How Spyne Helped Leading Car Dealership Launch Business in Australia with HD Car Images

How Spyne Helped Leading Car Dealership Launch Business in Australia with HD Car Images

Spyne‘s AI-driven Car Photo Editing technology has been adopted by leading car dealerships and marketplaces to revamp their existing car listings.

In our recent collaboration with the leading car dealership (that has a presence in several countries), we helped them launch their new operations in Australia. They made their car marketplace website live in Australia with our AI-generated studio-setting car images.

Here’s what they had to say:

testimonials for Spyne AI

In this case study, we’ll highlight how SpyneAI helped the leading Australian car marketplace with studio-setting car images and customizable backgrounds.

AI transformed car images

Our fully automated tech helped them transform poor car images into studio-setting car images in bulk without actually shooting a car in a physical studio.

Spyne AI car image editor

The idea was to help them save heavy investments that otherwise are required to set up a CapEx-heavy photoshoot studio to shoot cars.

Transforming car listing

The marketplace had car images that were shot in a setup with a simple wall backdrop: however, they wanted to create more authentic background settings in their car images. So, we helped them create a new customizable backdrop setting of their choice.

car image transformation through AI

Elevating car dealerships’ visual presentation with AI-generated studio-setting images

AI edited car images

Dealerships and marketplaces can choose a specific backdrop of choice and create car images that sell 40% faster. We have launched 50+ premium backdrop settings that are customizable and can help dealerships make their cars look similar to those captured in physical, high-end studios.

Customized backdrops

Since their images had regular backdrops, we helped them customize a unique background that fit their requirements and the dealership facade.

car images enhancement using Spyne

This not only makes the images look better but also helps them create a consistent look across their Vehicle Detail Pages (VDPs).

Replace just the background wall from a car photo

Our recent ‘Custom Walls’ feature allows you to replace just the car background while keeping the car floor unchanged. Use the smart slider to adjust your Custom Wall.

Car image background replacement using AI

The process is easy and quick, and we encourage you to try it out for yourself!

SpyneAI insights

Benefits of using Spyne AI

In case you want to know more about us and how we can help your business, you can directly Book A Demo. You can also reach out to us via email at [email protected], and we’ll make sure we reach back to you ASAP!

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