Case Study: Helping Swaarish International With Quality Product Images

Case Study: Helping Swaarish International With Quality Product Images

Swaarish International is a consolidator and a leading wholesaler firm of general merchandise delivering a wide assortment of Mobile Accessories, home appliances, general commodities, and other electronic gadgets

Swaarish International Case Study

The Problem?

Getting quality imagery for your quality products is very challenging unless the photography is done by a know-how expert. And for Swaarish International, it was not just the quality of pictures, it was the way they had presented the content.

It takes a person a few milliseconds to judge your brand by the visual content you’ve used online. Poor representation of the pictures leads to a lack of trust in the brand, no matter how quality products they sell. It’s the right pictures that bring quality products to the limelight.

Another challenge that Swaarish International was facing was ‘not getting the proper value of the product’.

Swaarish International

Solution & Results

Studying qualitatively and quantitatively the products and the product presentation of the brand, Spyne was quick to fix all of their problems by providing market-customized high-quality visual content.

Given the online marketplace and e-commerce guidelines and standards, Spyne helped the brand with high-quality product images, helping them to increase their sales by over 15% and cut down the return rate by 22%.

Swaarish International products

We successfully executed their multiple projects, which included an array of products and eclectic merchandise. We concluded that white background photography for their products can not only improve their online presence but improve the value of the products.

Earlier, the poor presentation of their products led to a sharp dip in the product value, which Spyne was quick to fix by providing compelling high-quality market-customized product images.

With market-customized imagery, the customer satisfaction rate raises over 30% leading to brand trust and the absolute value of the product.

product photoshoot for Swaarish International

The quality images provided by Spyne will help the brand to increase its brand visibility, brand presence, and trust in the customers, helping them to retain their clients and grow their business exponentially.

Spyne, an on-demand photography company with a network of over 2500+ photographers and 25+ studio across the cities of India, provides all kinds of businesses with all kinds of images and videos they need. From e-commerce to jewelry, we help brands grow their sales and brand presence. Swaarish International Case Study

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