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Photographers nowadays use the best photo editor app to enhance their clicked images.  In today’s time, it is not essential you should have a DSLR then only you can click a perfect picture. Smartphones have launched the great quality inbuilt camera. You can capture the most beautiful and wonderful moments.

There are many photo editor app which gives them a different kind of colours, texture and visual.

But the question is that which photo editor is best for a perfect photography? Which photo editor app will make your image presentable and beautiful?

We have searched 20 best photo editor app for android as well as iPhone for you all! So let’s go through the amazing list one by one to know their features and a little information about it!

20 Photo Editor App for every photographer’s Android & iPhone:

1. Google Snapseed (Free)

If you have got bored with the photoshop app. But seeing the same features like photoshop then Snapseed will not let you down. It has all the features and updated functions like photoshop.

Google Snapseed

It’s main features are:

  • It provides an “automatic” option for setting colour and contrast for the users.
  • Snapseed can save users editing history. It can also create or save filter options by using the default and editing filters.
  • There are 29 filters to make your image on top of the list.

You can Download it on Android and IOS as well.

 2. VSCO (Free)

This photo editor app is said to have the best artistic feature which no other app has in its approach. VSCO designs are such that with one glance you will feel you have visited a well-organised app.


It’s main features are:

  • It gives the feel of iPhone images and the most impressive filters which will give you’re an image a whole set of life.
  • VSCO gives the photo-sharing platform. You can become a social butterfly with your most amazing photos.
  • It has the most impressive camera in which you can adjust ISO and exposure in an easy way. It has two methods presets you can choose between them which one suited best for you. You can adjust shutter speed, balance your composition, colour. It has a total of 10 presets that will make your work quick and easy to adjust the photos.

It is available on both Android and IOS.

3. Pixlr (Free)


Pixlr is right for the beginner as well who are doing first time editing for their pictures. It is the most popular photo editor app which has the most appealing filters which take images on a next level. It has the unique visuals and has one feature which can blend your two images and deliver an out of the box image. Pixlr is one of the best photo editor app used often. The high-quality collage maker and the automatic photo adjuster deliver beautiful images.

It is for both Android and IOS.

4. Adobe Photoshop Express (Free)

Adobe Photoshop Express

After giving the photoshop on the desktop, Adobe launched the adobe photoshop express app. So that customers can edit their clicked images in a mobile itself. It will be more easy and quick, though it has been said to be the high powered app adobe lightroom is more effective than this app.

It has some amazing features such as of “straighten” and “flip” one that can help you in getting the most flexible images. Adobe photoshop express is a good photo editor but for a more professional approach lightroom is more effective.

You can download it on both Android and IOS.

5. Magic Hour (Free)

Magic Hour


Magic Hour is better known by the name of Golden Hour for the photographer. This is the term used by cinematographers which means the first and last hour sunlight of the day. The name itself suggests that when a picture is taken in rising of the sun and at the dawn then the beauty which comes on the image that exactly comes when some picture is been edited on this app. Magic Hour gives you to create, add custom effects and share with the world.

It is a great app for night photography, the photographers which really likes moonlight and nightlife then this app serves the best need. It has all the features for the sunrise moment and sunset moments.

You can download it on both Android and IOS.

6. Adobe Lightroom CC (Free)

Adobe Lightroom CC

Adobe has always been a favourite brand for creativity. Just like the name adobe lightroom is one of the favourite photo editor apps for photographers. It allows viewing, editing and organizing a large number of views. The best thing is that it works exactly like the desktop version, this app is offering a feature in which you can switch their main camera to the Pro mode. This mode helps you to control shutter speed, exposure and white balance.

You can download it on both Android and IOS.

7. Pics Art Photo Studio (Free)

Pics Art Studio

Pics Art is a different and versatile photo editor which gives you a number of unique features which will help you in delivering you the incredible pictures. It gives the most awesome features like stickers, fonts, texts from which you can create collages and make more creative images which you click.

It will help you in developing the animated GIFS and memes for the social media of yours to be active and running in an amazing way. This app offers you a large number of presets from which you can benefit in your editing and you can create remix pictures with an amazing touch.

You can download it on both Android and IOS.

8. Afterlight (Free/Paid)


Afterlight is the most powerful and featured photo editor app for the photographers, though it is free the latest version of “Afterlight 2” is PAID. It has all the professional tools but yet it is easy to use. Its overlays and filters are so effective that it will change the whole look of your images in a great way! This app has filters inside it but you can attach more filters for free. The double-exposure tool gives you the option to create unique matches in your images.

You can easily enhance your image with different artworks and add graphics in a fun way!

With the latest version it has only ONE Price, No subscriptions and new content are updated every month!

You can download it on both Android and IOS.

9. Filter Storm Neue (Paid)

Filter Storm Neue

This app is really attractive as it has many remarkable features from which a photographer can edit its images perfectly. It has the advanced settings for all editing works. It has features from which you can do the adjustments of curves, tone and can level along with channel mixer. There are many enhanced tools from which you can do noise reduction, clarity effects, watermarking and sharpening as well.

It is really fast and easy and you will love its clone tool that can replace any unwanted objects in the image.

Works on IOS devices.

10. Photomate R3 (Free/Paid)

Photomate R3

Professional photographers love this photo editor as this is especially for them. It is costly but still, it is best for photographers. This editor has the tool which possesses JPEG images, raw data and it has advanced controls like colour corrector, lens corrector, blur adjustments and many more.

You can easily decode raw files like cr2, nef, rw2 and it is user-friendly and it gives the customers full control over the white balance and exposure.

It is for Android only.

11. Prisma (Free)


Prisma portrays your image just like a are painting on canvas.

It is the best way to find a hidden artist inside you, apart from being a photographer! Prisma is a photo editor which will make your picture look like a painting. It’s the most creative and vibrant app that will create a vibe of beautiful paintings as if you have painted by yourself. Prisma uses an artificial neural network which makes your images like a painting as if you have painted it on Picasso, making you some great painter. The amazing effects that will transform your images into mesmerizing thoughts like yo

It is for both Android or IOS.

12. Aviary (Free/Paid)


This app was made to make editing quick and easy with no fuss! Aviary will make your picture so beautiful as if it is conveying a message to the viewer. The picture will be a beautiful message or the place will be speaking by itself. They always update their app with new tools and features so that they can deliver the best photo editor to the professionals as well as the common people.

It is best used on Android.

13. Enlight (Free/Paid)


Enlight is totally made for IOS systems which portrays your pictures in a very classy and unique way. This photo editor app gives you all the types of photography or design work which you merely imagined. They offer you the artistic feature in which you can explore your artistic dreams and the best black and white photography can be delivered with this app.

It gives the most innovative workflow and creative tools from which you can merge and make any type of graphics and any type of sharing you can easily access.

It is for IOS only.

14. Touch Retouch (Paid)

Touch Retouch

Every editor has one or the other tools to give different effect to the image but this app is really useful for the photographers as it removes unwanted elements in your photo.

This is great that when you have clicked a picture and you want to remove some object or some person you can easily remove that particular person or thing without disturbing the picture.

The good thing is that its easy to handle and with one or two attempts you can replace the things smoothly.

It is for both Android and IOS.

15. Sun Surveyor (Paid)

Sun Surveyor


16. Mextures (Paid)


Mextures is the fastest photo editor app which applies the filters so efficient and quick to your pictures giving your photo a great and presentable look. Mextures is the only app which applied film grain, texture, light leaks and beautiful gradient in just a few seconds. You can review a lot of handcrafted presets which will enhance your images and make it more beautiful. It has the best professional approach and gives all kinds of tools so that your image becomes a perfect one. The simple sharing tool which makes it easy to share.

Only for IOS.

17. Camera+ (Paid)


This app has taken the editing Into the next level in this era as we can easily edit the raw shooting stuff. The tools and filters are so much in a deep context that you can take account of the most minor things as well. The manual control as well if you want to do some improvement in the editing by manually apart from that from the raw shooting it automatically starts showing the editing process if there should be done any editing. It comes with the built-in social media integrations, from which you can easily upload the image on different platforms.

Only for IOS.

18. Superimpose (Paid)


It is the best app for the professional or business purpose where you can blend one or more photos to make a perfect creative picture. Handling of this app is really easy and you can easily blend the images using their tools like a smooth tool, add masks or mask out whichever portion you want to do, scale, texture, colour blending etc. There are many filters tools and blending tools which will make your image the best image ever.

It has the layers just like in adobe photoshop and different adjustments where you can adjust your image according to you.

It is for both Android and IOS.

19. Lens Distortion (Free)

Lens Distortion

This is a magical photo editor app from which you can create any weather or any natural effect to your image. If you want sun rays or the blur effect or snow it gives you all the effects and with it represents as such it is shot in this exact weather or natural background. There are shimmer effects which can be used in fun kind of images or whichever images a photographer wants to insert.

This app gives you to create the weather and natural background on your own without shoeing any flaw in the image.

It is on both Android and IOS.

20. Cortex Camera (Paid)

Cortex Camera


Cortex Camera makes the night photography clear and excellent. It gives you the feature from which you can click photos in low light and attain clear pictures. It gives you the most captivating pictures. The best thing is that you don’t need any tripod it can click the best photos as If you have clicked it from the tripod with the electronic stabilization feature.

It is on both Android and IOS.


Written By - Shriya Tiwari on 03 Oct, 2018
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