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Case Study: Spyne Helped Erotissch With Photoshoot For Its Uniquely Designed Loungewear

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There’s a famous saying that fashion doesn’t end when it is bedtime. 


Erotissch, an Indian-based garments brand, collaborated with Spyne for the photoshoot of their exclusively designed garments for their post-COVID launch.

The brand, which is inspired by the Japanese concept of styling loungewear was looking for a trustworthy shoot partner that can successfully deliver results (model shoot and image editing) in the fastest time possible while maintaining consistency in quality across the product range.




Erotissch, a brand trying to bridge the gap between nightwear and streetwear, was looking for a one-stop-solution to fulfill their visual content requirement for their ‘french-styled loungewear’ in the peak time of coronavirus.

The brand was looking for a partner that could help them with a model shoot in the fastest turnaround time possible to gear up for their post-lockdown-launch.

Getting a model shoot done was in itself was a big challenge during the time of crisis.

Finding the right model whose style, look, appearance, and body features sit well with the brand was difficult to find.


This theme-based ‘french-styled loungewear’ model shoot was successfully planned by the operations and creative teams of Spyne, shot by our top-notch photographers, and delivered in the tight timelines.

Given our end-to-end shoot automation and AI-based image editing solutions, we helped the brand plan, shoot, edit, and deliver the project within a week.



From selecting the unique model appearance to the posing and styling of the garments, Spyne was able to sync the look and feel of the shoot with that of the brand’s theory, which is based on the versatility of a garment and comfortable fashion.

We were able to meet the requirements of the brand in the fastest TATs because of our smart AI-powered image editing solutions. It helped us to upscale images to a higher resolution, preserve most of the details in the original image, and process the bulk image editing – making it easier to scale the visual content requirement of the brand.


Spyne helped Erotissch with three major elements

With unique garment styling, Spyne clicked the pictures of their loungewear products in a way that fits the brand’s presentation and fashion preferences. There were three major elements of the shoot that ensured the pictures fit the brand’s fashion preferences.


Model Selection and Styling

Given the styling of the products, Spyne selected a model with a peculiar fashion and style that perfectly gelled with the brand’s value and collections. The model was the perfect fit for the product, from the style of her hair to the body postures that perfectly suited the garment.



Posing and Presentation

Another significant factor in this model loungewear shoot was the posing of the model. Spyne successfully prepared some mood boards and trained the model so well that her posing gave an alluring feel and comfort to the loungewear garments.



Leveraging high-end technology to speed up and ease the post-production workflow, Spyne uses AI-based image editing to offer customized apparel image editing for e-commerce brands of all shapes and sizes. We help businesses get images edited in bulk while maintaining consistency in quality across the products. Our intelligence-boosted image editing solutions allows us to offer services at 30% lower cost and 67% faster delivery.



Great visual content can help you stimulate brand recognition, online growth, and recall. 


In fact, the attention span of the average person has come down to 8 seconds, though 2.8 seconds are enough to distract some people. But for some 50 milliseconds are enough to form the first impression.


It is highly recommended to use original, high-quality images – as it adds a much-desired personal touch to your website, product listings, catalog, or campaign. Since high-quality images come with a cost and are time-consuming to create but with Spyne’s challenging photoshoot costs and AI-image editing solutions, you can simply order any shoot of any volume from the comfort of your home.



Beliving – photoshoots have never been so easy, Spyne has helped hundreds of premium brands such as Amazon, Flipkart, Dixcy Scott, Enamor, Amante, The Pink Tint, and many more with a high-quality shoot for apparel, loungewear, ethnic wear, innerwear, etc.

If you are a brand looking to scale quality visual content requirements at economical pricing, you can contact us at [email protected] for all types of shoots, brand launches, content presentation strategies, and AI-based image editing solutions. Click here to explore shoots here.

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