Use SpyneAI App to Create Showroom-like 360-degree Videos For Your Cars

Use SpyneAI App to Create Showroom-like 360-degree Videos For Your Cars

Nowadays purchasing products online has become easier than ever owing to the internet. With everything available on fingertips, consumers find it easy to purchase the item from e-commerce stores or marketplaces that offer a seamless consumer experience. For expensive goods as well, shoppers fiercely use the internet to research the products thoroughly before selecting their ideal choice. 

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Whether it is an e-commerce website or a car marketplace or a dealership, you need to understand the buyer journey begins online - opening a new world of opportunities for your business on the internet. It means with more and more people looking for cars or other products online, you need to set up your showroom online. 

Images help potential clients make an informed decision

That being said, it is imperative that you create a stunning online presence that not just awes your potential customers but engages them with your website, which means making it easy for them to navigate through your website and helping them make an informed decision. After all, trust for a website is only earned after your customers are satisfied with the purchases they make or the information they see on your dealership website. 

Research is Important For Buyers

‘86% of car buyers research vehicles online before stepping foot onto a dealership

When it comes to cars, dealerships and used car marketplaces need to understand that ‘86% of car buyers research vehicles online before stepping foot onto a dealership.’ This means you’d need to have attractive Vehicle Detail Pages that drive customers to engage with your website apart from having a robust online presence.

Create Stunning Visual Presence

In my earlier blog, I talked about how you can make Vehicle Detail Pages look amazing by using high-quality studio-like images. And to create these images, you don’t have to set up a studio or take your cars to showrooms. Like everyone else, you can now upload car images on the SpyneAI platform and generate a 3D virtual showroom for your car and obviously a turntable floor. I know this might sound crazy, but spyne built an AI proprietary tool that converts the simple background of your car images into a studio-like background like one in the image below. Not just that, the tool also creates rotating floors beneath the car automatically. 


car custom backgrounds

Make your cars stand out with our premium backgrounds

This way you don’t have to make heavy investments in setting up your studio or than driving your cars to the studio for the photoshoot and then send the images to the post-production. Spyne’s Car AI technology solves this problem once and for all. 

Since you need to use high-quality imagery on your catalog to attract consumers but you can’t just stop there. Because a few images on your website can not help your potential customers to make an informed decision. That’s why most of the leading marketplaces and dealerships use 360-degree images and videos to elevate user experience. 

360 edited car image

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But you might wonder that it might cost you loads of rupees to create showrooms like images and 360-degree videos for each car. But, let me tell you that Spyne’s proprietary tool allows you to create 360-degree videos using your smartphone. The app then edits your video using its smart algorithms. The AI tools stabilize the videos and replace the background with a 3D virtual showroom like this in the image below. You Can Also Try Our Car Editing App To Replace Your Car Background.

Create 360 Car Videos Using AI 

What do you require to manually create images that Spyne’s first-of-its-kind AI tool lets you create in a matter of seconds?


  1. First, you need a space to build your professional car photography studio to execute 360 car photography. 
  2. Then, you’d need heavy investments to build a showroom-like studio that has a turntable (a rotating floor).


After this you need to start shooting:

Step 1: Drive the car onto the platform and professionally photograph your car. 

Step 2: To drive a car onto the platform, you’d need to manage the fuel and labour expenses. 

Step 3: Spend another heavy investment on the post-production. 


Using Spyne, you don’t either need a space or a professional setup because we create a 3D virtual showroom for you using artificial intelligence. Like you turn your poor images with a substandard background to studio-like car images in minutes - 100% automatically, you can now create 360 car video (interior and exterior) using the Spyne App on your smartphone. 

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Capturing exterior view

Use the SpyneAI app’s smart overlays to capture a video by walking around your car. Submit this video within the app for stabilization and further editing. In a few minutes, you’d see a different background and floor in your car image. A 3D virtual setting that resembles the showroom or professional studio generated using AI, 100% automatically


Capture Interior Angles

To increase the chance of selling your car, our App enables you to shoot 8 interior angles


Capture Detailed Shots

To provide prospects with a detailed look at your vehicle, you can also capture still images of tyres, doors, trunks, etc. it gives your potential customers a better look at the vehicle, hence Increasing your chances of conversions


Why do you need 360 car photography or 360-degree car video?

Here are some of the points that will convince you to use 360-degree car video on your website or marketplace. 

With a single video, you can show cars from all angles, hence improving your engagements.

Since potential buyers are surfing online, give the buyer a virtual showroom experience using 360-degree car video for better understanding. 

A potential buyer can look at your vehicles up to a minute longer if you use a 360-degree car video. 

Download and use the SpyneAI app on your smartphone and turn your car images into showroom-like images instantly. Do you want to transform your existing car images? Don’t worry, you can run your existing car images through SpyneAI’s web application and transform these images once and for all. Get Professional Automobile Pictures By Editing 

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Written By - Younus Sideeq on 26 Apr, 2021