How To Capture Professional Car Images With SpyneAI App

How To Capture Professional Car Images With SpyneAI App

Did you know that you can create studio-setting car images without actually having to shoot your cars in a studio? Yes, the SpyneAI app is an AI-powered technology application that allows users to shoot car images and generate 3D virtual showrooms using the app’s built-in AI-editing feature. 

The ‘Car Background Replacement’ Feature

The application comes with a built-in feature of transforming the car images you shoot (no matter where) into studio-setting images with AI technology. The tool puts AI to do work for you, while you enjoy your time taking care of other important things that you’ve been putting off. 

In this blog, I’ll give you a walkthrough of the SpyneAI Application and I’m sure you’ll go deep into thinking how the heck did we do it. It sure is gonna be a new magic trick that you’d never witnessed.



The SpyneAI app helps you:

  - Shoot car images according to marketplace guidelines.

  - Transform images into studio-setting images instantly.

  - Get images to edit at 90% faster TATs

  - Save 70% of your cost using the AI app

  - Before I take you through this exciting tour, let me tell you how important images are for your car businesses. 

According to a survey, about ‘86% of car buyers research cars online before ever stepping foot onto a dealership.’ Another study shows that car shoppers spend 61% of their vehicle research & shopping time online. So, it is inevitable for car sellers and dealerships to have a compelling online presence. And, in case you want to make sure your potential customers love what they see, you need to have sleek and professional car images on your VDPs that drive customer attention instantly.

This is where the SpyneAI app comes in handy. It helps you shoot and edit car images automatically, saves your effort and 90% of your time. 


car images editing automatically


Let’s Begin The Tour 

Access SpyneAI from anywhere

You can download the SpyneAI application for your iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Android. It means you can now shoot and transform your car images from any device anywhere. Go to the PlayStore or AppStore and search SpyneAI in the address bar. Click on the SpyneAI App and press Install to download it to your smartphone. 

The SpyneAI doesn’t only help car dealerships but also footwear, grocery, and fashion brands shoot marketplace-ready product images and Product Image Editing instantly and automatically. 


product images editing app


Create Your Account

If you’re a new user, you need to create a new account by signing up with your email address. In case your account already exists, you can simply log in with your credentials. 


product photo editing app


Once you’re done with logging into your account, you’ll directly land on the Home page - where you can Explore Categories such as Automobiles, Footwear, Grocery, etc watch Tutorial Videos and access your Completed Shoots from your previous projects (if any). 

At the bottom of your screen, you’ll see options like:

Home: The main page of the application

Wallet: Here you can check your Available Credit balance and Add Credits if you’re running low on the balance.  

Shoot: The camera icon takes directly to the category you want to shoot. 

Orders: Here you’ll find all the car images that you’ve shot and requested edits Orders for. 

Logout: Easy way to log out for the application. 

Choose Your Category

Now you can directly choose a Category you want to shoot (say Automobiles) from the home or simply click on the camera icon and then select the Category - it’s one and the same thing, proceed according to your convenience. 

After you select Automobile as your category, you’ll see several Before (image shot using a phone) and After (image transformed within the app) images generated using the SpyneAI app. 

At the bottom, you will find two Demo and Shoot Now buttons. In case, you want to check how the shooting process works, you can choose Demo, else click on Shoot Now to capture your car. Once you click on the Shoot Now, you’ll come across a brief guide explaining how to shoot and DOs and DON’Ts to avoid irregular reflections. Press Continue once you’re done watching the shot video. 


car AI editing app


Give Your Images a Name

Give your project an SKU. You can use your car name or Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) for your own convenience. 

Classify Your Car Category

Is the car you’re shooting a Hatchback, SUV, or Sedan? Choose the category so that you’re guided by the right set of smart overlays that help you shoot the right car angles.


car dealership enhancement images


Choose Car Angles

You can shoot 4, 8, or 12 car angles. Click on a [Shoots 1/X] button to change your preference. Confirm your preferences and start shooting. 


car photography app


Shoot Perfect Shots With Smart Overlays

The white car outline you see in the middle of your screen gives you an idea to shoot your car angles perfectly, in case you’re not sure what car angels work the best. 


automobile photography app


Interior Shots

Once you’re done shooting car images (exterior), now you’ll be asked whether you’d want to shoot car interior shots. You can either Skip or click on Shoot Now to capture the interior of your car such as Dashboard, Windows, Doors, etc.

Miscellaneous Shots

In case you wanna give a deeper look into the interior of your car, you can also shoot miscellaneous shots that include wheels, engine, pedal, keys, etc.


car photo editing app


Choose a Background

Once you complete the shoot, you’ll be asked to choose a background of your choice for your car. The background studio setting you choose will be generated on the car images your shot 100% automatically. As you choose the background setting, you’ll be able to see the preview of your output below. 


car background replacement


Dealership Logo

Put your brand logo on your car images to foster your business and create a lasting impact on your potential buyers. 

Generate The Results

Click on Generate Output to get the final images delivered to your email and the app. In the meanwhile, you can shoot 360-degree car interior videos for a better user experience. 


360 degree car shoot app


View 360° Spin Shot

SpyneAI creates a complementary 360-degree video for you automatically - out of the images you captured. 


automatically car photo editing app


Download HD Images

In a few minutes, you’ll be notified that the images have been successfully processed and are ready to download. In case you don’t see any notifications of missing it, go to the Orders in the app and see your recent projects. You can download HD images using highly affordable credits, which can be purchased from the Wallet or during the checkout.

You can also download the images for free however, the images will be Watermarked. 


car dealership image editing app


automobile image editing app


This way you can shoot studio-setting car images using your smartphone from anywhere - no need to hire a photographer or send your images for post-production. 


car studio based edited images


For large dealerships and marketplaces that need to transform images in bulk, you can use Spyne’s AI-powered web tool to transform thousands of images into professional, studio-setting images 100% automatically.

From just replacing the background wall of your car images to creating a 3D virtual dealership look, you can do that using SpyneAI’s Car Photo Editing Background Tool you can Book A Demo with Spyne. We can also help you customize your backdrops as per your dealership facade or your choice. 

We also offer API integration for instant image processing and Whitelabel application on your brand name. Drop us an email at to discuss how we can help your business scale image production and post-production.  

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Written By - Younus Sideeq on 25 Jun, 2021