Case Study: How Spyne Helped Stanza Living With Eye-catching Food Images

Case Study: How Spyne Helped Stanza Living With Eye-catching Food Images

By 2022, India’s online food industry is set to become an $8 billion market


Millions of people in India order food online every day, making the food industry grow tremendously.

With the rapid growth and advancement of technology, customers find it very easy to order food online, given the variety of food options available online and the tempting advertisements backed by high-quality, compelling visuals that drive consumers to order the food online.

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When you order your food online, what do you see before placing an order? How do you choose the food? What criteria have you set to add the food to the cart?

Tempting Pictures – Feast For Eyes?


Over 82% of customers order food online because the meal looks temptingly beautiful in pictures.


Yes, in fact, a recent report from Google and BCG clearly stated that the main reason for the recurrent use of online food delivery apps is the variety in cuisines and advertisements, which has played a pivotal role in the growth of the food industry.

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Eye-catching pictures in food photography are the drivers of a specific mood and influence the emotions of the viewer. Whether you are a small brand looking to entice customers with tempting food visuals or a big brand striving to be the ultimate aggregator for food sellers, you need to tell stories visually.

Stanza Living collaborates with Spyne to fulfill its requirement for quality imagery

In this case study, we will tell you how we helped Stanza Living, an accommodation management business, that recently planned to expand its food vertical.

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Stanza Living, a famous brand, that recently started its food vertical to help their customer get great food at a great accommodation. The brand was looking for a trustable shoot partner that could help them with multi-city shoot projects across locations in real-time with the highest accuracy.

Spyne has been successful in helping the brand with a multi-city shoot that involved over 40 products such as starters, main course, rice items, snacks, side dishes, etc.

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There were several challenges that we encountered during the shooting process, all of which were easily taken care of by our ace food photographers in our SpyneStudios.

  • The brand was completely looking for a unique way of capturing the food images.
  • With the brand’s presence across major cities of India, it was looking for a shooting partner with availability across tires 1,2, and 3 cities. 
  • The brand was looking for a one-stop-partner for shoot and automated image editing solutions.

Unlike any other photoshoot, Spyne specifically studied some elements before executing the shoot for the brand. 


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How Spyne was the Great Fit?

Spyne is a tech-driven on-demand photography company that helps brands scale visual content requirements in faster turnaround times. Given our deep-tech-driven AI-image editing solutions, we help brands get image editing at a 30% lower cost and 67% faster delivery.

Spyne also has a huge network of 3500 freelance photographers who work from across the cities of India. With our presence across 42+ cities of the country, we help brands get multi-city shoot projects done simultaneously, where we focus on delivering big projects in a week.

We helped Stanza Living in creating mouth-watering pictures for their meals where we focused on bringing crispiness and freshness in the food.

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Here’s How We Make Food Tempting!

Improving Aesthetics

Spyne thoroughly studied different ways that can help in improving product imagery. From making them simply beautiful to creating effects that entice customers to crave for a moment. It not only helps the brand to make the customer feel overwhelmed but also creates a lasting impression on the client.

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Two main elements are responsible for bringing aesthetics in food pictures:


To improve the aesthetics of food products, we make sure that we pick the right food colors with flawless textures and matching backdrops. For some brands, we use themes that sit with the food to deliver a story visually. For example, we capture food pictures on themes like “Dinner for 2,” “meal for 1,” etc.

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When it comes to food photography, lighting is the key element. If you get it right, you can deliver your story right. We try different lighting techniques, however, we choose natural light when it comes to bringing out the crispiness and freshness in the food. While shooting for Stanza Living and brands alike, we make sure the lighting sits perfectly with the food products, creating perfect shadows around the eats.

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Detailing of the product

There are certain templates according to which we shoot the product photos. We use limited props or add-ons or raw ingredients that add aesthetics without creating any disturbance in the image. Nonetheless, we choose subtle backgrounds that fit the appeal of the food, natural light that helps in creating light, and dark parts to give more precise detail of the subject.

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Food hacks

Capturing the food is never easy, you need to be aware of the tips and tricks that will save your time and help you make your food pictures look tempting. We at Spyne not only shoot the food but we go into the details of prepping and styling before we begin any shoot. There are so many hacks involved in the food photo and we always try to use the ones that stand our food from the rest of your competitors.

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AI-Image Editing

Using smart technology-driven image editing solutions that Spyne has built to ease the post-production workflow of businesses with a huge demand for quality visual content. This smart editing tool’s advanced algorithms have been exclusively designed to handle the challenging post-production process with the highest accuracy and 100% automation. Given its intelligent automation, we deliver edit at 67% faster delivery and a 30% lower cost. 

What makes Spyne different?

Spyne is an AI-based on-demand photography studio that endeavors to streamline the photoshoot and post-production process for all kinds of brands. Helping businesses with high-quality shoots, Spyne produces all kinds of shoots at faster turnaround times and lower prices.

Spyne is helping brands like Amazon, Bigbasket, and top national brands with professional photoshoots and AI-image editing. Our AI-based image editing automation allows us to edit photos at an incredible speed and at extremely economical prices.

If you are a brand looking for food photography or AI-drive smart image editing, you can reach out to us at [email protected] or explore more here.

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