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How AI-Enabled Car Photoshoot Can Help Increase Customers

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In today’s world, the competition to get a foot in the door of an emerging online market is fierce.

Automotive sellers are racing to find the best way to attract new customers, which often means spending precious time and resources on reaching out to potential buyers. 

According to market research, 75% of shoppers rely on product images while deciding on potential purchases. Therefore, dealers need to buckle up and rely heavily on professional images for capturing their market.

For most dealers getting professional photographs of their products is a daunting task fraught with many challenges.

AI is the new way to catalog!

With AI-powered photography, putting up a digital storefront has become effortless. In addition, dealerships are leveraging the benefits of AI for a faster car photoshoot at a fraction of the cost.

Those who cannot adopt the power of these technologies risk being left behind in the coming years. Read on to find out more about how to leverage this technology and onboard more sellers.

Integrate AI-powered photoshoot

AI-powered car photoshoot Hyundai Creta

Innovative technology has made the world a small place. With the arrival of artificial intelligence, we have seen an unprecedented change in every domain. Furthermore, AI has given us superhuman capabilities which are leaving no stones unturned. 

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One such example is smartphone photography. Clicking pictures from a phone is not new to us anymore but what about studio-grade output? AI-integrated photoshoot gives you that level of power.

Professional photography skills are not just acquired overnight It takes years of study, experience, and practice to produce quality work.

However, AI-powered photoshoot technology has changed this scenario and now you can click A-class images directly through a smartphone.

This revolutionary technology allows dealerships to generate high-quality studio-grade output. It is essential to not only generate high-quality images but also provide a realistic image for utmost customer satisfaction.

In today’s digital era, the whole procedure of clicking pictures has gotten easier and cheaper with the help of an AI-powered solution, Spyne AI.

Want to make your photo look better and more professional, but don’t have a studio or photographer? Well, now you can use SpyneAI for everything!

Leverage AI editing for excellent output

AI editing for excellent output

Artificial Intelligence has created a lot of buzz in the market and its application is being used more and more to leverage automation.

Editing a thousand images in one day can be a cumbersome and time-consuming task. It takes a substantial amount of energy and resources.

When it comes to editing photos manually, there are many steps involved – cropping, changing the background, removing objects, etc. 

Machine learning has changed all of that. Instead of trying to perfectly crop an image or blur a background, Spyne AI can help create professional-grade photos in a short period. 

Scale business with AI-powered studio setup

AI-powered studio setup

Scaling a business is about deciding when, where, and how to make the most of opportunities. It’s all about identifying points of growth to expand your reach and take advantage of new opportunities.

If you’re currently on the fence about whether or not to invest in a physical setup for some sellers in a far-flung area, an AI-powered virtual studio can be your answer. 

The most challenging part of onboarding customers is the location, including huge logistics and operational costs.

Furthermore, to onboard sellers from different locations, your dealership must have a physical studio and a skilled photographer for the photo shoot. 

The process in itself is more expensive and time-consuming, which is why scaling business with AI virtual studio setup becomes effective.

This advanced technology solution can help dealerships scale across the country with ease without setting up a physical studio and saving a huge cost. 

The AI intervention: Reduce manual editing, real-time insights

AI Intervention

Remember the days when you used to hire a skilled photo editor to create professional sellable images? Well, AI editing has taken over and those manual editing days are long gone.

A virtual studio setup is a great way to save time, reduce work, and make your images more attractive.

Integrating AI-powered image cataloging into the seller’s onboarding workflow will enable:

  • Mitigating the effort by the image editing team for manual intervention.
  • Real-time automation that helps dealerships receive an immediate update on images that field agents have clicked.
  • Streamlined workflows that accelerate the car cataloging process and enable dealerships to go to market faster.

AI-powered workflow automation

AI powered work flow automation

Like most dealerships, you’ve probably heard of the 7-day workflow. The process of taking the car to the studio, arranging for a photographer, and then beginning the photoshoot.

The workflow doesn’t end here, editing the images alone can keep you busy for days at a time. But things are changing rapidly.

The days of manually editing photos have come to a close which enables a faster seller onboarding process. This is because with AI-powered workflow automation the process has become faster and smoother than ever before. 

Today, we are seeing more and more AI-powered apps that provide automation. Some of these apps like Spyne AI enable you to edit pre-shot images within a few seconds. Spyne’s workflow is as follows:

  • The Spyne A.I. Whitelabel app allows car photoshoots with an AI sensor at certain angles covering both interior and exterior. 
  • The App processes each image and edits it within a few seconds giving studio-grade output.
  • After the AI-based quality check, final images would be ready for dealerships to download and publish.


The Auto industry faces problems with faster seller onboarding because of factors like managing the inventory, basic photography, and cataloging new cars.

In the past, car sellers would rely on more traditional methods to get their images cataloged for sale. 

This usually meant hiring a photographer and going through the costly process of setting up a studio just for that purpose. Although the procedure might sound simple enough, it would take hours for a professional photographer to upload just one car photo. 

On the contrary, with an AI-powered car photoshoot, dealerships can leverage the digital process of capturing images which helps to accelerate the process by 500x without setting up a high-investment physical studio.

The whole procedure not only fast paces the seller onboarding process but also helps you create conversion-optimized catalogs.

It’s time to start your cataloging with AI

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