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The first step in setting your business out online was to use vehicle merchandising that featured images and video. Your clients are now expecting more. With its ability to provide customers with a three-dimensional image of a vehicle’s exterior and inside and the ability to explore from any device, SnapLot 360 is the closest thing to having an actual showroom. With a higher level of interaction and transparency than standard video, SnapLot 360 gives your customers the information they need to make better, quicker decisions. Learn how to boost sales and boost your margin with a more engaging online shopping experience.


What is SnapLot 360?

Dealers and lot service providers may now record 360-degree exterior images and interactive interior material directly with the help of SnapLot360. Dealerships can designate particular features for online auto shoppers as hot spots. 360-degree videos are syndicated to popular websites for internet exhibition after capturing is finished. With its three-dimensional perspective of a car’s exterior and interior, vauto SnapLot 360 is closest to the showroom. It sets you apart from the competition and enables buyers to explore from any device.

SnapLot 360 offers a more engaging and transparent experience than traditional video, giving your consumers the information and speed they need to make better informed and speedy decisions.



How Does SnapLot 360 Help to Increase Online Visibility?

With homenet SnapLot 360’s assistance, you might attract more customers and raise your dealership’s online presence. With SnapLot 360, customers may check the car’s look and feel directly from their device, thanks to an immersive, 360-degree perspective. This can significantly raise the internet visibility and interaction of your dealership, which will eventually result in higher sales.

1. High-Quality Captures: Train staff on proper capture techniques to ensure high-resolution, well-lit virtual tours. This helps create a clear and attractive website for online visitors. Additionally, this creates a positive impact on the potential buyers.

2. Enhanced 360 captures: It helps capture complete 360 exterior and interior views with the capability to extract video, including automotive 360 features overlay and voiceover that improves the inventory listings and fully engages shoppers.

3. Compelling Descriptions: Include detailed descriptions alongside the virtual tours, highlighting key features and specifications of the vehicle. Also, optimize descriptions with relevant keywords to improve search ranking on dealership websites and car shopping platforms.

4. Hotspot Tagging: Utilize SnapLot 360’s hotspot tagging feature to draw attention to specific features like a sunroof, heated seats, or a premium sound system. Further, this can inform and excite potential buyers.

5. Cost-Effectiveness: While preliminary device investment might be a gift, 360 automotive walkaround can be a powerful asset to creating terrific vehicle visuals in the end as compared to traditional image shoots.

6. Dealership Website: The dealership website should prominently feature SnapLot 360 virtual tours and make them easily accessible on vehicle listing pages. This helps in bring organic traffic to the website and therefore, increases the leads and sales.

7. Social Media Integration: Share snippets of the virtual tours on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to generate interest and drive traffic to the dealership website.

8. Email Marketing: Include virtual tours to targeted audiences or interested customers in email marketing campaigns. Personalized emails and messages can be sent to potential leads, which helps in gaining their trust and confidence. Additionally, it motivates them to refer the product to their friends and families.

9. Inventory Management Systems: Ensure SnapLot 360 appropriately integrates with the dealership’s car inventory management system. This allows for 360 automotive solutions of virtual tours on vehicle listings across various platforms for interested population.

10. Car Shopping Platforms: Utilize partnerships between SnapLot 360 and  360 car view shopping platforms like Autotrader to ensure virtual tours are seamlessly uploaded and displayed on these platforms. Collaboration posts and content can further help increase brand visibility and reach.

11. Customer Reviews & Testimonials: Encourage satisfied customers who have used virtual tours to leave positive Snaplot 360 reviews online. Any buyer searching for vehicles online always checks the reviews and feedback from its users, and it is critical for dealerships to gather positive responses and showcase them on their pages. Therefore, this builds trust and credibility for potential buyers.

12. Track & Analyze Results: Monitor website traffic, engagement metrics, and sales inquiries to see how SnapLot 360 vauto impacts online visibility.  This helps in identifying the area for improvements and hence, this data can help refine the dealership’s virtual tour strategy.


Benefits of Introducing SnapLot 360 to Dealerships

Modern vehicle customers demand a high-quality online experience in this digital age. Dealerships are empowered to provide precisely that with SnapLot 360. Lets explore the benefits of snaplot360 and how it increases website visibility and traffic.

1. Immersive Experience: Customers may virtually inspect 360 car exterior and interior in great detail, just like in a physical showroom. In contrast to stationary images and movies, this involvement may result in higher levels of customer engagement.

2. Transparency & Trust: By showing all aspects of the car, dealers can build trust with potential buyers. Also, customers can be more confident in the look of the car, without the need for sport.

3. Stand out from the competition: High-quality virtual tours can differentiate a dealership’s listing from competitors that offer only traditional photos. This can be especially critical for attracting online car buyers.

4. Increased availability of vehicles: A more engaging online experience can lead to more qualified leads and inquiries from potential car buyers who are genuinely interested in the car after thoroughly inspecting it.

5. Sales Efficiency: Virtual walks can reduce the need for excessive physical activity on the sales floor. This can save time for both vendors and customers, who can make informed decisions before going in for an inspection.

6. Marketing automation: The software can provide features such as automating key items in the virtual journey, saving consumers time and effort. Therefore, it helps in engaging more and more potential customers.


How to Make 360 Views Look Better With Limited Physical Space?

It might be difficult to get beautiful 360-degree photos, especially in small areas. This section discusses methods for getting around these restrictions and making sure your 360-degree video provides a top-notch experience, even in places where mobility is restricted. Regardless of the physical limitations, we’ll look at methods, apps, and creative workarounds to make your 360-degree photos stand out.

1. Minimize Obstructions: Before shooting, remove any unnecessary clutter or furniture that might block the view in the tight space. Therefore, this will help in creating a cleaner and more open feel in the final image.

2. Organize the Space: Strategically arrange the key features you want to showcase. Further, prioritize what’s essential and consider temporarily removing anything that might feel distracting in the limited space.

3. Lighting is Critical: In tiny areas, adequate lighting is essential. For more even illumination and to prevent sharp shadows, utilize diffused lighting. Additionally, think about using numerous light sources or reflecting light off walls for greater coverage.

4. Designing & choosing the right camera: Consider a 360-degree camera with a very small frame. Some cameras can shoot 360 degrees without the need for external lenses, which is especially useful in enclosed areas. To reduce scratches in close quarters, look at cameras with the right product software.

5. Fisheye vs. Multi-Shot: Fisheye lenses provide broader coverage, but in confined situations, they may warp straight lines. Consider utilizing a multi-shot technique, in which you shoot multiple standard pictures from various perspectives and then combine them. Further, the results may appear more natural.

6. Camera Placement: Experiment with camera placement. Sometimes, raising or lowering the camera slightly can help avoid capturing too much of the surrounding walls and create a more spacious feel. Therefore, try to utilize different angles and angles in which pictures can be captured.

7. Software Correction: Many 360 photo app and programs offer tools for correcting fisheye lens distortion. Use them to straighten lines and improve the overall natural look of the 360° image.

8. Virtual Tours: With certain 360 automotive software, you may make virtual tours that viewers can explore by clicking on places that are highlighted. This might focus attention on particular characteristics or features and deflect attention from the limited size. Therefore, this helps in complete virtual inspection of the vehicle.

9. Highlight Details: In small spaces, details become even more critical. Use high-resolution photos and highlight interesting design elements or unique features like the dashboard, curves, and other elements to capture viewers’ attention. Additionally, this attracts the attention of the viewers and develops interest.

10. Repositioning: If feasible, consider repositioning the camera at different heights or angles within the limited space. This can be especially helpful in very small rooms where a single central point might not capture everything. Further, this helps in improved captures.

How Dealerships Can Get SnapLot 360?

Are you drawn to the idea that SnapLot 360 could improve your online dealership experience? A path for obtaining and smoothly incorporating Snap360 into your current workflow is provided in this section. So, to ensure a seamless and effective setup process, we’ll go over several ways to get SnapLot app, compatibility issues, and the procedures for integrating it with your dealership’s systems.

For each car dealer:

  1. 360 camera apps: You can use your four smartphones to take 360 degree car photos and videos with apps. Search for “360 camera app” in the app store for your phone. Also these apps can offer partitioning options and some initial editing options.
  1. 360 Camera Hardware: You may want to invest in a dedicated 360 camera to shoot better. These are available with different features and Snaplot 360 price points. But keep in mind that it may be necessary to link the video with post-processing tools.
  1. Home Photography Techniques: If you are creative, you can use traditional photography techniques to achieve the same effect. But to create a tour scenario, take multiple photos of the car from various angles and use panorama software to stitch them together.

 For car buyers: 

  1. Dealership websites : Many dealerships offer 360 tours on their websites, especially for new or high-end cars. Look at dealer websites for your particular car of interest, and see if they offer a 360 view.
  1. Auto auction sites: Vehicle auction sites like Autotrader or CarMax can display a 360-degree journey when consumers put them through their inventory. Use the search filters on these sites to find a list of vehicles.



SnapLot 360 empowers dealerships to meet these expectations and stay ahead of the curve. By creating high-quality virtual tours, interactive hotspots, and data-driven marketing strategies, Snap 360 fosters a captivating online showroom that transcends static images. This translates into informed buyers, increased trust, and, ultimately, a boost in sales. So, if you want to revolutionize your dealership’s online presence and leave a lasting impression on car shoppers, look no further than SnapLot 360.




  • Q. How do I know which vehicles have a 360 captures in Inventory Online (IOL)? 

    The Vehicle Listing Page (VLP) can have the 360 ID column added, after which it can be sorted by. Every car with an ID has a 360-degree capture.


  • Q. Where can I see the 360 capture in IOL?

    By going to the Vehicle’s Details Page (VDP) and choosing the Media tab, you may see the 360 in IOL.


  • Q. How long will it take to have a 360 appear in IOL from SnapLot?

    As long as SnapLot is online, it ought to appear in a matter of minutes.


  • Q. What is the cleanup process for files stored on the device? What happens if my device reaches storage limits?

    The same method that is used to clean the device’s images will also be applied to the 360 capture files.


  • Q. Do I have the ability to capture still images from a 360?

    Photo extraction from FlickFusion 360s can be enabled via HomeNet.


  • Q. How to minimize the zooming effect during a 360-spin?

    The user must maintain a constant distance from the car in order to prevent it from bouncing in and out of the 360-degree vision. You can achieve this by taking an oval stride pattern.


  • Q. What are the network requirements for SnapLot 360?

    To Communicate, the user requires HTTPS, which is TCP port 443


  • Q. How do I troubleshoot 360s?

    Get the logs from within the app, then send them to customer service. You will require assistance from a support representative to do this. For assistance, send an email to [email protected] or give them a call at 1-855-269-2886 or 855-COX-AUTO.


  • Q. Pricing of SnapLot360?

    The amount of automobiles sold at a dealership and its size both affect the cost of the vauto software. On the other hand, vAuto normally costs $1,000 to $5,000 a month.


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