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How To Create Attractive Car Catalogs For Best Sales Performance

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Every successful car dealership business needs a near-constant influx of new customers. This is easier said than done, as the competition is steadily growing and buyers’ expectations are shifting. However, there’s one constant – you need attractive car catalogs to sell cars.

For online car sales, your catalogs are crucial, as buyers only have images and videos on the VDPs (Vehicle Display Pages) to research their options. You also need to create attractive brochures for offline sales to engage customers.

Merely creating a vehicle catalog is not enough; it must be aesthetically pleasing and engaging. Thus arises the need for high-quality pictures and videos. According to a study by Cox Automotive, around 40% of buyers are likely to purchase a car based on just the images, without seeing the vehicle in person prior to it!

In this article, we explain in detail what vehicle catalogs are and how you can create the best ones to boost the sales numbers of your auto dealership.

What is a Car Catalog

A vehicle catalog is a means to showcase a vehicle in detail. It can consist of pictures, videos, the vehicle’s features and technical specifications, etc. It is particularly beneficial for buyers for research purposes; a proper catalog should provide all necessary information about a car so that customers can make their purchasing decision.

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Automobile catalogs are also essential for inventory management, as they help you keep track of the vehicles that are currently available in your lot.

How to create attractive catalogs for your cars

The more attractive and engaging a automobile catalog is, the better chance it has of converting a viewer into a buyer. There are multiple things you can do to make your car listings aesthetically appealing:

Use a clean and beautiful layout

The design of your catalog should be easy on the eyes, bringing focus to the car. It’s essential that all of the information be presented clearly, so people don’t have any trouble reading or understanding what they’re seeing when they look at it!

Present all the necessary information

A car catalog should present all the information that a buyer needs to decide whether to purchase it or not. The information should also be easy to understand, so be sure to pay special attention to the content you include here. Use clear, concise, and easy-to-understand language.

Use high-quality images and videos

A recent study by Trend Reports states that most people – around 65 to 85 percent – describe themselves as visual learners. They need reference images (or videos) to retain information better. Hence the need for quality car photography intensifies again, especially for your digital dealership/online car marketplace.

Also, high-quality images and videos show professionalism and establish trust with consumers. Poor-quality photographs, on the other hand, can drive consumers away without even checking out available deals and discounts.

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You can even create 360° videos of your vehicles for an immersive experience. These can also be used to highlight the different notable features of your vehicles. If you’re selling used cars, you can create tags for all the damages, stains, scratches, etc., with close-up images linked to each. If you’re retailing new vehicles, you can showcase the different accessories virtually.

How to create high-quality car images for your catalogs

For high-quality images, you’ll need to hire a professional photographer, scout for an appropriate location, drive your vehicles there and then get them clicked. You can opt for a studio instead; they usually have crews and equipment at the ready.

After you get all your cars professionally shot, you’d have to wait for after the post-production to publish your car images (and videos). Although the results are worth it, the time and expenses associated with professional car photography can dissuade many dealerships from opting for it.

Thankfully, modern technology has brought about some brilliant changes in the world of product photography!

AI-powered photography for creating car catalogs

AI-powered car photography solutions make it easy for dealerships to visually merchandise automobiles, especially for online marketplaces. One option is Spyne; our self-serve photography smartphone app (iOS and Android) instructs you on how to click the best pictures – choosing the correct angles, proper lighting, etc.

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Spyne also offers automated image editing. Select the car background of your choice (or upload a custom one) and the system automatically replaces the original backdrop in all your images. You can even create 360° car spin videos! Want to know more? Click here for a free demo.


If you want customers to pay attention to your car dealership, you need visually engaging vehicle catalogs. We hope our blog helped you understand the importance of creating visually appealing catalogs to boost car sales, as well as how to create them. Happy selling!


To create an excellent vehicle catalog, you should:

  • Use high-quality images and videos
  • Provide all necessary details, like technical specifications and features
  • Make sure the design is beautiful but simple, so the information is easy to understand

  • Follow these steps to create the best ads for your car inventory:

  • Use high-quality images of the car. You can even post walkaround videos for better customer engagement
  • Include a detailed description of the vehicle, including a link that leads to the VDP
  • Cover all platforms: print ads, online ads, social media posts, billboards, etc. Once you see the results of your advertising, focus heavily on the platforms that bring you more leads

  • Spyne is a brilliant tool for all your automobile cataloging needs. You can use the browser application or smartphone app to edit your images quickly using automation. Also, you can use the smartphone app to shoot car images using the guided photoshoot feature, which tells you how to position your camera, checks for the correct lighting, etc.

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