Case Study: How Spyne Helps International Car Dealerships With AI-generated Studio-setting Car Images

Case Study: How Spyne Helps International Car Dealerships With AI-generated Studio-setting Car Images

Soon after the full-fledged launch of our proprietary AI tool for cars, we were able to onboard several national and international car dealerships and marketplaces.

The idea is to help these car sellers with studio-style car images that don’t require a professional studio to shoot cars or a high-end post-production studio to get them edited. All you need is Spyne’s AI-driven Car Background Replacement technology that helps you create stunning car images in seconds.

Improving Your Car Listings

In this brief case study, we show you how our AI tool creates showroom-setting car images automatically, and how car dealerships are improving their car listings and sales despite cutting huge investments on photoshoots and post-production. The “before” images with substandard and irregular backdrops you see below were provided by one of our international clients (name withheld on Clients’ request) that has a presence across Brazil and Argentina. We ran these images through our AI and generate studio-setting car images in seconds.


car ai photo editing


Transforming Your VDPs

Since the car dealership had hundreds of thousands of images listed on their Vehicle Detail Pages (VDPs), which they wanted to transform into high-quality studio-setting images by editing. Spyne’s web tool helped them transform the existing car images with poor or substandard backdrops to professional-looking images in the fastest turnaround times ever possible. The dealership chose a specific background from a stack of 35+ premium backgrounds to make their car images look consistent across the VDPs.



car dealership quality images




car enhancement images


Make Your Car Images Stand Out

Choose a specific backdrop of your choice for your dealership and create car images you had always wanted. We have launched  50+ premium backgrounds that help you make your cars look similar to those captured in a physical, high-end studio.

Customize Your Way

Whether you want a backdrop with a dealership facade or your brand look, we can help you customize the background setting the way you want. Stand out with your own virtual dealership facade generated with SpyneAI.



car image background editing




car photo editing


Walkthrough: SpyneAI Web Tool

In case you wonder how our tool turns substandard car images into professional studio-setting images in seconds, here’s a quick walkthrough of the AI tool. Get Your Professional Car Photo Editing Background using OurCar Photo Editor

Drag & Drop Your Image

Upload your car image or simply drag and drop.


car background replacement


Choose a Stunning Background

Choose the background setting of your choice from a deck of high-selling premium backgrounds, and hit “Apply” to turn your car image into a studio-setting image in seconds.


car premium backgrounds


Download Image

You can download a free high-resolution car image with new backdrop settings instantly.


automobile image editing app


car photo editing app



In case you want to know more about us and about how we can help your business, you can directly Book A Free Demo or Download The Android App. You can also simply reply to the email- and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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