A Complete Guide to Setting up eCommerce Store with Clothing Photoshoot

A Complete Guide to Setting up eCommerce Store with Clothing Photoshoot

Photography brings out the passion in fashion. It convinces your customer of the value of the style you represent. Fashion is really all about the first impression. Therefore, you need to be very cautious when you photograph clothing for your eCommerce store.

A good photographer will turn a simple dress into something magical, perfect lighting will bring your style to life and the best model will convince your customers that they too will look good in your clothes. A good clothing photoshoot will catch your customer’s attention and create a trend.

Now, many people believe that clothing photoshoot is just a simple task of getting the perfect angle but do not make this mistake. In fact, clothing photoshoot can get much more experimental than other types of product photography. When you are photographing for your eCommerce store, you certainly need the basic equipment and the photo studio.

But the most important is preparing your clothing collection. In this blog, I will provide you with a checklist of things to get your clothing photoshoot right.


1. Decide a way to display your clothes

clothing photoshoot

Before moving to anything, you need to decide how you want to display your clothing line on your ecommerce store. You can hire a model or use an invisible mannequin. A model will help you get the perfect picture with different styles and poses and will also help the customer relate to the product. Whereas, mannequins are affordable and do not require a lot of effort.

2. Take many shots

A customer is never satisfied with only one shot. You need to provide different images clicked from different angles to really catch a customer’s attention. 360 clothing photography demonstrates an item in full rotation so the client can look at it in 3D format. It gives more insight into the product and provides a complete picture with all the important elements highlighted.


3. Choose the lighting

clothing photoshoot


Playing with the lighting of the studio can do wonders with clothing photography. Potential customers like to see all the details of an item so it is critical to obtain lights that will work well with your camera. Three-point lighting set up will help you achieve the perfect lighting for your shoot and if you feel inventive, you can play with the lighting as much as you want to get the perfect shot.


4. Camera Positioning

Consider your camera positioning and your background before you start shooting. For instance, when shooting for jeans, locate the camera along the hip to feet length, while shooting tops, the camera must be placed in a chest area.


5. Choose the Perfect Backdrop

clothing photoshoot

The backdrop is the most vital element of equipment required for sophisticated images. Mostly a plain white backdrop is preferred as it allows for more flexible editing after the photoshoot.


6. High Key Photography

High key photography focuses the viewer’s attention on the subject and eliminates other disturbances in the background. It highlights the key features of the subjects and brings important elements to light.


7. Prepare your Clothing products

clothing photoshoot

The time you put in preparation will save you a lot of time in editing. It is important to iron and steam all your clothes before a clothing photoshoot. Do the fittings beforehand and use pins and laces to give the perfect style to a dress. Make sure no wrinkles are showing and dress your models appropriately.


8. Show Important details

By including all the details you save a lot of buyer’s time by answering all the basic questions one might have about your product. Also, try to show off the details of your clothing in the photoshoot. Dress the models in a way that highlights their best features, thus bringing out the beauty of your clothes.


9. Set up your studio

clothing photoshoot

With the right camera and lighting, you can set up a studio anywhere. Set up your backdrop, position your camera, and get shooting. Choose the right angles for your lighting to get the best image.


10. Editing the Final Product

Editing will help in fine-tuning the final product to get the best possible image. It highlights the key features of your clothing photoshoot and eliminates any distractions in the images. You can do wonders in editing the image by fixing the background, cropping, and colour balancing to maintain consistency.

Remember, clothing photography will do the best for your eCommerce store, so have fun and get creative.

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