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How To Save Money And Time By 3D Rendering Of Products

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It’s highly likely that you have seen a 3D rendered image!


Whether you are scrolling through your Instagram feed, skimming through a magazine, or watching animated videos, there’re good chances that you’ll come across visuals created by a 3D rendering process. These images have become fundamental for marketers to sell their products effectively with much resonance.

3D rendering is the process of transforming non-realistic pictures or three-dimensional images into a two-dimensional (2D) image. It is a digital process that produces 3D, photorealistic visualization of products in faster turnarounds.

When eye-catching images are not achieved through manual photography – 3D rendering is used. It creates different iterations of the product, which otherwise would require additional shoot in different atmospheres and huge expanses, of course.

Simply, it is the demonstration of a product and its functionalities layer by layer to give a better perspective to a potential client.

Why 3D rendering?

One of the biggest challenges that most brands face is to communicate the function, value, and differentiators of their products to their audiences, and also we know that eye-catching images can be the difference between a sale or no sales at all.

With 3D rendering, product visuals can demonstrate the vision and value proposition of a product in a better way to engage your audience.


In fact, the perceived value of your product is directly impacted by the quality of your product image.

So, to bridge the gap between communicating the value proposition of a product and conversions in a better way, 3D rendering is the ultimate solution to demonstrate the highlights of your products in simulated environments to influence the customers’ purchase decisions.

Spyne Creates Stunning 3D Renders For Top Brands

We at Spyne help world-class brands with the 3D rendering of products and 3D lifestyle rendering so that their customers can have a better user-experience and perspective of the product.

We produce super-high-resolution images out of 3D rendering, which also includes exploded views, which we call 3D-blast, to give detailed visualization of the inside-product. It is mostly relevant for manufacturing companies that would prefer to showcase the comfort of their products to their customers.

For example, recently, Spyne helped a Mumbai-based mattress company, Sleepsutraa, with eye-catching, high-resolution 3D rendering and 3D burst images to demonstrate the value proposition of their mattress products in the best possible visualization.

Sleepsutraa, this time decided to give an immersive look and feel to their products. Using our 3D rendering, we created digital models of their products and undressed some mattresses to display what the inside comfort-material looks like. It not only gave an aesthetic look to the product but also improved the user experience – helping their customers perceive the better value of the product and better buying decisions.

When you sell a product, say mattress or shoes, your potential customers looking at your product images might wonder, what’s inside? How comfortable is it for the back or feet respectively? But how would you tell your customers that you are using premium quality stuffing inside your mattresses and shoe soles? 

Well, that’s where the 3D rendering comes in! We helped Sleepsutraa create that kind of visuals that clearly depicts what the inside-material looks like. 

Apart from that, we’ve also helped the electrical appliances’ brand with 3D rendering (creating from scratch) of bulbs, sockets, and even the packaging. We also created 3D pictures for the mixer and grinder along with a 360-degree product view.

3D lifestyle rendering

We also help brands with 3D lifestyle rendering where the products are placed in a setting to showcase stylistic impressions – or simply how the product looks in a particular setting when in use.

The visualization lifestyle renders of your products can be the ultimate way of achieving atmospheric and photorealistic visuals.

Why 3D rendering images?

The importance of these 3D rendered products is that they can be used again and again in various settings. These virtual models can be moved to any angle and the creators will have an upper edge in refining fine details (if any), which might not be possible in manual photography.

Not just that, over the last few months, we have grown substantially in the 3D rendering arena and we are competent in producing 3D rendered images for any category – be it footwear, computer accessories, real estate, or any e-commerce products.

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If you are anticipating giving your customers an immersive experience with your product images, then 3D rendering is the ideal solution for your requirements and Spyne is the one-stop-solution to scale your super-high-resolution 3D renders.

From our 3D rendering services, you will get:


– 3D rendered images and 3D bursts (for inside view)

– Ultra-high-resolution renders of 3D model

– Placement of your product in a 3D rendered stunning lifestyle setting

– Light, environment, & composition support

– 360-degree video


And these images can be used for:


– Websites and Social media

– Product listings: Amazon, Etsy, Alibaba, etc.

– Pitch decks, brochures, and catalogues

– Advertisements


So, if you are thinking to transform your brand with eye-catching photorealistic visuals, then 3D rendering is the way to consider. Connect with us today and learn how we can help you in taking your brand to the next level. Write to us at [email protected] or click here to connect with us.


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