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Everything About Virtual Car Showrooms- 21st Century Dealership Essential

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Get ready to make your online avatar because the world is going VIRTUAL! Believe it or not, Virtual Reality is the future and will soon be the best place to sell cars in the coming few years.

It started with a gaming experience, but now it is a part of your significant decisions in life. Without moving an inch, you can see whatever you want and whenever you want. It just got real (virtually)! 

Car dealerships being all smart hopped on to this technology and created virtual car showrooms. Did it make you go what?! No hassle of moving out; customers experience it all in the comfort of their homes. 

Humans are also curious as cats, but skeptical when adopting something new or bringing any change in their environment. After all, questioning brings more clarity. Keep reading to get the answers to the emergence of virtual car showrooms for car dealerships. 

What are Virtual Car Showrooms & how do they work?

Virtual reality showrooms or VR showrooms are the means for dealerships to provide a digitally immersive experience of the dealership to potential buyers. It is like walking into a dealership and inspecting the cars while still comfortably lying on the couch. 

Given the greater level of buyer satisfaction, virtual car showrooms are soon going to surpass marketplaces and websites in the race for the best place to sell your cars online.

Time and again, we have been hearing that post-pandemic virtual reality has moved beyond mere entertainment. It has now become quite prevalent. All big corporations and industries have adopted virtual reality to bring ease of purchase to customers.

How are car dealerships leveraging this technology? 

Well, with the help of virtual reality, car dealerships bring virtual car showrooms to your home. With virtual reality car showrooms, dealerships can replicate the in-person experience digitally.

Consumers can choose a vehicle and view it in three dimensions without headset navigation. They can view the vehicle’s inside, change the paint color, and more.

What is a virtual tour of a car?

If you are already impressed by the high-quality car images on the websites, wait till you take a virtual tour of a car. It will blow your mind! 

High-resolution virtual car tours give potential customers a detailed look at a model. VR tours are composed of rotating 360° panoramas stitched together to create three-dimensional views of a location.

By switching views via thumbnails, users can view multiple locations throughout a site. Zooming in or out can be used to enhance the view of the angle the user is viewing while adjusting it wherever required.

There are plenty of reasons why virtual tours of a car are preferred by customers. Here are 4 of them:

  • It gives them the freedom to see much more than high-quality images 
  • Sitting at home, they can see as many cars as they want. 
  • They can access the virtual tour 24/7
  • It provides an abundance of virtual tours to the customer 

Why virtual car showrooms will soon be the best place to sell cars in the near future?

Provides Instant Engagement to Customers

High-quality images and videos are valuable for your website but challenging to compete with the experience of virtual reality. The control of every angle in 3D gives a different perspective to customers.

As a result, the buyer will be more likely to make a temporary decision.  

Direct Impact on the Sales

According to Google research, 3D virtual tours increase business traffic by 41% overall and 130% among people aged 18-34. Getting sales and making a profit is the ultimate goal of any business, and that’s what VR helps you with. The reach of VR is any day higher than the walk-in showroom. To top it all, you do not need any staff to engage the customers. This results in more sales and less need for resources. 

Helps Dealerships Provide a Unique Service 

There are 18,666 New Car Dealers businesses in the US as of 2022, an increase of 1.4% from 2021. This is reason enough to make your car dealership stand apart.

A virtual car showroom is one way to give your customers a visual treat that is hard for them to resist.  

Customers can Access Virtual Cars Through Virtual Showroom Apps

What more can virtual reality provide? Convenience! Virtual cars can be viewed from any device. Whether it is during the day when customers are taking a break or even late at night. This means your online car listings work continuously, bringing in new leads and sales daily.

How Do You Create a Virtual Showroom?

Since we have realized the importance of virtual showrooms for car dealerships. Now, the question arises, how do you create one for your virtual car dealership?

We’ll help you with this gist: 

In the case of making a virtual car showroom, semi-immersive virtual reality works better than other types of virtual reality. A mobile device or a computer mouse and keyboard are all that is needed to move about independently in semi-immersive virtual reality, either in a 3D space or on a virtual terrain.

You choose to set the view; you do not control any characters. These are the tools that can help you create a virtual studio: 

  • Essentially, a 360-degree panorama is a controllable image that surrounds the original location.
  • Due to its simplicity and ease of use, WPVR is the best virtual tour creator available on WordPress.

Curious how you can create a virtual car showroom for your dealership with the least effort. Get in touch with Spyne.ai, an AI-catalog creation platform that helps car sellers in automotive marketing and in creating high-quality car images and videos without needing an actual photoshoot.

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Wrapping up! 

It is unlikely that the showroom experience will ever become obsolete. However, there is no longer a barrier to accessing the endless possibilities of VR. The customer can purchase a dream car in a more efficient and convenient manner by mixing a virtual showroom and a physical showroom.



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