outsource to expert editing service providers.

With AI technology shaping the photography industry, editing images has become significantly easier and smarter. However, if you're a manual editor who likes to spend time on fixing the color and saturation, then here are some tips that will help you get stunning results while editing wedding photos.


Photo editing starts with a planned and systematic approach. 

Just like any other process editing process, editing wedding photos also need a proper common-sense approach to do it right. Here are some points that you must consider before planning to edit wedding photos.

  • Make a copy of the wedding photos that you're going to edit and save them on different sites. Use SpyneShare to store unlimited images and videos securely. 
  • Make sure to edit the duplicated files. 
  • To ensure that you don't get the colors wrong, check the display setting of the PC you're using for editing. 

All set? Let's dive in

Editing is a technique of experimenting with the right tools and creativity to generate beautified, refined, and impactful versions of raw images. However, when it comes to editing the wedding photos, it is about perfection, not experimenting. 

In this blog, we will specifically talk about the photo editing process that wedding photo editing usually includes. Read these tips carefully before you muck the wedding photos or use SpyneTouch to edit multiple pictures in a flash. 

Photo Cropping

Remove The Noise

Photo Brightening

Image Cloning

Color Correction

Optimize Contrast

Sharpness Enhancement

Dodge and Burn

Adding Bokeh

Background manipulation

1. Photo Cropping

You're editing arsenal may be full of tools but when it comes to the basics, cropping tool is your first pick. Whether it is tweaking a photo a little or crop group photos or just trimming wedding portraiture, make sure you carefully use the cropping tool to slice the image, else you might end up over-cropping it or reducing the size of an image. If you're an amateur wedding photo editor, don't mistake cropping tool with resizing. 

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2. Remove The Noise

What exactly is Noise? These are "fuzzy specks" or tiny, unclear spots found on photos clicked under poor lighting. You can also detect the noise on an image by zooming in. The image will turn out to be pixelated if it has noise. This type of disturbance occurs when a photo is captured under low-light. Make sure to eliminate the noise from the picture. You can use filters or beautifiers to remove the grains creating the noise on a wedding photo. 

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3. Photo Brightening

Brightening up the dark wedding photos during the editing process is another important factor. There're several brightening up tools to remove the shades and dark edges on a picture. Make sure you estimate to what degree the wedding photo needs to be edited while you slide the brightening bar over it. If you're not sure about it, SpyneTouch can make sure the accuracy is 99.9% while removing the dark overlay. Using brightening up tools can improve the overall image quality if correctly brushed. 

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4. Image Cloning

This is the best part of editing where all the unwanted objects are removed from the wedding photo. Cloning or spot removal tool allows you to remove the unnecessary spots from the picture and helps you heal the certain areas of the picture. These unnecessary flaws appear in the form of wrinkles, blemishes, spots, shadows, etc, and can reduce the features of a wedding photo. Hence cloning is used to fix these imperfections for better results. 

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5. Color Correction

Playing with colors might sound simple but it is not. While editing the wedding images, the editor needs to gauge the mood of the ambiance in the image. The wedding pictures are supposed to be full of vibrancy, positivity, hope, and intimacy. So, achieving the right color balance or balancing the over-saturation is the key to improve the appeal of the image. 

Balancing the intensity of colors such as red, green, blue, gamma (mid-tones), highlights (whites), and shadows (blacks) can give a completely new look and feel to the image.

6. Optimize Contrast

The pro editors believe that contrast optimization is like a cousin of adjusting exposure or brightness in images. Unlike balancing the intensities of colors, contrast optimization is balance the shadows and the highlights of an image. This can be a hectic process for manual editors but Spyne's smart presets make photo fixing way easier with its AI-driven tools. It intelligently automates the process to achieve the results 45% faster with 99.9% accuracy.   

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7. Sharpness Enhancement

A Photographer clicks hundreds of images at a wedding. Some of them may turn out to be blurred and yet we don't want them to go waste. It mostly happens when a photographer clicks a candid or action shot, the sudden movement will cause an unavoidable blur in the image, which can be fixed using the Sharpness Enhancement tool. The tools help you to fix the out-of-focus images and eventually save your throwaway copy. At the same time, makes sure you do not over-sharpen the image, it will look unnatural. 

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8. Dodge and Burn

Dodge and Burn tools are used to regulate exposure in specific areas of a wedding photo. Dodge tool is used to remove the highlight and light areas in the wedding images while burning is done to bring out more details from the patches that appear too light and washed out. Dodge and burn bring subtle changes in the image and it requires the highest expertise to do it right. 

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While editing wedding images, editors can execute the following two techniques to make the photos even more gorgeous. 

9. Adding bokeh

There are several reasons to use bokeh in wedding images. By adding bokeh to an image, it brings the subject to the limelight (foreground), blurring the background. This allows the viewers to see the particular aspects of the wedding image. 

A wedding is an intimate event where the couple is immersed with joy, love, and ecstasy. Adding bokeh can enhance the romantic aura to the wedding images. 

10. Background manipulation

Removing or changing the background of the image is yet another technique to make the pictures look stunning and exquisite. Adding a new background to a wedding image can give a new dramatic feel of the image. To save time and effort, top photographers use AI-driven editing tools to achieve the best results possible with the highest accuracy. Since these editing studios offer other important features like photo retouching, photo-regeneration, it becomes convenient for a photographer to outsource images for editing. 


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Written By - Younus Sideeq on 22 Jun, 2020