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The days are long gone when we had to wait until a reel was developed into negatives and then printed into a hardcopy. The world of photography has seen a dramatic shift since its invention and the development hasn’t stopped yet. Although they have reached a point where further developments are difficult to make but the future of photography always reminds and will always be unpredictable. Now you don’t have to wait for anything, you can create beautiful images instantly using your smartphone.


smartphone photography


Smartphones are now changing the way we click pictures, whether it is for personal use or for business purposes, we often use smartphones to create quality images without having to hire a professional photographer. From being handy to cutting photography and image editing expenses, smartphone photography is rising gradually. Even professional photographers are using smartphones for photography due to their lightweight, compactness, and easy to use anywhere. With that said travel photography has evolved, especially, with these new-age camera phones, and are adopted by several other businesses also.


phone photography


The Decline Of Digital Camera Sales

People who travel to places or have fun nights would definitely want to click a lot of pictures to flaunt their life on popular social media sites like Instagram. Nowadays youth find pleasure (instant gratification) in how many likes they get for a picture they upload on Instagram or Facebook and they expect it to happen instantly.

But this isn’t just confined to people, a lot of businesses are using camera phones for Product Photo Editing and quality pictures, especially small businesses that don’t have any budget for professional shoots. Even noted photographers are using smartphones to create high-quality, sellable pictures.


smartphone photoshoot

Source: Statista


According to research, camera sales have seen a drastic decline, whilst the number of photos taken has skyrocketed with an estimated 1 trillion pictures clicked in 2017. Smartphones are now the commonly used device for taking photos.

About 92% of users who participated in a poll said that they use cameras more frequently than any other feature on their phone.

With AI-based sensors getting better in camera phones, the need for DSLR is dramatically diminishing. Does this mean we won’t need these digital cameras in the future? Maybe, but this is certain that smartphone photography won’t just be confined to taking fun or travel pictures only, but businesses will also adopt it to fulfill their visual requirements.

What is driving a drastic decrease in camera sales?

According to Statista, digital camera sales have dropped by 87% since 2010.


camera phone photography

Source: Statista


With lightweight smartphones, smartphone photography is becoming handy.

Although it’s highly debatable, experts say that with the right care and maintenance, the camera lens can last 5 years after which the image quality can degrade.

High maintenance and expensive lenses are some of the main factors that most people and even photographers prefer having good quality camera phones instead of a camera.

Almost no room for improvements in digital cameras. The lenses, hardware, and other elements have reached a level where creating improved versions is difficult, which is otherwise in the case of camera phones.

Another important factor is that if an image is captured with a digital camera, the photographer has to transfer the photos to another device – either to share with the client or for post-processing, which becomes hectic and time-consuming.

Nonetheless, some apps have the ability to significantly improve the visual appeal of a cell phone image at no extra cost.

Adoption of smartphone photography in the business

Smartphones are improving like never before and they are eliminating the need for expensive equipment which was limited to a particular elite group earlier. Almost everyone owns a camera phone or has access to – the point now is who has the eye to capture the right shots.


mobile photography


The renowned photographers have refuted the claims that smartphone cameras would struggle. However, they compensate with better image processing, smarter algorithms in the background, and even experiment with aperture size.


smartphone photo editing


To support the fact that smartphones can bring high-quality photos, almost all the small brands are using camera phones to fulfill their visual needs. Apple is also creating ad campaigns using iPhone cameras to convey that even smartphones can create business-worthy images. The smartphone company is advertising their iPhones on billboards, hoarding in major cities of the world. This has also improved the sales of the Apple iPhone drastically.

“Shot on iPhone” is their campaign to promote the camera powers on iPhones.


mobile photography



Product Photography With Smartphone

As far as product photography is concerned, many brands are utilizing smartphones and applications to execute product photoshoots at manageable costs and with high quality. Not just that but there are some terrific mobile phone applications available that can allow you to capture, edit, and share beautiful product photos right from your smartphone.


mobile image editing


Spyne’s AI app is one of the game-changers in the smartphone photography market. It helps e-commerce businesses, product sellers and car dealerships create high-quality, marketplace-friendly images using smartphone applications. This is the app that lets you click beautiful images instantly right from your cell phone. The app has inbuilt AI technology that works on high-end algorithms that help you edit your images according to the marketplace you choose within the app 100% automatically.


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If you want to be a freelance photographer with Spyne and earn, all you need is a smartphone! We have a network of freelance photographers who help us capture high-quality products and car photos for our clients across the major cities of the world.

The best part is that you don’t have to be a pro at photography, you can work with us even if you have no experience at all. Our SpyneAI app will guide you through the process with smart overlays that enable you to shoot the right images.


car image editing


Whether it is e-commerce product images or amazon product images, car images, or food images, you can shoot these images with our AI-driven, cutting-edge app with your cell phone.


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If you have a cell phone and a knack for clicking pictures, then you can make your photography dream come true with us! you can Install Spyne’s App Or Book A Demo with Spyne to try our services.

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