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360° Spin Car Display – New-age Merchandizing Tool for Your Dealership

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With the rapid rise of automotive e-commerce, car dealerships must establish a solid online presence to stay in the game. Circulating quality content across the internet is one of the prime requirements to attract buyers online; this includes posting quality images and videos on social media, engaging advertisements, etc. 

Since static images are getting fairly common with time, your dealership must provide a visual experience that is unique and intriguing. That’s where 360 spin car photography comes into play.

360° photography is a new-age merchandising tool for online businesses. It allows you to showcase your products (automobiles, in your case) in an immersive and engaging way. This article will mention all the necessary details about it and how you can use it to increase sales.

What is 360° spin car photography?

360-degree car photography is a way to shoot a vehicle so that it can be viewed as a continuous, spinning visual.

360 degree car view

Through 360° car pictures, potential buyers can view a vehicle’s exterior or interior thoroughly in an engaging manner. This technology is excellent for showcasing your cars online and engaging buyers who cannot physically visit your dealership.

Benefits of 360° spin car visuals

360 spin car visuals are a new and innovative way for car dealerships to showcase their automobiles. Viewers can see the car from all angles, making it easy to visualize what they’re buying. You can make this interactive by allowing viewers to manipulate the orientation of the 360 car spin video.

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On used cars, you could highlight dents and stains on the video for customers who want more detail before making their purchase. It’s also helpful if you have multiple models in stock, as you can create individual spin car videos for each, highlighting the damages and dents on all your cars.

For new cars, using 360 spin videos helps highlight the available feature – like the infotainment system – as well as accessories and add-ons – like leather seats or mobile holders. With these, you can subtly push buyers into purchasing more stuff!

360 car spin videos

With better engagement, you can also increase your car sales numbers. As per Dimitri Bir, founder of Webrotate 360, the adoption of 360 product views leads to an increase in sales, between 5 percent to 40 percent, as per retailer reports.

Visual appeal in this day and age is everything!

360° car photography is a great way to showcase your vehicle and its features. It’s also an excellent way to market your dealership, as well as attract new customers. This kind of marketing tool is being used by businesses worldwide, to improve customer engagement and positively affect sales numbers.

How to shoot 360° car spin videos

Using turn-table studios and a revolving camera setup to shoot a car

This is the manual method to create spin car pictures. You need to build (or rent) a turn-table studio first, to click vehicle images from different angles. Once the photographs are finalized, they are neatly edited and compiled together to generate a seamless car 360 view.

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Using a 360° camera to shoot the interior of a car

Since the interiors can’t be filmed using a turn table studio, a 360-degree camera is used to capture a vehicle’s interiors. Later the images are compiled and edited to get a complete 360 view. This process requires you to have a 360 camera in hand and a professional who knows how to operate and edit the footage to give a seamless 360-degree visual experience. 

Bonus: Use Spyne for 360° car photoshoot

The methods mentioned above are effective, but they increase your dependency on external factors (camera crew, studio crew, photographer, etc). You’ll also need to drive all your vehicles to the studio. All of this costs a lot of money and time.

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However, with the resources offered by Spyne.ai, you can effectively shoot high-quality car images without additional assistance. The clicked images are then automatically edited by advanced AI systems and your 360 spin car visuals are ready in no time!

car 360 degree view

Here, a smartphone is the only piece of equipment you will need. You simply need to follow all the instructions in the AI-powered app and the output will be brilliant.

Don’t just take our word for it, try it for yourself!

360° car visuals are great for customer research

With 360 photos, customers can get a better idea of what the interior and exterior of their potential next vehicle look like. They can check out every tiny detail by themselves (aided by tags, if you wish to add them).

Not just your website, you can drive engagement on your social platforms as well; upload your 360 car videos onto Facebook or Instagram for everyone to enjoy!

360° car photography will modernize your VDPs

360-degree car photography is a great way to showcase your cars. It’s a new and innovative way to present your vehicles and can help you engage online buyers in an unprecedented way. It’s also an effective tool for customer research, which leads to better conversions and improved consumer satisfaction.

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Buyers often want to interact with the car they are interested in before purchasing. Adding 360-degree spin cars to your website allows online buyers to do just that. This generates a physical store-like feel and enhances the website experience.


360-degree car visuals are a great way to modernize your auto dealership listings and engage online buyers. With all the tools available today, you can offer customers a more transparent buying experience, where they can be 100 percent sure about the condition and the quality of your vehicle. With spine car visuals, your dealerships can gain an advantage over competitors who don’t have this technology on their websites!


360 photography is a collection of photos compiled neatly to give an illusion of a 360 car spin, allowing you to view a vehicle from multiple angles. On some online marketplaces, buyers can drag the cursor to rotate the car and view it thoroughly.

This cutting-edge feature is a great way to highlight important factors like the car’s condition, color, and other distinguishing characteristics.

Use a 360-degree camera for the interior of your car. You can buy a decent one on Amazon for around $200-$300.

Use a turn table studio or revolving camera setup for the exterior of your car. Or you could try out AI-powered solutions like Spyne to generate spin car videos without needing additional assistance.

Yes, 360 car spin visuals help increase auto sales by providing a store-like experience to buyers. People can virtually interact with a vehicle before buying it, improving transparency in the buying process and improving consumer trust.

There’s research to back this up! According to a study by Google, around 57% of car buyers believe they can buy a car by watching a 360-degree video without having to test drive the vehicle.

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