The Beginner's Guide to Product Photoshoot - Spyne

The Beginner's Guide to Product Photoshoot - Spyne

Whether you are selling a product on Amazon or you are looking forward to attracting customers for your restaurant, you have to have good quality pictures.

To get that quality and professionalism in your photographs, you need to leave the job to professionals. This is why hiring someone to do your product photoshoot is the best bet. While looking for someone to do your product photoshoot in Delhi, there is a criterion. The criteria based on which you can judge the skills or a company or an individual you want to hire.

This is important for your business because your photos must be able to draw attention, do branding and send your message across to your potential customers. The customers coming to your site should be convinced to buy your product or service solely based on photographs. That's how you know that your product photoshoot is working.


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A lot of companies in the eCommerce industry are opting for professional photographers to get their product photography done. The price of a product photoshoot varies from the types of services to need and the types of services your photographer can provide you. Also, if you don't want to hire a photographer then you can always do it at home. That's exactly what we'll be covering in this blog.

So, if you are looking for your product photoshoot in Delhi, you are in luck because everything you need to know about product photoshoot will be covered in this article.

What is the Need for Product Photoshoot?

Before talking about product photoshoot in Delhi, let us understand the need for a product photoshoot. In the eCommerce business, the visuals matter. If you have good quality photographs of your product that you want to sell, it can be jewellery or FMCG products, or if you want to bring customers to your restaurant by showing off your food & drinks menu, you need pictures that agree with your moto.


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You can't put up a bad quality picture or blurry photo of your product and expect the customers to buy it. Whether you are featuring your product on an eCommerce site or your own website, the photos should be able to stand out and induce desire in the minds of viewers. They should feel like having it even if they don't need it. Because that's the power of a good quality photograph.

Having a product photoshoot helps in making sure that the visuals of your product on the internet are doing justice to how it actually looks. A product photoshoot helps you build an image of your brand and increase the credibility factor that compels to purchase your product or service over somebody else's.


Here are 3 Reasons why you need a Product Photoshoot -


1. More Customer Attention

2. Better Brand Image

3. Stand out among competitors

The reasons mentioned above are very basic but you should know that there are many other factors that contribute towards deciding the need for product photography.


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Different Types of Product Photography

Now, product photoshoot has a few different types. Not all product photoshoots are the same. There are Jewellery photoshoot, Apparel Photoshoot, beauty products photoshoot and many other eCommerce photoshoots. The thing is that not all photoshoots are the same. When it comes to shooting products, one has to keep in mind that different products demand different studio setup and lighting.

You can't look at jewellery photoshoot and apparel photoshoot with the same lens. They both are very different in terms of lighting demand, and the whole setup. So, given below is a list of different types of product photoshoots and their requirements.


1. Jewellery Photoshoot

If you are looking for a product photoshoot of your Jewellery then you have to have a professional photoshoot done. The jewellery market is huge and very competitive. And most of the people prefer to go for renowned brands. There is a huge reason why. One of the biggest reasons is the visual appeal. It doesn't matter if your Jewellery design is way better than your competitors. But if he can show his products' details better than yours then you won't get the attention of customers.

This is why it is necessary to have a Jewellery photoshoot done professionally.


Requirements for a Jewellery photoshoot generally include cutting extra light to avoid reflection and using the right white balance setting to show the right colour of your jewellery. You surely don't want your gold jewellery to appear silver in photos just because you are using the wrong white balance settings.

Moreover, a product photoshoot of your jewellery is not enough. You have to get photo editing services to remove any clutters or errors in the photograph and give final retouching to it. To capture the details in a picture and get the most out of your jewellery photoshoot, use a macro lens if any.

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2. Apparel Photoshoot

In the eCommerce industry, one of the biggest industries is apparel. The apparel industry is massive and there's so much competition that one can't even comprehend. Since there are so many brands out there, it is hard to stand out if your photos are of bad quality. imagine you go to a shopping website and see two pairs of pants.

One pair is from X company and the other pant is from the Y company. The picture that X company has put up is optimum quality. You can easily zoom in and see the details in the fabric. While the Y company has put up the picture of pants that look somewhat similar to X's and it also offers the same features like that one. Which one will you choose? Not a hard choice, right? When given a choice between two products with the same specs, people prefer quality pictures that can tell them more about the product. There's always the brand tag but that builds when people start trusting in your product as well as the brand.

For apparel photoshoots, there are certain requirements. In the apparel photoshoot, you need two things. You either need a model/mannequin or you need a ghost mannequin.


product photography


When you hire a model, the purpose is to show how the product looks like when worn by a human being. So for apparel photoshoot, you need a model or a mannequin that will help you portray how the product will look like on a person.

But models can be expensive for a product photoshoot that might take more than a few hours to complete. That's when you take the help of the Ghost Mannequin editing technique. It is basically using a mannequin to showcase a product and then removing the mannequin using photo editing. This way you can showcase the product without actually showing a model or a mannequin.


3. Beauty Products Photoshoot

What qualifies as beauty products photoshoot? What is it that sells a lipstick or a facewash? Well, if you have been a good observer then you must have noticed that brands don't just capture the product while doing a beauty product photoshoot but they also capture a model who wears that beauty product. So, whether it is a lipstick, nail paint or any other beauty product, the photoshoot doesn't work solo.


product photography


So, if you are going to do beauty products photoshoot, make sure that you have a face or a person to use that product to show the best results. That's the only way to convince your customers. They need to know how the product will look on their skin type or skin color. Beauty product photoshoot also requires a professional photographer who can capture the details and everything that will support your business.


product photography


You can't click from a smartphone and say the picture will bring you a lot of attention. The reason is that the professionals use high-end cameras and they know what they are doing. So, it is best to trust them with beauty products photoshoot. So, make sure that you have everything that you need to have beauty products photography.


4. Real Estate Photoshoot

Product photography isn't just limited to small items or items that we wear. Product photography also includes real estate. Whether you want to showcase the interior of a property or you want to showcase how the house looks from the outside, it is better to leave it to the professionals. A real estate photoshoot demands you to take every possible picture of a property so that potential clients can have a pretty good idea about what to expect from the property. Also, the product photoshoot revolving real state is supposed to be very detailed and precise to avoid anyone being misled.


product photography


A real estate photoshoot demands you to make a list of things that need to be shot. Like 2 pictures of the kitchen, 1 of the bedroom, etc. Real Estate photoshoot is more or less like any other product photoshoot. In real estate photoshoot, you have to take care of the lighting. While natural light is always best to take pictures, sometimes it can be a necessity to capture in the artificial light.


product photoshoot


There's one thing you can always keep in mind while doing a real estate photoshoot. If you want the best pictures of the outside of the property, shoot during sunrise or sunset. You can also follow the real estate photography guide. Also, while shooting the exterior of the house, try to keep the lights one for the best effect.

Similarly, while shooting the interior, make sure that doors and windows are open. This way you can assure that there's ample lighting inside the house for the photoshoot.

How to do Product Photoshoot at Home?

There can be a lot of reasons why you don't want to hire a professional photographer to perform your product photoshoot. And that's totally fine. Now all depend on a photographer to do the job and decide to do it themselves. And if you want to do it too then you should know how to do it right.

Doing a product photoshoot at home can be challenging but it is not the hardest task in the world. Product photoshoot at home required a little bit of make-shift studio making tactics, a little bit of light and a lot of your creativity.


product photography


So, if you want to do a product photoshoot at home, here is a step by step guide on how to do that.

1. Choose a room with a big window so that natural light can reach your product photoshoot setup. If you can't use natural light, get some artificial lights so that you can easily capture the product you are shooting.

2. Perform white background photoshoot using white chart papers. You can make a box with cardboard with one side open and cover the box with a white paper from the inside.

3. Put your product in the middle and make sure that your product is safely put.

4. Next step is light. If you are shooting in natural light, then you should not have any problem but if you are relying upon the artificial lights then it can be a bit of an issue as your pictures might come out too bright. So, use an external flashlight and bounce it off a surface rather than throwing it directly on your product.

5. If your product is small then you can use a macro lens to capture the right detailing. But if your product is of a regular size then you can use a prime lens. Prime lenses and very much convenient for doing product photoshoots as long as you are using a tripod for stability.

6. Once you are done with your product photoshoot, it is time to bring those photos to the editing table. Always give your photos a final edit. Even if you have clicked the photos with a DSLR, you have to make sure that it is of premium quality and is talking business. No matter how perfect your picture looks like, it needs some final adjustments.

Hire a Professional Photographer for Product Photoshoot

If doing the product photoshoot is too much for you and you find it difficult to take out time to do that while managing the other aspects of a business then maybe it is time to give a professional a chance. A professional photographer can help you click the best pictures and you can always convey your expectations to him/her.

Not only does a professional photographer know how to click pictures but he also has all the equipment required to make your photoshoot picture-perfect.So, it is best to hire a photographer who specializes in product photography and knows how to click the best pictures of your product.

There are a lot of product photography services that you can opt for. But since there are so many of them available in Delhi, it can be a bit tricky to find the one who can fulfill your photoshoot needs.



There's price, skills, and communication. While hiring the best product photography services in Delhi, there's more than a few you have to keep in your mind.

The best thing about hiring a professional photographer for doing your product photoshoot is that the photographer will be able to click the most creative pictures as well as the most professional pictures of your product that can help you stand out from the crowd. So, make sure that you take the help of a professional if you are unsure about your skills.

Your Product Photoshoot With Spyne

Spyne is an AI-based platform that provides visual content to vendors so that they can expand their business and establish themselves as a brand. Among many services of Spyne that include photo-sharing, and photo-editing, Spyne also features photographer services to businesses.

With Spyne, you can hire a photographer to do your product photoshoot in Delhi, Mumbai and around India within seconds. Using Spyne Dashboard, just raise a request for the photographer and send the date, time and location for your photoshoot. The photographer will be available to you as per your request.

If you are looking for the best product photoshoot in Delhi, Mumbai Or anywhere in India then you should definitely try Spyne. It is convenient, saves time and provides you with product photographers at the most competitive prices. Sign up right now to Spyne and get the best photographer to get your photoshoot done.

Why Spyne?

We at Spyne, offer to provide you with the best photographer for product photoshoot in Delhi. Whether your product is a small piece of jewelry or it is a big premium quality bathrobe, we provide your photographers who click pictures that can attract your potential customers and create a good image of your brand.

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At Spyne, we provide quick solutions to photography needs by businesses that are looking for affordable and best photographer options. Also, we have collaborations with big photography names in the industry which can ensure that every photographer provided by Spyne is top-notch and premium. You can totally rely on Spyne for amazing quality images of your product.


Written By - Ramnish on 03 Dec, 2019