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Car Undercarriage Photography With AI

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Car Undercarriage Photography With AI

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No one really thinks about the undercarriage of the car when they are buying one. Most of the time, companies don’t even bother presenting a visual of the undercarriage. All that matters is the exterior and interior of the vehicle. The undercarriage of the car is often overlooked. It leads to ignorance towards its maintenance, which can lead to bigger car problems.

Car undercarriage is a vital part to be taken care of for proper functioning of the car. So, let us introduce to you, car undercarriage photography! This is the solution to the problems you might face because of the undercarriage of your vehicle. Read on to learn about the equipment you need and more.


What Is Car Undercarriage Photography?

Car undercarriage photography is a peek into the condition of the car’s underbody. The undercarriage is the underneath part of a vehicle that is right below the main body. It is a supportive frame structure on the bottom underneath the cabin and chassis. The photography provides valuable insights that help with identifying issues such as leaks, rust, and damage to important components to make informed decisions about car undercarriage inspection, repairs, and pre-sale valuations.

Spyne App using AI algorithm and advanced image processing provides this service which gives a closer look at the car’s undercarriage. With the help of our app, you need minimal hardware and no permanent structure. If you’re an automotive dealership, you can build trust and elevate your customer experience by showing them what they couldn’t see.



How Does Car Underbody Photography Work?

Spyne App has made car undercarriage photography an easy procedure. Using AI, the entire vehicle undercarriage photography, including scanning and creating a high-resolution image takes only 2 minutes. With its two easy-step process, you can do it yourself!

Step 1: All you have to do is scan the undercarriage/bottom of the car with the advanced Spyne in-built camera.

Step 2: The Spyne software will automatically turn the scan into a 5K high-resolution car undercarriage image.

And, Voila! You’re done.


Car Undercarriage Photography Benefits

Using advanced technology and undercarriage photography software offers numerous advantages. Spyne’s innovative solution provides an efficient and cost-effective way for car photography and to capture high-quality images of a vehicle’s undercarriage. Here’s how Spyne helps:


Car Undercarriage Photography Benefits


1) Time & Staff Saving

With Spyne, a regular person without specific photography knowledge can complete the car underbody photography in about 7 minutes. This eliminates the need to hire dedicated staff, saving both time and labor costs.

2) Cost-effective

Spyne relies on AI and advanced image processing to reduce the cost of the hardware needed to capture a full image of the vehicle undercarriage. This makes it a budget-friendly solution for car dealerships and service centers.

3) Minimal Hardware

Thanks to Spyne’s advanced image processing, you only need a camera to capture and process car undercarriage photos. There’s no need to install heavy or complicated equipment.

4) No Permanent Structure

Traditional car underbody photography solutions often require permanent structures, installation, and major adjustments. Spyne, however, uses just a camera to scan the undercarriage, making it suitable for any regular floor without the need for permanent changes.

5) Easy & Quick Deployment

Spyne’s car undercarriage photography solution can be deployed at any location in the shortest possible time and offer maximum flexibility because it does not require additional hardware or structural changes.

6) High Resolution

Spyne’s techniques, coupled with additional LED lighting, provide high-resolution images. This allows you to see every detail, such as rust and loose screws, ensuring thorough documentation of the vehicle’s condition.

7) Identifying Damage

High-resolution images from Spyne’s system help identify any car undercarriage damage, such as rust, wear and tear, or structural issues. This is important for maintenance, resale, and ensuring the safety and reliability of the vehicle.


Undercarriage Car Photography: The Mobile Solution

Spyne’s mobile automotive solutions for car undercarriage photography bring a new level of convenience and efficiency to the automotive industry. Here are the key benefits and features:

1) No Need to Lift the Car: Traditional methods require lifting the car, which takes time and special equipment. Spyne’s solution captures high-quality images from ground level.

2) No Railing Needed: Conventional setups need railings or tracks. Spyne’s flexible system works without them, making it simpler and more adaptable.

3) No Flat Surface Needed: Spyne’s solution works even on uneven surfaces, so you don’t need a perfectly flat area to capture images.

4) 50 Seconds Capturing Time: Spyne captures the undercarriage image in just 50 seconds, boosting productivity and allowing for quick inspections.


Vehicle Undercarriage Photography Use Cases

Vehicle undercarriage photography provides important insights into the condition of vehicles which reveals details that are often hidden from our view. Here are a few car undercarriage photography use cases:

1) Inspection & Maintenance

Undercarriage car parts photography is essential for vehicle inspections and maintenance. High-resolution images can quickly identify rust, wear, and other problems, ensuring vehicles are safe to drive. Regular checks help spot issues early, reducing repair costs and extending the vehicle’s life. Detailed car undercarriage photos also create a visual record that is useful for maintenance history and warranty claims.

2) Service

Undercarriage car parts photos help service technicians diagnose issues quickly and accurately. By showing customers these detailed images, service centers build trust and explain repairs better. Adding these photos to service records ensures comprehensive documentation for future reference.

3) Training

For training new technicians, undercarriage photography offers real-life examples and case studies. It helps teach consistent inspection and maintenance procedures. Detailed photos make training materials clearer and easier to understand.

4) Sales & Marketing

Including undercarriage pictures in online vehicle listings gives buyers a complete view of the vehicle’s condition, building confidence and trust. This transparency sets dealerships apart. Using these images in marketing campaigns highlights the thoroughness of inspections and the quality of vehicles on sale.


Equipment​ Needed For Car Undercarriage Photography

Several essential pieces of equipment are required to conduct effective undercarriage photography. The following equipment works together to facilitate thorough and efficient photoshoot, enabling detailed inspection and maintenance assessments:


The rover is a specialized robot designed to navigate under the vehicle and scan its components. It moves smoothly under the car to capture detailed images of the undercarriage.

Railing System

A proprietary railing system is used to guide and stabilize the rover during the scanning process. This system ensures precise movement and alignment, allowing for accurate and comprehensive undercarriage pictures and scans.


A smartphone is utilized to control and monitor the rover’s movements and scanning operations. It serves as the interface for the operator to initiate scans, adjust settings, and view real-time images of the undercarriage. The smartphone’s camera may be used to capture additional images or videos for documentation purposes.


Why You Should Always Ask For Undercarriage Photos?

Requesting car undercarriage photos is not just about seeing what’s hidden. Asking for undercarriage photos when assessing a vehicle is essential for several reasons:

1) Hidden Issues

Photos of the underside of a car uncover potential problems like rust, corrosion, and damage that may not be visible from above. This is critical for understanding the true condition of the vehicle.

2) Transparency

Requesting undercarriage photos promotes transparency between buyers and sellers or service providers. It ensures that all parties have a clear understanding of the vehicle’s condition before making decisions.

3) Maintenance Insights

Detailed car undercarriage photography provide valuable information for maintenance planning. They help in identifying areas that may need immediate attention or future repairs, potentially saving costs down the line.


Why You Should Always Ask For Undercarriage Photos?


4) Safety Assurance

Undercarriage photos contribute to assessing the safety of the vehicle. This is particularly important to ensure it is worthy to be on the road and for passenger safety.

5) Evaluation Accuracy

For prospective buyers, undercarriage photos offer a more comprehensive evaluation of the vehicle’s value and potential risks. It allows for a more informed decision-making process regarding purchase or negotiation.

6) Documentation

Including undercarriage photos in records provides documented proof of the vehicle’s condition at a specific point in time. This can be beneficial for warranty claims, resale value assessments, and historical documentation.



Car undercarriage photography shines a light and highlights on an often overlooked part of vehicle care. You can make smarter decisions for a safer and more reliable driving experience by capturing what’s under the hood. Next time you’re buying a car or scheduling maintenance, don’t forget to look underneath, because that is where the true health of your vehicle lies.

And check out Spyne’s 360-degree car photography for enhanced 360-degree visuals of your vehicle.




  • Q. What does car undercarriage mean?

    The undercarriage refers to the part of a vehicle that is located underneath the main body, including components like the suspension, chassis, exhaust system, and other mechanical parts.

  • Q. What is the plastic on the undercarriage called?

    The plastic shield or cover under the engine of a car is called a splash guard. Its purpose is to protect the engine and other components in the engine compartment from water, mud, road grime, and debris.

  • Q. Is it worth buying a car with undercarriage damage?

    Signs of undercarriage damage include steering issues, delayed turning, and fluid leaks, which can be dangerous and lead to further problems if not addressed. It’s advisable to have the car inspected by a professional. If repairs are too costly, consider selling it to a reputable salvage yard.

  • Q. What are some car undercarriage problems?

    Common undercarriage problems include rust and corrosion, damage to the exhaust or muffler system, leaking fluids, and damage to the suspension system. These issues can impact vehicle performance and safety.

  • Q. What is the underneath of a car called?

    The underneath part of a vehicle is called the undercarriage. It includes all components located beneath the main body of the vehicle.

  • Q. What costs does Spyne offer for car undercarriage photography? 

    Spyne offers a one-time hardware cost of approximately USD 1,000 and a monthly subscription fee of $1 per car for their undercarriage photography solution.

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