How Car Dealerships Can Create The Best Customer Experience

How Car Dealerships Can Create The Best Customer Experience

Competition for car dealerships is increasing like never before (especially online). To stand out from the crowd, you need to make sure you attract customers and enable them to engage with your website.

Their experience with your website or in the store will determine whether they want to continue with your dealership or choose your competitors instead.

To make sure that a visitor is happy to engage with your dealership, you need to provide an incredible customer experience that will keep them coming back to your store (online or offline).

Here, I will tell you 3 ways you can create the best customer experience. It will not only help you create an impeccable user experience but will also make it easier for you to convert these customers.


Stop Selling, Start Helping

Customer experience in the auto industry relies solely on the ability to get customers to trust your brand. The customer journey has a lot of touchpoints before they actually make a purchase, as a brand you need to incorporate strategies to inform, educate and attract your potential customer through viable measures.

In fact, you need to ensure that you are real and authentic and not pushy when it comes to selling your vehicles.

According to a study led by Salesforce, 76% of respondents said it’s critical or very important for salespeople to be “focused on helping achieve their needs, not just on making a quick sale.”

Being pushy only makes your customers go away and it makes it difficult for them to trust your brand. Be it online or offline, you need to ensure that your communications are unique but not pushy. You need to make it very easy for your customers to make a purchase decision.


Be transparent with your potential customers. This is very important if you’re retailing used vehicles, you can use hotspots like features on your website to highlight the best features, dents and damages on the cars. This will give your customers a very clear understanding of the car before they make any decision.


Give them all the information they need before they make any purchase. Don’t mislead them with something that doesn’t exist and don’t exaggerate.

Guide – Don’t Push:

Make sure you understand that customers appreciate it if you guide them along the way and it will also help you gain their trust immediately. Your customer-focused approach will improve your chances of converting them rather than being pushy.


Embrace Marketing channels 

Like I said there are several touchpoints where you need to be and make your presence strong so that customers find it easy to visit your online store. Understanding your buyer journey and the touchpoints is crucial for dealerships. This will not only help you understand the message you need to attract customers but will also give you a broad view of the channels where you need to focus – where your potential buyers exist.

From your online website to social media, you should understand that embracing omnichannel marketing is the best way to serve your customers.

Focus on having a good presence on third party websites – because this is where your potential buyer spends a lot of time researching about the next vehicle. Make it easy for your potential buyers to explore your online dealership and provide all the information they need to make the final decision. Using high-quality car images will only enhance your chances of getting more and more buyers to your website.

You can use AI-based photography and editing app to click and edit your car images instantly. This is the most affordable and the most faster way to get your car online immediately. This will further make your dealership look professional and attractive.

Build Lasting Relationships

A lot of brands treat customers that come and go without making purchases as faceless customers. They fail to understand that they have a requirement that the dealership wasn’t able to fulfil in the first place.

Potential buyers don’t want a mass-produced experience. The customers want a personalized experience that values them and helps them navigate to make the right decision.

A study conducted by Autotrader found that 54% of buyers say that they will prefer buying from a dealership that offers a preferred experience over the lowest price.

To build a strong relationship with your potential customers, you must value them and help make the right decision when they come to your dealership. There are several ways you can do this to make the customer journey more personalized.

Collect customer data: You can collect their information so that you can send them personalized messages based on their requirements.

Prepare your messages: Once you’ve your data segmented into different categories, you can create hyper-personalized messages and send them to your customers.

It will not only make your brand presence felt but will show your customers that you value them. Offer special discounts to make your relationship stronger.

Follow up: Once you have reached out to your customers, you have to make sure that you follow up with them multiple times (in case they missed your previous communication). Keep sending value-based information to your customers and show them that you care about them.

Written By – Younus Sideeq on 18 Dec, 2021

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