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4 Ways to make your Lockdown days Productive and Profitable!!

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These Lockdown days have surely made us see almost all the interesting series on Netflix and Amazon. We too feel the same! This non-ending home-days has surely made us run out of ideas to make our lockdown days productive and profitable too. That’s why we thought why not compile the list of things you as a wedding photographer can experiment in these lockdown days.

4 Alternatives to binge-watching Netflix and Amazon Prime:


1. Catch up with New Trends!

Photographers all around the globe are making it to the headlines with their unique Facetime shoot with their existing and some new clients. So, go ahead and break the chain of boredom with your creative wings.

2. Build up your website. 

This is surely the best time to invest your time in building up your own website because let’s admit it wedding photographers have always made so many excuses for not making a website. Saying that it is not really useful, but guess what websites are the most effective way to showcase your wedding albums. You can get listed on Google through a website and become a local photographer too which is indeed the need of the hour. So, utilize this time to make a user-engaging website that you always wanted.

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3. Invest your time in learning New Skills. 

According to PM Narendra Modi’s last speech, he insisted on using the local services so that our economy can be revived. What’s better than being a local photographer on Google and getting ranked on higher-booking intend places. Yes, SEO does that for you. With SEO planning in hand, you can secure your ranking in the places you want. So, learning how to do SEO for local places around you, will be a sure-short way to get local leads.


4. Reconnect with your past clients

We cannot stress on this more, this is the right time to build relationships for the future. So, reconnect with you clients on Whatsapp, prepare some short videos, gifs and post them on your social media handles tagging them. This will only make them remember on how amazing your services and brand is.

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We know that these times are difficult but with some creative wings on, these days can be turned into productive days that can help us in the future. So, Let’s grow together!!!


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