Unforgivable Food Photography Editing Mistakes You'll Want to Avoid

Unforgivable Food Photography Editing Mistakes You’ll Want to Avoid

Photo editing is about taking care of small details which make a bigger impact, especially in the food industry.

For a brand, quality food photography is the gateway to more business. It works like a magnet that attracts people to either their restaurant or their products. If your brand has a certain vision or sends out a strong message, the visuals you are using should do justice to it. That’s exactly what inspires you as well as the customers to take favorable actions.

Usually, when professional editing is involved, food pictures are taken in RAW format in order to edit them with ease. Which brings us to the detail part. When you take care of the smallest of the details during editing, it attracts more eyes than usual.

Food photography editing mistakes

But if you’re new to food photography editing or have very little experience of doing it, you might want to avoid some unforgivable blunders. Unforgivable because they are something that a brand must avoid at all costs or else it can lead to brand miscommunication, bad reputation, and low online visibility.


3 Unforgivable Food Photography Editing Mistakes to Avoid


1. Oversaturating the Pictures

Food photography is majorly done under artificial white light. This brightens up everything in the frame. If the photography is done under natural light, there will be some golden or yellow light. But while doing editing, if you want to achieve the perfect natural light look or want to add a little bit of saturation, make sure that you don’t go overboard with it.

Oversaturating a picture can ruin it by taking away the real factor and make it look too altered which the audience will identify within a second. If you put out such pictures, it can really affect your brand’s image. Here are some examples of right saturation.

food photography editing mistakes

food photography editing mistakes


2. Not focusing on small details

It is common for someone to make adjustments to the whole image rather than going into details. Whether it is increasing saturation, reducing exposure, adjusting white balance, or doing color correction.

But food photo editing requires one to go deep into the details of the picture and then making adjustments. This does not mean that you have to zoom into the picture to edit it. You just need to make sure that you have taken care of small things, for example, you can see if there are any crumbles in the frame that you need to remove or you can remove shadows from a particular object or get rid of any spots or reflection from the food that might be caught on camera. There are plenty of things you can do to take care of the little details.

food Photo editing mistake

food photography editing mistake


3. Ignoring the power of colors

Food photos are meant to be appealing. This is the reason why all the pictures that you see in advertisements look like they are popping out. In reality, it’s the colors that catch the eye. There are a lot of factors that play into achieving the perfect color spectrum in your picture.

For example, just like your subject, your background needs to pop. For example, a bright red or a yellow or maybe a green background.

But the rule is to use the color that complements the color of your food rather than overshadowing it. Bright colors also make your food look 10 times fresh.

Food photo editing mistake


The Goal of Food Photography Editing

The entire point of doing food photography editing is to make your food look fresh and more appealing so that it instantly grabs the attention of potential customers. Editing helps you remove things that are not needed in the frame and also make it easy to control the final image. You can manipulate the image according to your needs through editing.


Should I Outsource Food Photography Editing?

This is a common question that a photographer comes across while dealing with image editing. Now editing is fun and all but it does require a lot of time and effort. So, it is something that you will probably do during your spare time when you’re not shooting. But that’s not going to work out for long right? There will be times when you’d be loaded with projects and the delivery will depend on image editing. It will surely be a lot of pressure.

The best part is, you can outsource image editing and let somebody else do the job the way you want to. You can raise the demands and convey how you need food photo editing to be done. It is always a great option if you are looking forward to upscale your business.


Best Food Photo Editing Services – SpyneTouch

At Spyne, we provide best-in-class food photo editing services to photographers as well as businesses in the food industry to fulfill their high-quality visual content needs. We provide a range of different photo editing services that include image masking, background removal, photo enhancement, picture colourization and so much more.

We believe in delivering only excellence which is why we are equipped with AI that allows us to process your pictures better and faster. So, if you want to upscale your business through quality pictures then you can totally rely on SpyneTouch – Best food photo editing services.


How Do Spyne Food Photo Editing Services Work?

1. In order to use Spyne Food Photo Editing Services, sign up with SpyneTouch and log into the dashboard. It’s a free sign up.

2. Then raise the request for food photography editing services and make a list of pictures that you have.

3. Specifically, mention the photo editing type you are looking for. If you are unsure, just feel free to contact our experts for best advice.

4. Then upload those photos of yours on the dashboard and wait till confirmation. (Takes a couple of minutes)

Once the request has been approved, you just need to sit back and relax as you will receive your pictures within 48 hours.


Why Choose Us?

SpyneTouch is one of the products of Spyne, an AI-driven company, that fulfils the visual content requirement of businesses and professionals.

We have already collaborated with business giants like Amazon and Snapdeals. Also, we have set up our studios in every major city that includes, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Gurgaon, Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi, Pune, Surat, Ahmedabad, Noida and Surat. This helps us provide food photo editing services to our clients from around the country.

What Makes us Different?

1. Highly affordable editing services (cheaper up to 30%)

2. Quick turnaround time (faster up to 50%)

3. No compromise in terms of quality

4. Convenience

5. Transparency

So, if you are looking for the best food photo editing services, we, at SpyneTouch, can give you a smooth and seamless food photo editing experience.

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