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Top Alternatives To Glo3D 360 Car Photography

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When selling cars or vehicles online, what’s the key to winning a buyer’s heart? It’s good-quality images and interactive visuals on your dealership pages and channels. 360-degree view of your cars is a sure-shot way to grab a viewer’s attention instantly and create a scroll-stopping moment. The Glo3D 360 car photography solution is quite popular in the automotive industry. It is a favorite tool for many car dealers and individual sellers for removing friction when creating car spinning and turntable visuals for your online pages.

However, while choosing top-notch tools for your dealership channels, you must consider numerous things, viz., value for money, convenience, time, quality, and so on. And there, you will find many other alternatives proving their potential over Glo3D Inc.

So, this blog will guide you through a detailed analysis of their product, its features, merits, demerits, prices, how it works, and some noteworthy alternatives you must try. Let’s dive in.


What is Glo3D Photography?

Glo3D offers a cost-effective Glo3d 360-car photography software that helps car dealerships in their digital marketing efforts. With a simple smartphone, you can generate interactive and engaging 360-degree virtual tours of your listing and expertly craft videos of your vehicles in just 5 minutes per car. The Glo3d 360 car photography software includes services like personalized banners, custom car backgrounds, and seamless synchronization with your inventory management, social media, and website.

The app also auto-aligns and auto-scales your car image, and allows you to use a gimbal to stabilize the shot. Another way to elevate your virtual tour is to add an interior, panoramic angle, requiring a Glo3D 360 car photography camera and a monopod.

Top features to capture a stunning photo with the Glo3D App

This cutting-edge application redefines how we capture and present images, offering an array of features that enhance the art of showcasing objects, particularly vehicles. Glo3D helps you capture stunning photos in just a few minutes seamlessly with its advanced features.

Let’s explore the top features of the Glo3D app:

1) Exterior 360 Spin

Take your audience on a visual journey with a complete spin around the exterior, showcasing every angle.

2) Interior Panorama

Step inside with immersive panoramic views, letting viewers explore the interior like never before.

3) Customized Background

Personalize your scenes by adding backgrounds that complement and enhance the overall aesthetic.

4) Advanced Hotspot Technology

Seamlessly guide your audience through the experience with interactive hotspots, providing additional information at their fingertips.

5) High Resolution

Ensure your images are crystal clear, capturing every detail with high-resolution rendering.

6) Damage Report

Simplify the process of documenting and assessing damages with a built-in feature for comprehensive damage reporting.

7) API and FTP Capabilities:

Integrate with ease using API and FTP capabilities, streamlining your workflow for a more efficient process.

8) Direct Inventory Management Connection

Stay organized by connecting directly to your inventory management system, keeping everything in sync effortlessly.

9) Engaging 360 Virtual Tours of a Car

Elevate your presentations with captivating 360 virtual tours, making the car-buying experience more engaging.

10) Polished Virtual Turntable Effect

Showcase your vehicles with a polished virtual turntable effect, adding a dynamic touch to your presentations.

11) Conditional Reports with Hotspots

Provide detailed reports with conditional hotspots, ensuring that specific features or issues are highlighted for attention.

12) No Post-Processing Requirement

Save time and effort with no post-processing needed – your images are ready to impress straight from the app.

13) Automatic Integration

Seamlessly integrate your creations across platforms, making it easy to share and showcase your work.

14) Compatibility with Major eCommerce Platforms to Embed

Extend your reach by embedding your tours on major eCommerce platforms, reaching a wider audience effortlessly.

15) Various Output Formats like GIF and MP4 to Share

Share your creations in dynamic formats like GIF and MP4, making it easy to spread the visual experience.


Who Uses Glo3D 360 Car Photography?

Glo3D 360 Car Photography is a versatile tool used by a variety of individuals and businesses, primarily in the automotive industry:

Car Dealerships

This is the main target audience for Glo3D. With 360-degree views of the cars, they can present their inventory in a way that is more captivating and immersive, which increases consumer engagement and conversion rates. It can be used by dealerships to produce:

1) Virtual car tours: Potential buyers can explore the interior and exterior of vehicles in detail, without needing to visit the dealership in person.

2) 360 spin images: These high-resolution, zoomable images showcase every detail of a car, allowing buyers to virtually inspect its condition.

3) 360 car videos: These dynamic videos provide a realistic experience of driving the car, further boosting interest.

Individual Car Sellers

Glo3D car photography can also be advantageous to individual sellers of automobiles. It enables businesses to provide expertly rendered 360-degree automotive views that differentiate themselves from the competition and draw in more customers.

Car Manufacturers and Media

Car manufacturers and media outlets can use it to create interactive visuals for marketing purposes. For instance, they can showcase new car models in 360 degrees or create interactive car configurator experiences.


360 Car Photography Equipment

No fancy equipment is needed! Glo3D lets you take captivating 360 car photos with just your trusty smartphone (Android or iOS). Just 4 to 6 steps around your car is all it takes, even in tight spaces.

Forget shaky footage: Its AI heroically aligns and scales your car automatically, so you don’t need a fancy stabilizer. But for extra smoothness, gimbal lovers are welcome!

Here’s the recipe for car-spinning success:

1) Good lighting: Shine on, sunshine!

2) Clear background: Keep the clutter out of the picture

3) Angles galore: Capture every curve and detail

4) Editing touch-up: Its built-in tools let you add a little polish

You will get stunning 360 car views to share online, impress potential buyers, or simply admire your ride. Ready to spin? Just grab your phone and let this 360-car photography work its magic!


What Services Does Offer?

Glo3D 360 reviews two dynamic plans tailored to meet your needs, Dealer-Basic and Dealer-Plus. Let’s explore the exceptional services and features that it brings to the forefront:

Dealer-Basic – $49.00/month:

1) Base Monthly Subscription: Access to essential features and services

2) One-Time Integration/Setup Fee: A seamless onboarding process to get you started

3) Exterior/Interior Photos: High-quality visuals capturing every detail at $0.10/image

4) Custom Background (Image, White, Blur): Tailor the backdrop to enhance your presentation

5) Basic Vin Decoder: Retrieve basic vehicle information effortlessly

6) Condition Report: Document and assess the condition of each vehicle

7) Model Resolution: Enjoy images in 2K resolution for crystal-clear visuals at $350

8) 360 Spin with Hotspots: Engage your audience with an interactive 360-degree view

9) Custom Background (Image, White, Blur): Tailor the backdrop to enhance your presentation at $0.10/car.

10) Virtual turntable: To give your audience an engaging experience.

Dealer-Plus – $199.00/month:

1) Base Monthly Subscription: Elevated access with advanced features.

2) One-Time Integration/Setup Fee: Seamless onboarding for an enhanced experience.

3) All Dealer-Basic Features: Enjoy the essentials with added perks.

4) Video Social Media Sharing: Amplify your reach with video-sharing capabilities.

5) Alice – Social Media Assistant: Supercharge your social media presence effortlessly.

6) Window Sticker: Provide comprehensive information with a detailed window sticker.

7) Buyer’s Guide: Assist your customers with an informative buyer’s guide.

8) Virtual Turntable: Showcase your vehicles dynamically with a virtual turntable effect.

9) Advanced Vin Decoder: Retrieve detailed vehicle information seamlessly.

10) Feature Report: Highlight specific vehicle features effortlessly.

11) API Integration: Streamline your workflow with seamless API integration.

12) Model Resolution: Experience images in stunning 4K resolution for unparalleled clarity.

13) Exterior/Interior Photos: High-quality visuals capturing every detail at $0.10/image

14) 360 Spin with Hubspot: Engage your audience with an interactive 360-degree view, enhanced with hotspot technology.

15) Interior view with Hubspot: Provide an immersive experience inside the vehicle, complete with interactive hotspots.

16) Video Social Media Sharing: Amplify your reach by seamlessly sharing captivating videos on social media platforms.


How Does Glo3D 360 Car Photography Work?

Glo3D’s magic for making your car look fantastic is like having a super-smart assistant. After capturing 360 car photos with the app or glo3d login, the smart assistant, powered by artificial intelligence, kicks into action. It does some cool things to make your car shine. First, it will take your model through a process of any distracting car background removal, ensuring your car takes the spotlight. Then, it tweaks the pictures, aligning and scaling them automatically, so your car looks just right from every angle.

It even adds interactive spots to the pictures, letting people explore specific features. It’s like giving your car a digital upgrade, resulting in an impressive online showcase that makes your car truly stand out!


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Advantages of Glo3D 360 Car Photography

Here are a few important advantages of 360 car photography based on Glo3D reviews on Google Play Store and G2.

  • Exterior 360° Spinning
  • Higher resolution
  • Damage reporting
  • API and FTP functionalities
  • Effect of a polished virtual turntable
  • Reports with conditions and hotspots
  • No need for post-processing
  • Ability to embed on major eCommerce platforms


Disadvantages of Glo3D 360 Car Photography Software

The Glo3D Inc has over 10,000+ downloads on the Google Play Store and a rating of 3.3 stars. Here are a few disadvantages car sellers often face with the solution.

  • Higher subscription cost
  • Less amount of free credits
  • A complex user interface for beginners



Two types of plans are available. A dealer-basic plan costs USD 50 per month, and a dealer-plus plan costs USD 199 per month. These plans are exclusive of the additional features that the user will use.

Apart from this, you must pay a one-time setup fee of USD 350 and USD 0.5-1 when you use the 360 car photography feature.


Top Glo3D 360 Car Photography Alternatives

It is a good 360-car photography tool for some dealerships, but exploring other potential players across the industry is always the best. So here are some alternatives for your online car-selling platform.


Apps Description Pricing Ratings
Spyne Automotive 360 AI virtual photography enhancement tool Free (Customised cost for premium plans) 4.2/5
Canva Graphic design platform for creating various visuals Free to $30/month 4.4/5
Instagram Social media platform for sharing photos and videos Free 4.2/5
PikaVue 360-degree photo platform for immersive experiences Contact for pricing NA
Adobe Photoshop Advanced photo editing and design software $20.99/month 4.1/5
PicMonkey Online photo editing and graphic design tool $7.99 to $12.99/month NA
Smartist AI-powered image editing tool for enhancing photos Free to $19.99/month NA
PicWish Photo editing app with filters, effects, and overlays Free to $4.99/month 3.4/5
Kitview Virtual showroom solution for car dealerships Contact for pricing NA
SMBImg Image editing tool with focus on small and medium biz Free to $9.99/month NA
Social Image Social media graphics creation tool $8 to $16/month NA
Adobe Creative Cloud Comprehensive suite for design, photo, video, and more $20.99 to $52.99/month 4.2/5
Coral Draw Graphic design software for vector illustration $249/year 2.7/5
Booltool Graphic design app with various creative tools Free to $9.99/month NA
Photoleap Photo editing app with advanced features Free to $7.99/month 4.2/5
Adobe Creative Cloud Express Simplified version of Adobe Creative Clou Free 4.4/5



Final Word

360-degree walkaround videos are quintessential to seize conversions and increase customer engagement. The Glo3D 360 car photography software is one of the leading tools to kickstart your journey with capturing spinning car views and offers numerous features to create high-converting visuals for your website and social media pages.

However, Glo3D has a few notable demerits, like a higher subscription, a hard-to-use app for beginners, etc. Therefore, alternatives like Spyne AI can overcome all these roadblocks and make it effortless for you to process and deliver marketplace and website-ready vehicle walkaround videos in just a few clicks.

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  • Q. Does Glo3D 360 car photography support mobile devices?

    Yes, the only essential requirement is a smartphone to start with, both Android and iOS will work.

  • Q. Does Glo3D 360 Car Photography offer an API?

    Yes, Glo3D Car Photography offers an API.

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