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Indian Food Photography : A Journey to the Palate of India

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Prepare your palate and be ready to order some food because this is going to be a lip-smacking ride which will leave you craving for more. This is not just an article about Indian food photography. This is a journey: a journey where you will discover the delicacies from the mountains, proud breakfast cuisines going from North to South, some lesser-known food facts, and many things about food photography and food photo editing.

Indian food photography


A Little History

The very culture of cooking food in India can be traced back to the time of The Harappa Civilization and The Mohenjadaro Civilization. It is believed that they used various pulses and cereals for daily food consumption.

As we moved to the Vedic Period, our regular diet witnessed changes that included vegetables, dairy, fruits, honey, and meat, along with the use of spices. Since Aryans had arrived from Central Asia, they had introduced several different cuisines.

Indian food photography


But with the rise of the Gupta and Maurya Empires, religious beliefs influenced the eating habits, condemning the consumption of meat. While it was mostly vegetables, the food didn’t lack in development of our bodies. 

After Vedic, came the Medieval period that saw the Mughals bringing in some popular cuisine from Central Asia like Naans and other flatbreads.  

Then came the Nizams and Portuguese with their Biryanis and other lip-smacking dishes, followed by British, Chinese, and others. 

Whether it is a pure vegetarian meal like dal and rice or Idli Sambhar or it is a meat dish like mutton biryani, everything we call Indian Food has a heavy influence from our past. 

List Of Some Popular India Foods

Now that we are done with history, we can move forward to check out some really popular dishes across India and some very attractive pictures of indian food also. These dishes are not just eaten but they are more or less worshipped for their uniqueness and taste. So, let’s check out some popular Indian food and Indian food photos

1. Hyderabadi Biryani

Believed to be originated from the scullery of Nizam of Hyderabad, This biryani has a heavy influence from Iranian and Mughlai cuisine. 

Hyderabadi Biryani is prepared with Dum Pukht Technique which basically means slow cooking. It may take some time to cook it, but in the end, it’s all worth it. 

Hyderabadi Biryani, Indian food photography


2. Dal Makhani

Dal Makhani is one of the classic Indian Cuisines. Whether you are at home or in a restaurant, you can always enjoy it with a Naan or some cooked rice. 

dal makhani, Indian food photography

3. Papdi Chaat

Being a traditional fast-food, Papdi Chaat is famous among the peeps living in Norths India as well as Pakistan and Bangladesh. The dish features a mix of chickpeas, potatoes, dashi, crispy wafers (papdi), and chutney. The best part about this dish is the burst of flavors in your mouth. Tangy, Sour, Sweet, and Spicy. 

Papdi chaat, Indian food photography

4. Idli Sambhar

Do you know what’s a perfect meal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? IDLI!

Yes, this beautiful puffy rice dish when served with some sambhar and ground-up coconut chutney, makes for a delightful meal. 

Idli sambar, indian food photography


5. Rogan Josh

A mouth-watering dish that is a common sight in Kashmiri households, Rogan Josh is best enjoyed with flat-breads. The dish, which is incomplete without the ribs, makes for an amazing conversation starter and main course. 

Rogan josh, Indian food photography


6. Butter Chicken

Say Butter Chicken out loud in public and you will be able to find true North Indians around you. That’s how it works. Just kidding! The hype behind this dish is reasonable because of the heavenly taste of this dish. If made right, this dish can take you to the moon and back.

butter chicken, indian food photography

7. Palak Paneer

Talking about vegetarian Indian foods, it’d be unfair to mention palak paneer. Prepared with spinach and paneer (cottage cheese), Palak Paneer is a delightful meal that is loved by millions of Indians. 

palak paneer, indian food photography


8. Dhokla

It’s not just the Indian main course that attracts the attention of those in India and around the world. Those with sweet-tooth will tell you how amazing Dhokla is. If you haven’t tried this Gujarati Sweet dish, do it right now. It will show you the side of sweetness you have never experienced before. 

Dhokla, indian food photography


9. Kheer

While talking about India sweets and desserts, it’d be unfair not to talk about Kheer. Others may argue but it is one of those dishes that taste better when made at home. It’s sweet, nostalgic, irresistible, and leaves us craving for more. 

kheer, indian food photography


10. Rasgulla

Beware! this doughball-looking sweet, known for being originated from West Bengal, can give you a dopamine rush. Dipped in sugar syrup, Rasgullas are a celebration started across India.

rasgulla, indian food photography


Signature Indian Food Photography from North to South India

Now that we have talked about popular Indian foods and saw some amazing types of photography of Indian food, now is the time to check out some of the most celebrated cuisines across every state and food photography in India.

North India

1. Kashmir

Food – Yakhni (Yogurt Lamb Curry)

Photo Genre – Indian Food Photography

Photo Source – Instagram

Description – Yakhni is a part of Kashmiri cuisine, cooked meticulously with different spices and flavors. It’s basically broth/curry featuring meat and curd. The whole texture, aroma, and the presentation of Yakhni will surely leave you spellbound.

yakhni, indian food photography

2. Himachal Pradesh

Food – Mash Daal

Photo Genre – Indian Food Photography

Photo Source – Instagram

Description – Among many delicacies of Himachal, Mash Daal is a show-stealer in many family gatherings and dinners.

mash daal, indian food photography

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3. Punjab

Food – Chole Bhature

Photo Genre – Indian Food Photography

Photo Source – Instagram

Description – Residing in the hearts of North India, Chole Bhature is not just a dish but a morning ritual. It won’t be stereotyping to say that Punjabis love their Chole Bhature apart from Shakkar Para, lassi, Paneer Tikka and Daal Makhani.

chole bhature, indian food photography

4. Uttarakhand

Food – Aaloo Ke Gutke

Photo Genre – Indian Food Photography

Photo Source – Instagram

Description – Aaloo ke Gutke is among the most popular and easy to make dishes in Uttrakhand. Prepared by roasted potatoes and spices, Aaloo ke Gutke is a signature dish that you will commonly see in Uttrakhand.

Aloo ke gutke

5. Harayana

Food – Kadhi Pakora

Photo Genre – Indian Food Photography

Photo Source – Instagram

Description – Popular Dish enjoyed with rice, Kadhi Pakora is a popular cuisine of Harayana. Its variations can often be found in UP Bihar, Rajasthan, and Punjab. The simplicity of this dish is what makes it so appealing.

Kadhi pakora, Indian food photography 

6. Uttar Pradesh

Food – Galaouti Kebabs

Photo Genre –  Indian Food Photography

Photo Source – Instagram

Description –  Prepared with minced meat and spices, Galaouti Kabab is the pride of this city of Nawabs. This popular dish of Uttar Pradesh can be found in most parts of the north as well as western Indian states. The mesmerizing taste of Galaouti Kebabs will surely give your taste buds a refreshing experience.

galaouti kebab, indian food photography

7. Rajasthan

Food – Laal Maas

Photo Genre – Indian Food Photography

Photo Source – Instagram

Description – Cooked in sizzling spices, tomato puree, and red chilies, Laal Maas is a very popular and commonly served dish in Rajasthan. This vibrant looking dish is spicy yet the flavor is so amazing that you would want to come here again and again.

laal maas

North-East India

8. Assam

Food – Duck Meat Curry

Photo Genre – Indian Food Photography

Photo Source – Instagram

Description – This delicacy from Assam is something that you should definitely try if you’re in the state. This is a celebratory dish which means that it is usually cooked during special occasions. When cooked right, this dish can leave you with a heavenly feeling.

duck meat curry, indian food photography

9. Arunachal Pradesh

Food – Pika Pila

Photo Genre – Indian Food Photography

Photo Source –  Flickr

Description – Pika Pila is a famous dish from Arunachal Pradesh made by the Apatani Tribe. It’s basically a type of pickle, made using pork fat and bamboo shoot.

pika pila, indian food photography

10. Mizoram

Food – Bai

Photo Genre – Indian Food Photography

Photo Source – Flickr

Description – Prepared with Pork, Steamed vegetables, and Bamboo shoots, Bai is one of the most popular dishes of Mizoram. The best part is that it is very easy to find. If you’re in the state, you must try this one.

bai, indian food photography

11. Nagaland 

Food – Akibiye

Photo Genre – Indian Food Photography

Photo Source – Instagram

Description – Popular in Nagaland, this Akibiye is a vegetable dish made with bamboo shoot and colocasia. The dish is served best with rice and is among the top vegetarian picks among the people of the state.

akibiye, indian food photography

12. Meghalaya

Food – Nakham Bitchi

Photo Genre – Indian Food Photography

Photo Source – Source

Description – It’s just soup. But you know what? It’s the best fish and vegetable soup you’ll ever have. People of Meghalaya are known for having and serving this soup after a spicy meal. It is delicious as well as nutritious.

nakham bitchi

13. Manipur

Food – Chamthong

Photo Genre – Indian Food Photography

Photo Source – Flickr

Description –  This popular dish of Manipur is made with boiled boiled vegetables. This vegetable stew is consumed hot with rice or you can serve it with fish. This delightful dish will give your palate a flavor blast.

chamthong, indian food photography

14. Tripura

Food – Mui Borok

Photo Genre – Indian Food Photography

Photo Source – Source

Description – Mui Borok is a traditional cuisine of Tripura. It consists of Berma which is a fermented and dried fish. This dish is known for being healthy because it does not contain oil whatsoever.

mui borok, indian food photography

15. Sikkim

Food – Thukpa

Photo Genre – Indian Food Photography

Photo Source – Instagram

Description – Originated in Tibet, Thukpa is a widely loved and easy to find dish in Sikkim. The best part is that vegetarians and non-vegetarians, both can enjoy this cuisine as you can find one with vegetables as well as chicken.

thukpa, indian food photography

East India

16. Bihar

Food – Litti Chokha

Photo Genre – Indian Food Photography

Photo Source – Instagram

Description – We’re sure you saw it coming. This is one of those dishes that you will find in almost every corner of India. Some call it fast food, some call it street food but for some, it’s a feeling, a feeling of being. It’s not just a go-to dish of people from Bihar but also those who know the true flavors of this delightful dish.

litti chokha, indian food photography

17. Jharkhand

Food – Dhuska

Photo Genre – Indian Food Photography

Photo Source – Instagram

Description – This spicy dish from the capital of Jharkhand is an amazing must-try food if you’re in the state. It’s made of powdered rice and chana dal. The final dough is then deep-fried. The dish is enjoyed with chutney.

Dhuska, indian food photography

18. West Bengal

Food –  Ilish Macher Jhol

Photo Genre – Indian Food Photography

Photo Source – Instagram

Description – One of the most popular staple foods in West Bengal is this savory Ilish fish curry. Prepared with chili and Nigel seeds, Ilish Macher Jhol is a perfect dish to have in Bengal.

ilish macher jhol, indian food photography

19. Odisha

Food – Chungdi Malai

Photo Genre – Indian Food Photography

Photo Source – Instagram

Description – This delicious prawn curry whipped in coconut milk cream is one of the specialties of Odisha. Chungdi Malai is enriched with mild spices and a flavor that will flood your mouth. The dish is commonly enjoyed with rice.

Chungdi malai, indian food photography

West India

20. Gujarat

Food – Dhokla

Photo Genre – Indian Food Photography

Photo Source – Instagram

Description – Gujarati sweet and salty delight, Dhokla, is one of those irresistible dishes that can always have. Prepared with besan ka aata, Dhokla is a delectable dish that can stimulate your taste buds in an instant.

dhokla, indian food photography

21. Maharashtra

Food – Vada Pav

Photo Genre – Indian Food Photography

Photo Source – Instagram

Description – Those calling it Indian Burger don’t deserve this amazing dish. Vada Pav is the pride of Maharashtra. Whether it is early morning, or it is a late-night, every time is the best time to have this spicy dish. Make sure that you have it with mint chutney and roasted green chilly.

vada pav, indian food photography

22. Goa

Food – Chicken Xacuti

Photo Genre – Indian Food Photography

Photo Source – Instagram

Description – Chicken Xacuti is among the most popular dishes of Goa. The dish is influenced by Portuguese. Prepared with chicken, onions, potatoes, Kashmiri chilies, and coconuts, Chicken Xacuti is a must-have in Goa.

chicken xacuti, indian food photography

Central India

23. Madhya Pradesh

Food – Bhopali Gosht Korma

Photo Genre – Indian Food Photography

Photo Source – Instagram

Description – This Mughlai cuisine from Madhya Pradesh is the dish of Nawabs. Bhopali Gosht Korma is a spicy, flavorful dish. The use of Indian spices in this Mughlai cuisine enhances the taste to an ultimate level.

bhopali gosht korma, indian food photography

24. Chattisgarh

Food – Muthia

Photo Genre – Indian Food Photography

Photo Source – Instagram

Description – Traditional dish of Chattisgarh, Muthia is a rice batter dish served and seasoned with a bunch of different spies. The best part is that this dish is steamed to keep its ingredients intact. Moreover, the dish is known for being served during breakfast.

muthia, indian food photography

South India

25. Andhra Pradesh

Food – Chepa Pulusu

Photo Genre – Indian Food Photography

Photo Source – Instagram

Description – Chepa Pulusu is a variant of fish curry which is insanely popular in Andhra Pradesh. From flavor to tamarind juice and the fish, everything about this dish is perfection.

chepa pulusu, indian food photography

26. Karnataka

Food – Neer Dosa

Photo Genre – Indian Food Photography

Photo Source – Instagram

Description – Karnataka is famous for a lot of delectable dishes like Korri Gassi, Mysore Pak, and Allugeda. But there’s one that stands out on top. It’s the Neer Dosa. Made from rice soaked overnight, Neer Dosa is a must-have in Karnataka. Make sure that you have Sambar, Chutney or Korri Gassi on the side.

neer dosa, indian food photography

27. Kerala

Food – Puttu and Kandala Curry

Photo Genre – Indian Food Photography

Photo Source – Instagram

Description – Puttu and Kandala Curry is one of the traditional dishes of Kerala. Puttu means steamed rice cake and Kandala curry means black chickpeas. When served together, they make for a perfect meal.

puttu and kandala curry, indian foor photography

28. Tamil Nadu

Food – Prawns Kuzhambu

Photo Genre – Indian Food Photography

Photo Source – Instagram

Description – While talking about South Indian cuisine, one can’t miss out on some Prawns Kuzhambu. This tangy and tasty dish is a delight from Tamil Nad which is prepared by marinating prawns with some masala.

Prawns kuzhambu

29. Telangana

Food – Sarva Pindi

Photo Genre – Indian Food Photography

Photo Source – Instagram

Description – Whether you want to have a tasty breakfast or a go-to snack, you can totally have Sarva Pindi when in Telangana. This pancake looking dish is a healthy meal which will leave you feeling rejuvenated.

sarva pindi, indian food photography

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