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360 Degree Car Photography: Pro Tips You Must Know!

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360 degree car photography

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In this digitally evolving car market attracting a customer to your virtual showroom is difficult. People don’t just want to know about the features of the vehicle but a complete visual appearance that is attractive and catchy to their eyes. 360 degree car photography is something that is a blessing to every car dealership. Potential customers get the gleaming exterior to a luxurious interior with just a click or swipe. The ultimate goal of this software is to provide a digital experience that rivals a physical visit to the dealership. So let’s dive into this more and learn all the must-knows with our new blog!


What is 360 Degree Car Photography?

360 degree car photography is a technique that creates a completely impressive virtual appearance of a car. It can be done through specialized cameras or by taking multiple photos and stitching them together in software. This technique is popular for online car listings, giving potential buyers a detailed look at the car. It allows potential buyers to see the entire exterior and interior of the vehicle from any angle as if they were standing right next to it or sitting inside.

There are two main ways to achieve this firstly, a 360-degree camera, which is specialized to capture a full spherical image in a single shot. They’re often used for capturing the car’s interior where a turntable might be impractical. Secondly, turntable photography where the car is placed on a rotating platform while multiple photos are taken from a fixed position. The software then stitches these photos together to create a seamless 360-degree view for a virtual car photo booth. This method is better suited for capturing the car’s exterior



How 360 Degree Car Photography Enhances Leads

Traditionally, potential buyers would visit dealerships to browse and inspect vehicles in person. However, with the rise of online marketplaces and car-buying platforms, consumers are increasingly comfortable researching and even purchasing cars entirely online. This presents a challenge for dealerships and private sellers. This innovative technology is revolutionizing the way cars are presented online, and studies show it can significantly increase the number of qualified automotive leads you generate. 360 degree car photography can be a game-changer for generating leads in the auto industry. Here’s how to leverage it effectively:

Showcase Every Detail:

while using 360 car photography always highlight all the key features of the vehicle. The images should be clear and appealing to visitor’s eyes. Additionally, use 360 views to prominently display unique design elements, luxurious interiors, features, and the exteriors that set your car apart.

Enhance Online Presence:

Website integration of 360-degree car images to your dealership website directly increases your traffic. This allows potential buyers to explore vehicles virtually, increasing engagement and dwell time. Utilizing platforms like Facebook and Instagram to showcase 360 car spins. This interactive format grabs attention and encourages potential buyers to inquire.

Stand Out From Competitors:

360 degree views provide a significant edge over dealerships that rely solely on static images. So, utilizing a good 360 Car Photography Software can make you different from your competitors and improve your online car sales  This can make your listings more attractive and memorable.

Increase Buyer Confidence. In addition, it allows potential buyers to thoroughly examine your 360 car virtual tour. It reduces the need for in-person visits. Further, it helps in building trust with potential buyers and qualify more leads.

For Dealerships:

1. Enhanced Visual Appeal: Static photos can only capture limited views of a vehicle.whereas 360 views allow you to showcase every curve, detail, and feature of a car, which helps in creating a more captivating presentation.

2. Immersive Experience: Potential buyers can virtually explore a car’s interior and exterior from any angle within a few seconds which helps in replicating the real motives and intentions of the the car dealers. Further, this builds a stronger connection and increases engagement between the customer and the buyer.

3. Competitive Advantage: Introducing 360-degree views to your website automatically sets your dealership apart from competitors relying solely on traditional photos. A 360 Spin Car Photography helps you to bring the best visual representation of your vehicle. Further, it compels your potential customers to compare your brand with others.

4. Improved Online Presence: Interactive 360 Degree Car Gallery keeps your visitors on your website longer. Further, it helps in boosting engagement and potentially leading to more leads. By providing a more thorough online experience, 360 car photography can convert online lookers into serious buyers.

For Car Buyers:

1. Virtual Inspection: 360 views allow detailed examination of a car online, reducing the need for immediate in-person visits. This is especially valuable for long-distance car shopping.

2. Informed Decisions: Potential buyers can get a clearer picture of a car’s condition and features, empowering them to make well-informed decisions before visiting a dealership.

3. Improved Confidence: The ability to virtually explore a car fosters trust and transparency, leading to a more confident car buying experience.

4. Time-Saving: By allowing thorough online inspection, 360 views can potentially save car buyers time by helping them narrow down their choices before visiting dealerships.

Overall, 360 degree car photography is a powerful tool that benefits both sides of the car buying experience. It creates a more engaging and informative online experience for car shoppers while giving dealerships a significant edge in showcasing their inventory and attracting qualified leads.


Significance of 360 Degree Car Photography in Auto Industry

The automotive industry trends have a seismic shift towards online car shopping. 360 degree car photography is no longer a mere trend, but a vital tool in the modern automotive industry. It bridges the gap between the physical showroom and the digital world, creating a more engaging and informative car-buying experience for everyone involved. This digital landscape presents a challenge: how to effectively present vehicles to customers who might not be stepping foot on the dealership lot. 360 car photography has emerged as a game-changing solution, offering a multitude of benefits for both dealerships and car buyers. Here’s why it’s so important:

1. Enhancing Customer Satisfaction:

Detailed 360 views empower car shoppers to make well-informed decisions. They can virtually assess a car’s condition, features, and suitability for their needs, leading to greater confidence and satisfaction throughout the buying journey.

2. Revolutionizing the Car Buying Experience:

Static photos have limitations. 360 views provide a virtual car walkaround experience, allowing potential buyers to examine every inch of a car’s interior and exterior in stunning detail. This replicates the in-person experience and fosters a stronger connection with the vehicle.

3. Boosting Dealership Sales:

Competitive Advantage: Dealerships that leverage 360 degree photo galleries stand out from competitors relying solely on traditional photos. These interactive presentations grab attention, increase engagement, and significantly improve conversion rates. By providing a more thorough online experience, 360 Photography can convert online lookers into qualified leads and ultimately drive sales of automotive dealerships.

4. Boost engagement and conversions:

Immersive visuals keep viewers interested, leading to a more satisfying shopping experience and ultimately, more sales. Stand out from dealerships that haven’t embraced 360° technology. Offer a unique and informative experience that sets you apart. By providing a comprehensive view of the car, you eliminate surprises and build trust with potential customers who can feel confident about their online purchases.

5. Benefits Beyond the Showroom:

Improved Efficiency: 360 views allow potential buyers to virtually inspect cars, potentially reducing the need for immediate in-person visits. This saves time for both car shoppers and dealership staff. 360 degree photography empowers long-distance car shoppers to thoroughly examine vehicles online, and make a rational comparison between the products that later help in facilitating a more convenient car buying process.


Pro Tips for 360 Spin Car Photography

Till now we know how 360 degree car photography has evolved so much. But to develop a good auto photo booth on your page it is important to know how these vehicle photo booths should be formed to give a high-quality, clear, and captivating appearance to our customers about our virtual car showroom. We have listed a few tips to keep in mind while capturing your car:

1) Equipment: A 360 camera is the ideal equipment for capturing a seamless 360 image. You can find dedicated 360 cameras or use a DSLR with a special rig. Further, a turntable allows you to rotate the car smoothly to capture the exterior shots.

2) Set Up the Shot: Choose an ideal location for the shoot that is well-lit, clutter-free, and even lighting. Avoid uneven exposure and harsh shadows in the final image. But, before shooting give the car a thorough wash and wax to ensure a shiny, reflective surface. Remove any distracting elements like temporary tags or personal belongings from the inside.


pro tips for 360 car photography


3)Capture the Images: For a basic 360 capture, you can use your smartphone with a 360 camera app. Slowly walk around the car, keeping it centered in the frame for optimal stitching in post-processing. Follow the camera’s specific instructions for capturing a 360 image. Ensure there’s enough overlap between shots for proper stitching. If using a turntable then, mount the car securely on the turntable and rotate it slowly while capturing images at set intervals.

4) Additional Tips: Maintain a level camera throughout the capture to avoid a tilted final image.

Try to set the camera to manual exposure for consistent lighting across the entire 360 spin. Once, you reach the final image use specialized 360 editing software to stitch individual shots together and create a smooth, seamless final image. Consider adding virtual tours or interactive hotspots for an engaging experience.


Future Trends in Car Photography in 2024

The world of 360 degree car photography is constantly evolving, with new technologies and features emerging to further enhance the online car buying experience. Few potential trends could shape the future of car photography. As technology continues to develop, we can expect even more innovative ways to showcase cars online, creating a seamless and immersive car buying experience for everyone. Here’s a glimpse into some exciting possibilities for the future:

1. VR Integration

Imagine stepping virtually inside a car and exploring its interior in detail using a VR headset. This could be the next level of immersion, allowing car shoppers to get a true feel for the car’s space, comfort, and features.

2. Interactive Hotspots:

360 presentations could become even more interactive with the inclusion of hotspots. Clicking on these hotspots might reveal additional information about specific features, materials, or functionalities within the car.

3. AI-powered Personalization:

Imagine a system that tailors the 360-degree experience to individual car shoppers. Based on their preferences and needs, the system might highlight specific features or offer different viewing angles, creating a personalized virtual tour.


future trends in 360 car photography


4. Higher Resolution and Detail:

As technology advances, we can expect even higher resolution 360 captures. This will provide even more stunning visuals and allow car shoppers to zoom in and examine intricate details with incredible clarity. Therefore, it is very important to create a website that presents photos and videos in high and clear resolutions.

5. Real-time 360 Views:

The future might hold real-time 360 experiences that allow car shoppers to virtually explore a car at the dealership remotely which can be easily guided by a salesperson. This could revolutionize the long-distance car-buying journey of potential customers.

6. Drone Integration:

Combining 360-degree capture with the introduction of drone technology could help in unlocking new possibilities. Imagine a 360 fly-around of a car, showcasing its exterior design and surroundings in a captivating way. It will give virtual showrooms a new face that will be technologically advanced and creative.



In the age of online car shopping, static images just don’t cut it anymore. 360 degree car photography has emerged as a game-changer, offering a revolutionary way to showcase vehicles. By providing a virtual walkaround experience, 360° visuals allow potential buyers to intimately explore every detail of a car, from the sleek curves to the plush interior.

This isn’t just a fancy trend rather it’s a necessity for car dealership photography. So, if you’re serious about selling cars in today’s digital landscape, then 360 car photography is an investment you can take advantage of. With its engaging user experience and proven effectiveness, 360° visuals are the future of online car shopping. Embrace this technology and watch your sales soar!




  • Q. How do you take 360-degree pictures of a car?

    Follow the given tips to take an impressive 360-degree picture of a car

    1. Park your vehicle in a well-lit area with minimal distractions.
    2. Mount the camera on a tripod and make sure it is level.
    3. Use the remote shutter to shoot multiple cars from different angles and make sure to shoot the whole car.

  • Q. Is a 360-degree camera useful in the car?

    Yes, a 360-degree camera is very useful in presenting a car and providing a clear view to the potential customers which ultimately leads to enhanced sales and leads to car dealers.

  • Q. What equipment do I need to start with 360 Degree Car Photography?

    To start with a 360 degree in car photography primarily you need a good camera and to enhance it use of a car turntable is the best option.

  • Q. What are the best shooting techniques for 360 Degree Car Photography?

    The best shooting techniques include mounting your camera on a level tripod for stability, minimizing camera shake, try shooting multiple photos from different angles, ensure complete coverage of the car. And lastly, don’t forget the roof and bottom for a full 360° view.

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