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Drive Success With 360 Degree Dealership Photography

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360 degree dealership photography

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It’s critical to grab online vehicle purchaser’s attention in the modern digital era. Have you ever wasted time scrolling through countless identical-looking automobile listings? 360-degree dealership photography can help with avoiding that. Potential customers may practically step inside virtual showrooms and examine every feature of a car from the comfort of their own home, thanks to this creative method of automobile display. This article will go into the realm of 360 photography, covering its advantages, best 360-degree dealership photography practices, and how it can completely transform the way you show your inventory to the public, regardless of your experience level as a dealership manager.


What is 360 dealership photography?

360 degree dealership photography is the next best thing to internet vehicle shopping. Visualise a virtual showroom where, from the comfort of your couch, you can turn a car to examine every curve, slide your finger into the phone screen to see inside the sunroof, and take a close look at the dashboard. This cutting-edge technology captures the complete exterior and inside of a car using panoramic photos or quick movies. Additionally, providing prospective customers with an immersive experience that can almost perfectly replace a trip to the dealership.



Process of shooting 360 View with Spyne?

Put an end to laborious setups and heavy equipment! Capturing breathtaking 360° shots of cars is easy with Spyne. This section explores how to take 360 car view with the Spyne app in an easy-to-use manner. From downloading the app to taking pictures and allowing Spyne’s AI to do its magic, we’ll walk you through every step. Learn how Spyne’s automated processing produces a seamless 360° view while its guided prompts make sure you record what you need. Get ready to discover how anyone can create a photo booth for car dealerships with Spyne!

1. Setup: This involves preparing your shooting area with a consistent background and lighting (Spyne may offer specific recommendations). Also, you’ll arrange your products and ensure they are clean and ready for photography.

2. Capture: Spyne offers a couple of capture methods:

  • Self-serve photoshoot: You might use a mobile app or web interface provided by Spyne. The platform guides you through the shooting process, instructing you on product placement and image capture.
  • Professional photography: Spyne might partner with professional photographers who use specialized equipment to capture high-quality product images.

3. AI Processing: Once images are captured, Spyne’s AI takes center stage. Then, AI automatically edits and enhances your photos, applying features like background removal, object straightening, and color correction.

4. Review and Approval: The processed images are then delivered to you for review. You can also approve the final versions or request adjustments if needed.

5. Export and Use: With your final approval, Spyne also provides the edited images in a downloadable format suitable for your e-commerce platform or marketing materials.


Features of 360 Degree Dealership Photography

We are aware of how 360° views provide a comprehensive image of a car, enabling buyers to examine every aspect of it, both inside and out. Additionally, how features like clickable hotspots and zoom capability can improve the user experience even more and draw attention to important details. Prepare to discover how 360 degree dealership photography may change the way you present your products!

1. Creating High-Resolution Spins

Spins with high resolution are essential to present an in-depth picture of the car. Modern 360° virtual turntables allow dealerships to precisely capture every perspective. Additionally, this technology emphasizes every aspect of the vehicle, which increases visitor engagement and length of stay.

2. Integrating Spins into Vehicle Detail Pages

Adding vehicle photo spins into pages improves the user experience in general. Clients are able to virtually “walk around” the vehicle, adjusting the perspective and focusing in on desired areas. Engaging prospective customers through interaction not only increases transparency and trust but also fosters it.

3. Utilizing Turntable Compatibility

The use of turntable compatibility is necessary to produce smooth 360-degree rotations. This advancement in car photography guarantees that every detail is documented, giving prospective purchasers a thorough perspective. Spin 360 offers benefits, including improved visual appeal, interaction, and transparency, to help your dealership stand out from the competition. Additionally, it gives customers a contemporary and easy purchasing experience.

4. Interactive Experience for Customers

It is imperative in the current digital world to provide customers with an engaging experience. Additionally, customer engagement and happiness can be greatly increased via immersive car-buying journey.

5. Virtual Walkarounds and Interior Tours

Customers can examine a vehicle’s outside and inside from the comfort of their home using virtual walkarounds. Therefore, this feature can entice visitors to stay on your website longer and give your merchandise more careful thought.

6. Interactive Hotspots for Feature Highlights

Customers can click on particular aspects in a 360° view with interactive hotspots, and they will instantly receive detailed information or even a video explanation. Also, this method may change the way that people investigate automobiles.

7. Zoom and Rotate Functionalities

Customers may get an up-close, immersive look at every inch of your cars using the zoom and rotate features. They will be less likely to need to visit the dealership to check on little matters as a result, building trust.

8. Detailed Views of Vehicle Features

Consider providing prospective buyers with an in-depth, interactive tour of your cars’ interiors and exteriors. In order to build trust and lessen the need for consumers to physically visit the dealership in order to view little features, the 360 car dealer allowed clients to visually check the vehicle.

9. Remote Inspection Capabilities

Dealerships may improve client relations by providing a better digital experience that puts ease and openness first. Therefore, by offering precise and thorough information via 360-degree views of cars, one may foster customer loyalty and trust. Further, it can promote repeat business and positive word-of-mouth recommendations.


What benefits does this car dealership photography solution brings?

As a large language model, I can’t directly sell cars, so I wouldn’t be offering 360-degree dealership photography as a service to customers. However, I can tell you the benefits this solution brings to car shoppers:

1. Quality Photos

Neither you nor your clients want hazy photos taken on a cell phone. High-quality images will draw more customers to your dealership and result in high-quality conversions. A well-taken picture can convey the history of a used car and also help the buyer feel like they own it.

2. Background Replacement

When looking for a car, it might be challenging to get a web browser to notice you. You can use Background Replacement to aid in your attempts to get attention for your car. This lets you apply an image of the car alone on a variety of backgrounds. Therefore, this is perfect for making flyers, websites, and other advertising materials. Make sure the car is the main subject of the shot and utilize our photo-clipping abilities.

3. Attract More Leads

Car dealerships can leverage the power of high-quality car images to create an engaging visual for their audience. These images provide prospective customers with a positive first impression, which raises the likelihood that they will become leads. However, that’s only sometimes easy because car images often require significant post-processing or special effects. ‍

4. Create The Best First Impression

Using high-quality photographs that make the greatest first impression on prospective customers is crucial as auto dealerships continue to shift their operations online for efficiency and convenience. Strong effects in your photos show off your professionalism and attention to detail while faithfully capturing the essence of the offered car. These images convey an air of trustworthiness in your car dealership and trigger an emotional response from viewers when they visit your virtual car showroom, making a purchase easier and more desirable.

5. Modify your Existing Inventory

For auto dealerships, adding premium effects to your photos is a quick and easy method to stay competitive. By including special effects, you may present consumers with more vibrant and lifelike visuals of what they can anticipate from your dealership, whether your goal is to highlight your extensive inventory of car models or to advertise your services. It not only instills more trust in prospective buyers about your vehicle models and services, but it’s also a terrific method to establish your brand’s reputation and awareness.

6. Better Product Presentation

Visuals can help you lead the way to present your products in the trendiest and best possible way. Therefore, Putting images of happy customers using your product at the front and center shows potential buyers what your products deliver, giving them trust and reassurance.

7. Allow More Engagement

It is impossible to exaggerate the significance of having excellent photos at auto shops. They not only make an impact that lasts, but they also help with SEO ranking. Because they highlight every minute feature and faithfully capture the vehicles that buyers are interested in purchasing, high-quality photos aid in forging an emotional connection between buyers and sellers of automobiles. When automobile purchasers look past the specifics of the product, it strengthens trust and fosters a closer relationship with car vendors. When it comes to interacting with clients, car dealerships have an advantage because to their high-quality photographs; visuals can convey ideas much more effectively than words alone.

8. Build Trust in the Brand

Car dealerships are not an exception to the necessity for top-notch photos that effectively and aesthetically stunningly showcase their products in today’s increasingly visual environment. The buyer is also given confidence and faith in the product by the vehicle dealership’s prominent display of these photos on their website, even before they have had a chance to see it in person.

Utilizing top-notch photos can set an auto dealership apart from competitors and give their business a more polished appearance. Also, good photography makes a strong statement about quality, and buyers want to see that auto dealerships are spending money on content that looks professional. Additionally, altering photos with dependable backgrounds can reassure customers regarding their buy.

9. Drive More Sales

Attractive visuals have a big influence on car dealership sales. A website optimized with properly aligned images leaves a much more captivating impression than a site without any order. Buyers are naturally drawn to a digital car store’s sleek and streamlined look, especially when it stands out from the rest. To maximize our car dealership’s potential, let’s ensure that all images are optimized and visually engaging for buyers that will be well worth the effort.


How does Spyne help auto dealers with car dealership photography?

Have you ever dreamed that taking pictures at a vehicle dealership could be as easy as pulling out your smartphone? For car dealers, turns that fantasy into a reality. With the help of this cutting-edge platform, dealerships may do away with costly studios and in-house photographers. With Spyne, you can save time and money by using AI technology and your smartphone to make beautiful 360° virtual tours and images of cars. Let’s examine how Spyne improves image quality, expedites your dealership’s photographic process, and strengthens your web presence.

1. Cost savings: Spyne eliminates the need for expensive studio setups or professional photographers to capture key images. Additionally, 360 degree dealership photography costs are affordable and less expensive in comparison to other options available in the market. You can use your smartphone to take pictures, and Spyne’s AI handles editing.

2. Quick turnaround time: Traditional photography involves manual processing and preparation, which can take a lot of time. Spyne automates these tasks, making it much faster to get quality images online.

3. Scalability: Spyne’s system can handle large numbers of photos efficiently, making it ideal for retailers with higher price points. You can quickly photograph newcomers and register them online without delay.

4. High-Quality: Spyne’s AI ensures quality throughout your vehicle’s imagery. This gives your retail space a professional look and avoids potential conflicts with traditional car photography.

5. Image Editing and Updating: By smoothing out details, removing blemishes, and changing colors, Spyne’s AI 360 car photography software helps ensure mobile photos look good enough to reflect the bigger picture for shooting announcements.

6. 360-degree view of cars: With the help of artificial intelligence (AI), Spyne creates a 360-degree view of cars, which can allow users to get up and inspect them from anywhere, view their configuration, and understand their nature well.

7. Online Image Enhancement: Spyne optimizes mobile images online, ensuring they stand out and attract maximum attention from buyers.

8. Consistent branding: Spyne helps dealers maintain consistent branding by ensuring that all vehicle imagery is developed and displayed in accordance with the dealership’s style and guidelines.

9. Faster turnaround time: Spyne’s automated process accelerates turnaround time. Therefore, dealers can quickly develop their mobile imagery for marketing campaigns and online listings.

10. Customizable Products: Spyne recognizes that every dealership is different and offers solutions that can be tailored to specific requirements, guaranteeing that technology can be customized in the image of the car.


Which One To Choose: 360 photography or videography?

Increasing the likelihood that customers will review your products is important in an increasingly competitive market. Whatever choice you make, you still have to make it. However, having an expert partner who is excellent at capturing images and videos can reduce team tension and free up resources, while still providing you with all the benefits of growing your business. But which is the best? The answer depends on your needs, goals, and budget. If you’re looking for a quick and easy connection to improve your car and offer more than just photos, 360-degree photos are a great way to get the most out of it and separate the list from the competition with the budget.

However, if you want to provide customers with a truly immersive experience that showcases the unique features of your vehicle, automotive videography is a great choice. If you have the means, a combination of the two might be your best bet because you get the advantage of SEO, covering all the basics, standing out from the competition, and doing it all the time.



In summary, 360-degree dealership imagery is the way of the future for online automobile shopping—it’s not simply a trend. You’re providing prospective customers with a more immersive and interesting experience by using this technology, which will eventually result in more leads, higher conversion rates, and a competitive advantage in the online market. Invest in 360-degree photography now, and you’ll see your dealership prosper in the dynamic world of online auto sales.




  • Q. How to take 360 photos of cars?

    In order to get a 360-degree picture of a vehicle, Assemble a tripod and check that the camera is level before attaching. Take pictures of the entire car by using the remote shutter to capture it from various perspectives. Slide the camera around to capture the car’s underbelly and roof. Combining photos into a smooth 360-degree panorama can be done with image compositing software.


  • Q. How do you take 360-degree pictures?

    To take pictures from above and at eye level, you’ll need a swivel chair to sit on, a way to hold your “camera” aimed at you like a tripod, and a technique to trip the shutter button on your camera.


  • Q. What is the benefit of a 360 photo booth in the dealership business?

    A 360-degree photo booth helps create brand identity, as every photo will have your dealer’s logo, corporate brand, and identity.

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