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Popular Indian Food Ideas that Will Definitely Make You Drool

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When someone says Indian Food, the first few things that come to mind are Spices, Authenticity, Delicious Vegetarian Recipes and so much more. This is the uniqueness of Indian food that it spellbinds those who get the privilege of savouring its flavour. From finger-licking curries to street food that can literally blast like a bomb of flavours in your mouth.

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Since there are so many states and so many communities in the country, there is no one popular recipe that people eat on a daily basis. There are thousands, if not millions, of them. There are popular dishes from every state and community that people enjoy eating more than anything.

To fathom the scale of flavours and make it much simpler for you, here is a video of popular Indian food and the history behind the diversity of Cuisines in the country.

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