How Clean And Beautiful Car Images Can Boost Your Sales?

How Clean And Beautiful Car Images Can Boost Your Sales?

If you run a business and sell products, you’d know the importance of high-quality images. Not just that you also know that your product presentation can make or break your business as it is the most important element to your entire sales action plan.

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In this blog, we will walk you through how clean and HD car images can boost your sales. Whether you are a call seller or run a car dealership business, you are doomed to having eye-catching pictures on your marketplace, website, or Vehicle Detail Pages.

It is neither dramatic nor exaggerated. 

Buying a car is one of the biggest decisions and expensive purchases a customer will make. There is no way the buyer wouldn’t see the images of a car that he’s anticipating to purchase, right?

Even 80% of used car purchasers research online before visiting a car dealership. 

So, to encourage these potential buyers in taking action (rather, an informed decision), your dealership’s Vehicle Detail Pages (VDP) and ads must attract customers’ eyeballs completely and convince them in purchasing the vehicle. But how is that possible?

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The answer is quite simple: High-quality, professional images that look sleek and clean.

Images are the attention grabbers, and milliseconds is all you have got to drive your potential buyers’ attention.  A compelling study shows that 90% of information perceived by the brain is visual, and within a mere 50 milliseconds, people form their first impression.

It’s crucial to have high-quality, compelling product pictures, and present them in a way that resonates with your potential customers. There are three strong reasons how a brand with high-quality car images can potentially drive more sales than the ones with low-resolution and cluttered images.


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 – For the past few years, the internet has emerged from a text-centric platform to a visual-centric platform where consumers anticipate an image-rich experience.

 – It is definitely quite easy to consume images rather than text, as our brain processes visual information 60000 faster than written text.

 – High-quality images can be a subtle yet powerful cue to guide people’s actions or behaviour.


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Simply put, people are judgmental creatures who create their first impressions instantly.

And your best shot at giving them a convincing first impression is by nailing your product images. This means your car images should be really impressive and convincing.

Here are some proven rules that can help you create stunning car images and boost your sales.

Rule 1: Focus on the car

Do you want to bring the auction home? Use high-quality, clean pictures. Large, beautiful car images are one of the first things that grab consumers’ attention, so try to focus on creating car images that are clean, accurate, and as eye-catching as possible. This can potentially boost your car sales by a whopping 9%.

No matter if you’re selling brand new, fresh cars or used cars, you can always make your car images look like the ones captured on “showroom turntables” with premium backgrounds and attention to detail.


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Rule 2: Car Background is necessary

Do you know which car backgrounds drive more sales? Absolute not the ones that are cluttered and busy. They distract the buyers’ attention and as a result, the customer goes to your competitor’s store, and you lose your potential buyer.

Lifestyle shoots are also necessary but they should not shadow the main focus of your image, which clearly is your car. These types of shots mostly work for new cars that are recently launched and potential customers are yet to experience them. In this case, you must showcase your product and in action – maybe speeding up a rocky hill or ferrying across vivid streams.

But if you want to have a photoshoot of your used cars or cars that are already in the market, your main focus should be driving your customers’ attention to the product – making your product a standalone spotlight.


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Want to create stunning images out of your old car photos?

Spyne rolled out a new AI tool that helps car dealerships and related businesses to change the background of photos online. This tool automatically replaces your car image background with the ones that are high-selling and premium backgrounds. It is a 100% automatic tool that turns your car pictures with busy backgrounds into clean and eye-catching images that sell faster. Now Easily Replace Your Car Background Photo with Spyne.


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Rule 3: Detailed view, broader perspective

More Car Images = Greater Buyer Trust = Greater Sales

One image can’t be enough to sell your car online or create an impression of your brand. You need to provide your potential buyers with detailed content so that they could focus on the areas that are most appealing and significant to them.

Only 0.52% of customers like to see a single product photo while 33.16% want to see multiple photos, and about 60% prefer 360-degree images for a better view of the product.

Even if you can’t afford 360-degree shoots, you can simply use multiple images on your website

It is important for a car dealership to showcase all the important facets of a car that your potential buyers would like to know and see before making any purchases. Uploading multiple pictures of a car from different angles (inside-out) improves the chance of conversions. You can also create 360-degree videos of your cars. In case, you are using multiple car images, make sure they are zoomable to provide a better perspective.


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Create ready-to-upload car images using an automatic car background replacement tool in seconds

Pro tip: Google’s study about car buyers reveals that brands need to think about what their potential buyers may be looking for when they head to a car dealership’s online store – a website or a marketplace. Make sure the car dealership site is efficient in welcoming potential buyers and images are properly optimized. Here’s how you can optimize your images efficiently.

Rule 4: Take the right pictures

Whether you are clicking your car images with a digital camera or smartphone don’t worry about editing (Spyne’s AI-based image editing can help you edit images at 60% faster turnaround times).

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It is true that many photos of your product show that you have nothing to hide and it boosts the trust factor among consumers. The car images clicked in the best angles sell better – as they give a wider view of the vehicle.

Take a lot of pictures from various angles and then keep the ones that look great. What car shots work best? left and right rear quarter straight sides, Left and right front right rear, line and front, and rear interior. It is usually best to kneel these pictures to really get the right view. Be sure to take pictures of all features or damage (in the case of used cars).


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Shooting towards the front corner of the car is one of the best-determined angles in car photography. It not only shows your car in a single frame but it clearly displays the front grille, the side panel, and the hood of the car. Besides, it has the added benefit of hiding your reflection.

Make your car images look highly professional and clean

Edit your car images in a way that they look highly professional and clean. I know using tools like photoshop or other manual tools for editing car images can be tedious and time-consuming. However, there are tools like Car Background Replacement and AI-based image editing that let you turn your images into professional luxury.

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Use Spyne’s AI-based car background replacement tool and create stunning car images with a clean background. Remove distractions, create a beautiful showroom-like floor (turntable) and sleek background. You can make your car images look similar to the ones that you see in high-end car catalogs or ads (even if the images are clicking using cellphones).


car image editing app


car photo editing app


Why don’t you try it yourself? All you need to do is Book A Demo or just Download our App and upload your car image with busy, cluttered, distractive backgrounds, and the AI tool will take care of the rest.

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