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360 Vehicle Walkaround- Everything a Car Dealership Should Know

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A 360-degree vehicle walk-around is a mode of inspection for car buyers that provides a top-to-bottom assessment highlighting essential features such as height, clearance, body, and other vehicle attributes.  

Using 360 car pictures renders an immersive experience of car features before customers and helps them make a buying decision.

While looking for cars online, a potential buyer wants to browse the vehicle in as vivid detail as possible. This is where a 360-degree vehicle walk-around provides an unparalleled experience. 

But shooting a 360-vehicle walk-around can be a hassle and often leads to some common mistakes.

This article covers everything you should keep in mind while creating a highly immersive experience for the users.

What is a 360 walk-around?  

A 360 walk-around is an interactive car experience. It is more than just static car images that fail to give perspective and transparency to the clients. 

360 walk-around videos render more detailed interior views, close-ups, and clickable hotspots of cars accessible to people on their mobile screens.

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It ensures an engaging and immersive vehicle viewing and shopping experience anytime, anywhere. 

How do you do a good car walk around?

What makes a car walk around good is primarily its realistic approach. Let’s take a look at the essential factors of the same: 

1. Figure out logistics

The human eye relates more to the world in widescreen, creating a more realistic approach. Hence, before shooting the video, take a trial video and check if the quality, lighting, and sound are up to the mark.

2. Sound matters

If the sound quality is not good, you can invest in a lava mic to obtain the desired standard quality. These are inexpensive mics and can improve the car walk-around experience as well. 

3. Use the human connection

Make it easy for the viewers to follow as you give a car walk-around tour which means using humans as the car guides in the video. This also holds the attention of the viewer. 

4. Take pauses

Remember to pause briefly after explaining every step so your customers understand the procedure correctly. If you do not follow this step, the customer might have to watch your video multiple times, which is not convenient. 

5. Make it comprehensive

Make it easy for them to understand. Using textual overlays instead of subtitles can be a great advantage. Buyers seek essential information that is easy to comprehend, and textual overlays fulfill that purpose. 

6. Keep it short, sweet, and straightforward

Keep your walk-around short and simple but include all the vital information required. While you don’t need a professional to shoot a walk-around video, it is essential to keep the attention of your viewers intact.

To do that, it is necessary to keep your video short and focus on communicating the main points. If the detailed information is long, try making a series of videos instead of making one long video.

What are the 6 basic dimensions of a vehicle that should be inspected on the 360-degree pre-inspection?

There are six basic dimensions that buyers look for in 360-degree walk-around videos of cars: 

  • The first one is the front view. Buyers ensure they properly assess the features before moving to the next angle. 
  • Engine condition and tires are other essential aspects for the buyers in a 360 walk-around and must be inspected during the pre-inspection. 
  • The next angle can be the left or right of the car’s body. Dents and scratches on the body and side windows often repel the buyers. Hence, evaluate the condition of these before moving on to the next angle.
  • The derriere of the body is an equally important dimension that is viewed with thorough consideration.
  • The final two dimensions are the bottom of the car and the hood or the roof of the car. Customers must be able to view them just as properly as the other features of the car. 

This completes the six basic dimensions of the car walk-around inspection. Other things to keep in mind during an inspection are the vehicle’s mileage, the condition of the interiors, and if the buttons and safety features of the car, like the Airbag and DVD system, are in proper working condition. 

All of these aspects together form the perspective of a buyer. What they seek is the accumulation of the six dimensions and additional features as mentioned. 

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How long does it take to complete a 360 walk-around? 

An ideal 360 walk-around takes only 2-3 minutes for a swift customer experience. The main objective is to put the customers in the driving seat and give them control of their viewing experience and the comfort of accessing it anywhere. 

This allows the customer to connect with the car virtually and builds confidence. 

While creating a 360-degree walk-around video or photo, it is essential to create a clear image that allows the customer to evaluate the vehicle they are looking to buy. A lot depends on the quality and quantity of your walk-around video, which is why it is a crucial step.

360-degree walk-around videos and images are quickly becoming necessary for auto dealers, and correctly so! The future of the car buying experience has arrived, which significantly improves customer experience and makes it easy to connect with the vehicle. It helps the customer properly evaluate the vehicle from the click of their mobile or mouse. 

Did you know you can create 360 vehicle walk-around of the cars in minutes?

Deep-tech AI companies are helping car sellers and dealerships create professional car images and walk around with unbelievable ease. Companies like Spyne.ai are catering to auto sellers with state-of-art AI infrastructure that can generate 360 walk-around videos in just a few clicks.

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