What after COVID-19 for photographers?"

What after COVID-19? Ideas For Profitably Sailing Through Micro-Weddings.

Since the Government issued the order that now only 50 people are allowed at a wedding, Micro weddings are something that has become the only option for the wedding industry. But, what really concerns us, is the execution of this Micro-wedding concept, that’s why we are here with some well-researched ideas that can surely help you in sailing profitably from this impuissant situation that Corona has given us.


Major Concerns for the wedding industry?

1. Smaller Size weddings would require smaller teams.

2. Reduced budgets and inappropriate package demands.

3. Preference of Local photographers over the professional ones.


Now, since you have read all the major concerns prevailing in this situation, let’s jump on to the solutions that can help you and your business.


Idea No. 1.

Since the wedding will be small-scaled and the gathering will be very less, then you need to be one step ahead and plan your team and your resources efficiently. Holding onto your best staff that is multi-skilled will be a more profitable option in the current scenario. So, you can plan in advance on which type of photographers and videographers can be shifted to which type of weddings. You can even make a floor plan for your upcoming wedding bookings so that you can maintain social distancing.


Idea No. 2.

Value-added and new innovative services are always a savior. Make some modifications in your wedding packages, now since the wedding scale is less so you can offer services like small teasers that can be easily uploaded on social media platforms, Gif videos and even live streaming of weddings which can surely help you stand out from the local photographers and also help you to charge a premium amount for your services.


Idea No. 3 

Make sure that your after shoot services is very smooth and very user-friendly. Give a contact-less, quick photo-proofing, and digital delivery experience to your clients. Rather than physically delivering their wedding albums opt for online ways of photo-sharing. Needless to say how important it is now to deliver quick, high-quality contactless services once the wedding is over.


That brings us to Spyne, easy-to-use FREE software that helps you share a beautiful digital gallery for client selection.  Your clients can access the project both through mobile and desktop and do the selection in less than a day. Plus the tool also ensures that the client gives you a review, which you otherwise keep waiting for months.

If you want to know more then sign up here – https://www.spyne.ai/v2/register#photographer

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