Creative photography helped Messy Sassy,- A footwear brand !

How creative photography helped Messy Sassy brand to reboot its Footwear brand value in the market.

“Every brand has a unique story waiting for the world to know about it.”

Messy Sassy, a unique footwear brand that lets a woman go all around from dusk to dawn in style. Started by Ashish Jain, this company has mid-range footwear products offering comfort, fashion, and style under one roof. At first, when this brand started off, they presented their products in a simple way through mobile photography.


The Problem?

It is said that good photography can make a direct way to a customer’s heart and induces her to buy it. This is what, Messy Sassy was lacked in their approach. They had everything from unique products to great range and style but still, they were not able to present their collection in the way their products deserved. Using phone cameras and little photography knowledge, owner Ashish was able to launch a website but was not able to launch its brand with the correct vision. Clearly, smart photography, good angles, and creative presentation was something that Messy Sassy needed undoubtedly.


The Solution

As in our meetings with Messy Sassy, we spotted their key problems that were creative photography and correct presentation. We started off with solving bit by bit of these problems. We not only suggested a creative outdoor shoot to them but also played the role of brand managers here and helped the brand to identify the correct audience set and make their buyer persona. The products that Messy Sassy dealt with are for mid-age women looking for both comfort and style. So, from the start, we thought of strategies that can be applied and that can hit the minds of this segment only. With great angular photography and mood shots, we were able to solve the problem creative presentation of the brand. Now, the products were not only ready to get listed on different E-commerce portals but also was ready to hit the midset of the right audience. With all this, we not only did this but also made the products looked valued so that the brand can price the products well.



The Final shoot day 

We picked up an outdoor location for this shoot and used props like flowers, accessories, and leaves. The theme of this particular theme was summerish as the season is about to come. The moods of the footwear were created keeping in mind the style of the footwear. Like for pinkish colored footwear, we kept a light pink background and some props to highlight the features of the product are presented in the most perfect manner.



The mood shots of this shoot were taken in daylight and the E-commerce shoot was done in one of the premium photography studios that we have. The whole idea behind doing two types of shoot was to provide all type of flexibility to the brand. With mood shots, they can play around and post it anywhere. With E-commerce shots, they will be able to list themselves on almost all big E-commerce shopping sites. With great angles and creative use of products, we were able to capture shots that will speak for themselves. Have a look!


Final Delivery 

The quality images provided by Spyne’s share platform. We are really sure that these creative shots will help the brand to increase its brand visibility, brand presence, and gain the right eye-balls for the brand, helping them to increase sales and grow their business more.


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