Ecommerce Photography | 16 Tips For Clicking Better Product Images

Ecommerce Photography | 16 Tips For Clicking Better Product Images

In the world of eCommerce, the worth of your product is perceived by the quality of eCommerce photos. That is why professionals who own an eCommerce store know how important eCommerce photos are for selling a product.

Yes, eCommerce product photography exists and there’s an important reason why it does. Customers who shop offline can see, touch and sometimes use it before actually buying it. But when shopping online, the only proof they have of the product is a bunch of eCommerce photos.

ecommerce product photography


If the quality of the image is good, judging the product becomes easy and you kinda get a ‘closure’ look at the product. But when the images are not clear or relevant, you look for the product on some other site where good pictures are available. And that’s exactly how it works. That is why so many successful eCommerce store owners are investing in good product photography. If you are an amateur product photographer, you must read our Ultimate Product Photography Guide for Beginners to enhance your product photography skills.

Remember, your product images define your brand image in the world of eCommerce product photography. So, it is better if you don’t put pixelated or poor quality images on your site because that’s never going to help you sell your product or gain customers’ attention. But don’t worry because we are here to give you 16 amazing product photography tips that will help you slay your eCommerce product photography game.


What Is Ecommerce Photography?


Before talking about the tips and tricks to do the best product photography for eCommerce, here’s a little introduction to what eCommerce Product Photography is.

It is a genre of still life photography whose purpose is to showcase a product in the best light so as to attract the attention of the customer. It is largely done for commercial purposes such as advertising. It is also used for creating product brochures and catalogues.

Here’s what is needed to do professional product photography:

1. A Digital Camera

2. Tripod

3. Artificial lighting

4. White background paper (preferred)

5. Clamps

6. Reflectors and Diffusers


ecommerce product photography


1. Pick The Right Camera

It is true that your smartphone camera can help you click some high-definition pictures. But to be on the safe side and keep a more ‘professional’ approach towards your shoot, we would advise you to stick to a DSLR. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy or ridiculously expensive because, in the end, it is all about the lens that you use for eCommerce product photography.  You may have to use a macro lens, zoom lens, prime lens, wide-angle lens or telephoto since all of them serve a different purpose. If your product is too small, you are better off using a macro lens over a zoom lens. Your subject defines your purpose of using any lens that you are using.


Ecommerce product Photography


2. Set-Up A Make-Shift Studio


In order to execute your eCommerce product photography, you can rent a studio. A studio is favorable to do eCommerce photoshoot of products because you have everything available within your means from the right background to perfect lighting.

But if you don’t feel like renting a studio, put your art and craft skills to work and create your own make-shift studio. You can use a chair, cardboard boxes, white chart paper, and clippers. Using them, you can create a small studio.


ecommerce product photography



How to create a make-shift studio for eCommerce product photography in two-steps?


Step 1 – Arrange two chairs in such a way that they are facing each other and make sure that they are touching each other.

Step 2 – Now cover the base and backrest of chairs with cardboard and put a white paper on it. You can also use cardboard covered with white paper to cover the top and one opening side in such a way that you are left with one side open for photography.


ecommerce product photography


3. Natural Light For E-Commerce Photography


The best way to lit up your eCommerce product photography is by making full use of natural light. If you often click selfies, you must have noticed that the ones clicked in sunlight always turn out better than the ones that are clicked indoors. Well, that’s the magic of natural light which can help you click some amazing product pictures.

You can set-up your studio near a window or in your lawn where there is ample natural light. The advantage of shooting in natural light is that you don’t have to rely on the camera flash to click good pictures.


ecommerce product photography

ecommerce product photography


4. Three-Point Lighting


If you don’t want to shoot your product under natural light or can’t because it’s a rainy day then there is this phenomenon called Three-Point Lighting. Three-Point Lighting is the act of setting up artificial lights in such a way that you can shoot still objects with as much clarity as possible. In three-point lighting, you need a hard light, a soft light, and a backlight. The basic goal of setting up three-point lighting is to cut the shadows and light up the subject.

If you are creating a home studio for your eCommerce product photography, setting up three-point lighting will make the work easy for you. Make sure you have a filter or a big white paper that you can use to cut light and filter it in order to reduce shadows in your photograph.


ecommerce product photography


5. Use A White Background


Do you know what works best for product photography in eCommerce? It’s a clear white background. The more colourful your background is, the more complex your shoot will become. Your aim is to create a brand image through your product. But if the consumer can’t even see the product because there’s a rainbow coming out of nowhere and Mona Lisa’s painting is in the background, it will just overshadow your product and create a diversion.

So the best bet for you is to use a white background. It is simple and puts all the focus onto your subject. This way, the consumer only sees your product, nothing else.


Ecommerce product photography

ecommerce product photography

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6.  A Background That Talks


Now, this might sound contradictory to the previous point when we asked you to use a white background but it is what it is. Using a background that is proof of your product’s authenticity can actually do more good than bad.

For example, if your product is Refreshing Ice Teayou can add 3-4 ice-cubes in the background. Doing this won’t take the attention away from your subject but actually authenticate your Iced Tea’s refreshing claim.

Similarly, if your product is Organic Fruit Juiceyou can actually add the fruit itself or a plant in the background to back your product’s organic nature. Food photography or eCommerce product photography purposes, in general, is about doing smart work and making your picture stand out so that the consumer gets ‘enticed’ into buying it.


ecommerce product photography

Ecommerce product photography


7. You Will Need A Tripod


Doing product photography means your camera will be accompanying you for 2-3 hours when you are not a professional. You can get tired, or feel like putting the camera down while taking hand-held shots. Well, the thing is that you shouldn’t be. You must have heard of that phrase – “You stop only when you are done.” Well, that’s exactly what you are supposed to do while doing product photography. So, give your hands some rest and use a sturdy tripod.

The entire existence of tripods revolves around perfection and supporting great photography. Whether you have shaky hands or trouble setting a frame, Tripods are your best friends.


Ecommerce product photography

ecommerce product photography


8. Go Hard On The Pre-Shoot Prep


What is a pre-shoot prep? Well, think of it this way. How do you want your customers to see your product? That’s exactly the kind of prep you will need to do. In the eCommerce industry, your product is the face of your brand which means the consumer will judge your brand on the basis of the product. So, make sure that the quality of your product is optimum. All these preparations are needed to be done before photography and there’s no room for compromise. If there’s a stain on your clothing before photography, make sure you clean that or use a different piece of clothing.

If you keep it for post-editing, it will just be more work as well as your editing may become evident in the photograph. So, don’t take risks with the visuals and do the best prep before shooting.


eCommerce Product Photography


9. Keep Product At The Focal Point


Like we said before. Your aim should be to keep your subject as the focal point and avoid any kind of distractions. Let’s look at it this way. You are doing e-commerce product photography of ‘set of bowls’ and there is a pair of beautiful chopsticks in the frame. Now, rather than focusing on your set of bowls, the customers are looking at the chopsticks and wondering where to get them. But you had bought them from some other place and used it to enhance the aesthetics. What happens in this case?

Rather than buying your ‘Set of bowls’, the customers will now start looking for those chopsticks and you will lose a potential customer who could’ve made you some business. That is why the focal point matters in the e-commerce product photography industry.


ecommerce product photography

ecommerce product photography



10. Ask Customers For Photographs


What’s a better way to sell your product than to show potential customers the happiness of your existing customers? Ecommerce product photography does not have to be about you photographing your product and putting them on the e-commerce sites.

You can also ask the existing customers to send you photographs while using the product. Using such photographs on your eCommerce site can be rather helpful while showing the usefulness or worth of your product. It also helps the consumer identify how to use the product.

And again, if an existing customer is ready to share photographs with you then it means they are happy with your service.


ecommerce product photography


11. Make Sure The Quality Is Top-Notch


Once you are done with your eCommerce product photography, you will find yourself with a number of good and bad photos. This is the time to shortlist the photos that you find the best. Make sure that the photos you have clicked are not blurry and are of optimum quality. Bad quality eCommerce photos are a bummer and should not be used for eCommerce purposes. The whole point of having a shoot is to reflect the quality and attract customers. So, if you still have bad pictures, keep going until you have the best photographs of your product.


Ecommerce product photography


12. Hire A Professional


The best way to ensure you have the best photographs, from eCommerce product photography of your product to be shared on an eCommerce site, is by hiring a professional. A professional photographer can make sure that each and every aspect of your product photography is covered and that you have a professional image of your product to be shared across mediums. Even though it can cost a few bucks to hire a professional photographer for the shoot but it will all be worth it in the end.


ecommerce product photography


13. Keep Your Photographs SEO-Friendly


One of the commonly known ways of ranking high on searches and making it on top of eCommerce sites is by doing SEO. But how can you do SEO of your online photographs? Well, the secret is behind the right labelling.

You can put the titles of your photographs as Keywords. Also, you can add the alt text which improves the overall rank of your product so that it appears on the first page of searches.

Also, keep the size of your picture small so that the loading time is faster. Since your picture is what’s going to make an impact on your consumer, it is better that they load fast. So, if the size of your image is large, try to reduce it so that the image loads faster.


ecommerce product photography


14. Edit And Retouch


In order to make your eCommerce photos pop and get rid of the unwanted background, it is better to bring the photos to the editing table before finalizing them. You can use basic editing tools like Canva. Ecommerce product photography is not only about clicking pictures. You need to give your pictures a little retouching.

Retouch is important to get rid of any shadows in your subject’s background and make the pictures more clear. You don’t have to be a professional editor to do such tasks. You can just take help of basic editing tools.


15. Avoid Too Much Editing


Again, editing is good to make your photos look presentable and resolve any issues with the photograph. But too much can also make your picture look too unreal or somewhat fake. Too much editing can be distracting and take away the expectation of the client. So if you are going to do editing, make sure you don’t take away the essence of your photograph.


16. Shoot More!


The last thing that we can tell you to improve your eCommerce product photography skills is by shooting more and more. Just like any other profession, practising brings you closure and closure to perfection every day. So, if you shoot your products more often, you will get an idea of what kind of photos you want. You can also take reference for product photography from Pinterest or Instagram.ecommerce product photography



If you are thinking of doing product photography on your own using the product photography tips mentioned above, it’s going to be a lot more difficult if you are not a professional photographer.

For starters, you’d have to invest in expensive equipment and spend a lot of time learning to use that equipment if you are doing it all on your own. This is the reason why many businesses go for ecommerce product photography services.

By hiring a photographer, the task becomes a whole lot easier. You can hire a professional product photographer who will inevitably do the job right. This way, you can be sure that you are getting the best product photos to represent your brand on the eCommerce platforms.


Why Choose Spyne for the best Ecommerce Photography Services?


Spyne is an AI-Driven Tech Company that has set out to fulfil each and every one of your visual content requirements. It helps businesses in booking product photoshoots easily and hiring the best product photographer from the industry. We aim to provide one of the best e-commerce product photography services in the country.

Apart from Photography, we also provide services like Videography, AR, VR, Drone and 360-Degree Photography at very reasonable charges. We connect all our clients with only the Best Studio Photographers in the business who can get you the Ecommerce Photography that you desire.


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