Spyne Executes AI Editing For A Renowned Beauty & Wellness Brand

Spyne Executes AI Automated Editing For A Renowned Beauty & Wellness Brand

In the past year, Spyne has come a long way to provide their world-class photography & fashion photo editing services, to each and every business that either wants to get big or is already big and wants to maintain their status quo with the best visual content for their brand. And, this article is about the latter. Here, one of the most popular beauty, wellness, and fashion brands in India reached out to Spyne for an editing project of about 10,000 SKUs. 

beauty product photo

The accessory brand recently had a shoot for their new line of jewellery. But since the photography was only sub-par, they were not happy with the final jewellery images.

Images From Their Original Shoot.

beauty product photo editing


beauty product image editing

However, instead of going back to level zero and getting the whole shoot again, they decided to choose Spyne and their industry-grade AI-Automated Editing Services.

And since Spyne has already executed several hi-end photography and editing projects for brands like Priyaasi and PP Jewellers, they were already familiar with all the challenges that one needs to get past to end up with some of the most stunning and eye-catching jewellery visuals.

How Spyne Step-By-Step Executed This Editing Project?

No matter how amazing the shoot images turn out to be, Editing is an essential ingredient for getting the right jewellery images for your brand, So here is how Spyne completely transformed the brand’s original shoot images into eye-catching visuals.


1. AI Automated Editing

beauty product editing


image editing


Other than removing defects and imperfections through retouching, the one also needs to remove background, generate shadows, crop images, add margins, adjust colour balance, contrast, brightness and sharpness etc. Spyne is able to execute all their editing projects in such short spans because their AI Automated Editing takes care of all the different aspects of post-production that we mentioned above, on its own. 

2. AI Automated Retouching 

photo editing


beauty product editing


beauty product image


When you click jewellery photos, you are bound to end up with visuals that reveal defects and irregularities in the jewellery. And these imperfections negatively impact the picture and ruin the whole look and feel of the company website and all the online product listings. With the help of machine learning, Spyne’s AI Automated Editing automatically detects reflective surfaces and makes them look smooth by removing unwanted reflections and irregularities.

image editing app

image background change


Since we do not live in a perfect world, while shooting, the cameras also capture unwanted components. But, Spyne’s AI Automated Editing effortlessly removes the background from the images and replaces it with a new one so that the final images can look more professional and have a better impact on the viewer.


product image editing


product photo editing


All the images that you see are post-processed through Spyne’s AI Automated Editing. This advanced editing workflow helps the company edit thousands of images at scale. This further enables Spyne to always have an edge over other photography and editing service providers. 


photo editing


product photo editing

What Values Did Spyne Provide Them?

Here are some of the values that Spyne was able to provide the fashion and accessory brand with the help of their technological advancements in Artificial Intelligence.

1. Consistently Sharp Photos: Irrespective of the project size, AI Editing helps Spyne get the same high-quality images every time. This lets the company set the bar quite high for the quality of their final images.

2. Quickest Turnaround Time: Automated Editing allows the photography firm to post-process many images at once, resulting in quick turnaround times. With around 10,000 SKUs, Spyne got back to the brand 60% faster when compared to other photography and editing houses.

3. Cost-Effective Editing: Since Spyne does most of their editing with Artificial Intelligence, it enables them to save time as well as resources and furthermore reduce the cost for their services.

4. Boost In Sales: Spyne has provided similar hi-end photography and editing services for several other brands and with these attractive looking visuals, brand’s have experienced up to 12-15% boost in sales.

But that’s not all, Spyne has also collaborated with some other big names in the industry like BigBasketPP Jewellers, Levi’s, Wildcraft And More! And you can Check Out The Images From These Shoots Here. So Download the Spyne app now or Book A Demo with us to try our services.

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