Which Product Photography is better, In-House Or Outsourced?

Which Product Photography is better, In-House Or Outsourced?

Nowadays, more and more people are drawn towards online shop stops like FlipkartMyntra, Snapdeal & Amazon, since they don’t find it worthwhile to spend their valuable time on the commotion of a market place. And this, in turn, has made the eCommerce market a more competitive arena in the last couple of years.

So, as an eCommerce seller, you have to do everything in your power to make your products stand out. The first step towards bringing a change in the online marketplace with your product is a Product photoshoot. But this might lead you to one of the biggest dilemmas that Online Sellers Face:

Should you go for In-House Product Photography or Outsourced Product Photography?

And the answer to this is not so straightforward. It is more of a subjective matter. The Photography you should go for totally depends upon which one arrangement suits you better. So, we are going to give you facts and situations which will help you decide which Product Photography is most suitable for you.

Before diving into the facts and details, let’s take a brief look at both In-House and Outsourced Product Photography.

What is In-House Product Photography?

For In-House Product Photography, you have your own studio set up for all your product photography needs. Apart from the studio and the equipment, you’ll need a team including Photographers, Editors, and Project Managers.

In house product photography


What is Outsourced Product Photography?

In the case of Outsourced Product Photography, you either rent out an entire Studio Setup or outsource your whole product photography to a photography service providing company.

Outsource product photography

So, to choose the option that is best for you, you have to ask yourself the following questions:

1. How Time Crucial Your Shoots are?

In case most of your photography needs are urgent and crucial, you should leave it to the professionals. By this, we mean outsourcing your product photography. This is the best way to get quicker and more dependable results. In-House photography might be more instant but is way less reliable.

In house photography

2. How often do you need Inventive pictures of your products?

If you want a unique photo shoot, that will make your product stand out among thousands of other online products, then you should go with Outsourced Product Photography.

For Example, Sellers now fancy 360-degree photos for their products, as they help in sales and reduce the possibility of the product being returned. But it is not easy for them to build and maintain a 360-degree photo shoot setup. Hence, it is better to Outsource Product Photography for Imaginative and 360-degree photos.

in house vs outsource product photography

3. How Frequently Do You Need A Product Photoshoot?

If you are often in need of a product photoshoot, then In-House Product Photography is a better option. In this case, it is more suited for you to set up your own photography studio rather than outsourcing your photography every time.

4. How Fashionable do your shoots need to be?

Doesn’t matter what kind of product you are selling, trendy pictures are always going to help you sell your products better. People are more attracted to these kinds of photos, especially the young and fashionable crown that almost makes up the whole internet.

ecommerce product photography

5. How much Supervision do you require over the Photoshoots?

If you are a seller who wants to call the shots for all your product photography, then In-House Photography is the way to go. With In-House Photography, you have complete control over the shoot.

We have discussed some of the main aspects in detail, now let us look at In-House and Outsourced Product Photography in comparison.

outsourced product photography

Conclusion –

As we have already established, there is an erratically growing competition in the eCommerce market. And you need some great Product Photography to have your back. As simple as it can be, the better your product photos, the more your products are going to sell. And the only way you get such amazing pictures of your product is through Outsourcing Product PhotographyOutsourcing Product Photography can give you great quality images that more and more people can relate to, due to their fashionable appeal. This also means none of your shoots requires any major efforts anymore.

Also in most situations, a company has continuous shoots for a month and then no shoots for the next, which makes an in-house photography setup expensive and not so efficient as the in-house team is mostly hired on a regular salary basis.

We here at Spyne, after spending months on R&D, have come up with an AI-Driven technology, that is an all in one stop for eCommerce product sellers. You can use Spyne as your Photography Service Provider and much more.

Why Choose Spyne?

We here at Spyne give you all the control and convenience that you might get to experience with in-house photography, without spending loads of money.

And if you decide to give Spyne a shot, you will come across the following privileges:

A. Spyne Makes Your Photography Experience Effortless

1. Convenience: Booking a Product Photoshoot with Spyne is a cakewalk. Spyne gives you the ease that you get by owning an in-house product photography setup.

2. Faster Service: Spyne can execute every aspect of the shoot, starting from photography to delivery, in a couple of days so you can meet all your time-sensitive deadlines.

3. Ready to Publish Pictures: Spyne provides you with all the photography services including, but not limited to, Photo Editing. Spyne delivers you pictures that are already fine-tuned and retouched by professional editors so that you can use them right away.

4. Control Over The Shoot: You might be outsourcing your product photography with Spyne, but you still get control over the whole photoshoot. You can give special directions and guidelines to us at the time of the booking.

B. You get Quantity as well as Quality

1. Quantity, What You Decide: Spyne doesn’t bind you with any figures for minimum or a maximum number of photos. You can book just 50 or even 1000 pictures of your product, with the convenience of your screen.

2. Top-Notch Quality: Spyne connects you with some of the best professional photographers in the industry, who use best in class equipment to make your product photography more innovative and engaging.

3. Voguish Pictures: The Photographers Spyne connects you to do all their market research so that their photos appeal to more and more people online.

C. Cost-Effective Photoshoots

1. Competitive Prices: We at Spyne offer shoots starting at very reasonable charges, which in turn makes us a suitable option even if you have very frequent product shoots.


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