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7 Online Marketing Ideas For Jewelry Content Marketing

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One thing is sure, Jewelery business is competitive and in order to survive, one needs customers. The question is “How?”

Jewelery content marketing


Well, in order to gain attention to your business, there are various marketing techniques you can undertake. Marketing is a way to generate awareness about your brand as well as compel potential customers to convert into your regular customers. And what’s a better way to use the internet than to promote your business?

Now, promoting your business on the Internet requires strategic planning and the right approach. Without that, you cannot fulfil your final goals. Wait, Hold up! I know you must be thinking “How should I do strategic planning and what should be my approach?”

Well, to make it easy for you to understand, here are the things you can keep in mind before diving into content marketing.


Things to keep in mind before planning content marketing


 Jewelery content marketing


1. Target Audience

While doing content marketing on the Internet, the first thing to analyze is your target audience. Your content strategy should be around the set of audience you want to target on the Internet because those are the people who will eventually become your customers.


2. Final Goals

What do you want to achieve from marketing? Since you are in the jewelery business, it is certain that you want more and more customers. So if your goal is that, plan your content marketing strategy around it. The basic idea is to establish the goals for your marketing strategy.


3. Your Unique Selling Point

There are thousands or maybe millions of jewelery products out there. The question, how is your business or your service different? What is the X factor that differentiates you from other jewelery brands? Your motive should be to highlight your USP through marketing.


4. Platform to use

Finally, it all comes down to the platform that you want to use for your marketing campaigns. Every platform has its own relevance and a different set of audience. So, plan what platform you want to use for your content marketing strategy.

Now that you know exactly what you need to do before coming up with a marketing strategy, here are some marketing ideas for your jewelery business to attract more customers and increase sales.


7 Content Marketing Ideas for Jewelery Business


Jewelery content marketing

1. Social Media posts

This is one of the easiest, cheapest and most efficient ways to do marketing of your Jewelery business. You can post good pictures of your Jewelery products on social media and use relevant hashtags to reach your target customers.

If you are posting on Facebook or Instagram, you can use hashtags like #jewellery, #fashion, #necklace, #goldjewelleryphotography, #Indianjewellery, etc. You can also do research on other hashtags relevant to your industry.


2. Portfolio Website

In order to promote, authenticate and spread your business, you can build a portfolio website to showcase the best of your work. In the Jewelery industry, visuals matter.

So, if you have good Jewelery products, why not showcase them and label them so that viewers can become aware of your collection. On the website, you can add your business address and a contact number so that people can locate you in case they need your service.


3. Build a selling website

Apart from sharing your work and using your website as a portfolio, you can use that website for selling purposes too. Yes, you can do direct trade with customers using an authentic website. The key is to bring traffic to your website and convert that traffic into your customers.


4. Improve your google ranking using SEO

Imagine how amazing would it be if someone would search something about Jewelery such as ‘Best Jewelery Company in Delhi’ and the name of your business appears on top.

Well, that’s the power of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Optimize your website and work on the type of content you publish on it and you will rank higher on google searches in no time.

5. Run Pay-Per-Click Adverts

It is certainly true that PPC advertising has changed the way one approaches advertising in general. In PPC ads, one can easily track the success rate as you only pay for the clicks. Also, you get to decide ‘who’s the target audience of the ad’, and ‘where’s the target audience of the ad.’


6. Create an Email list

Email listing is an amazing way to target potential customers. Create a list of emails who are genuinely interested in your work and send them engaging content which can anything from product announcement to discounts and offers.

The key is to keep the email engaging so that people don’t unsubscribe to your mails. It’s an effective way to sell your product and generate leads and inquiries.


7. Start blogging

If you haven’t already started yet, you should definitely consider blogging to grow your business and generate general awareness about it. Writing blogs is not just a habit of wanderers or those who study literature. Blogging actually gives you a platform to talk about your business and keep your readers updated about it.

Whether you have a product coming or a sale coming, your blogs will help in notifying people as well as keep them engaged. You don’t have to write long articles or use articulate passages. You can just post a picture of your products and write a little detail about it.


Jewelery content marketing


Marketing is an amazing way to promote your business online and reach a wide set of audiences that is hardly possible in an offline setting. Through marketing, you make people aware of your brand and let them know how different and important your services are in your everyday life. Whether it is running a Jewelery business or a candy store, if you don’t tell others about it, they will never know.

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