Dealership Inventory Photography- Before and After
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Car Dealerships, This is How AI is Disrupting Inventory Photography

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What if we tell you that AI can help you reduce 75% cost and 80% of the time spent on car photography for dealership catalogs?

With the brisk expansion of internet users, even the industries that had little to do with the digital mode of business, are now going online. Car dealerships, for example, have realized the potential of online acquisition of customers to increase sales and revenue.

However, making your dealership stand out in the digital space requires some serious effort. One of the most significant ways to increase conversions online is through stunning car pictures.

The rule is simple- when on the internet, it is not the product that sells but the visual appeal of the product. 

But the process of getting high-quality car images for the digital catalog has plenty of challenges.

  • The process is expensive. Professional photographers can charge as much as $10,000 per day!
  • It is time-consuming
  • It makes scalability a challenge
  • Brings inconsistency to the visual language of the brand.

So, should you give up aiming for high-quality car images for your catalog? Absolutely not. Three out of four customers rely on car photos online before making a purchase decision.

In other words, a picture does say a thousand words!

Groundbreaking Solution for Dealership Inventory Photography

Car dealership photography is essential, but it can be highly challenging. Technology, however, is making a massive change in this area.

If you haven’t heard about AI-enabled car image photo editing, here is what it is-

Deep tech companies are now creating AI technology that lets dealerships shoot, edit and publish high-impact car images for their catalog. 

It takes away the logistics of inventory shoots while reducing time-to-market and increasing conversion. In this article, we will be discussing everything that one needs to know about Car Photography.

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What is Virtual Dealership Car Photography?

As the name indicates, virtual car dealership photography is the digital counterpart of traditional car photography. It leverages various technologies, largely Artificial Intelligence, in making the final image appear as though it has been captured in a studio with professional photographers.

While the traditional inventory shoot involves the cost of hiring a photographer, renting a studio, and arranging all the other logistics, the virtual process takes just a smartphone and a professional AI photo editor.

This technique typically combines 2D graphics with 3D modeling to recreate the image. Additionally, creators can use AI editing to control different image elements and present them in the most artistic way possible.

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Advantages of AI-led Dealership Car Photography and Editing

While virtual photography is already benefitting eCommerce, other sectors, such as the automobile industry, can benefit significantly.

One of the primary advantages of virtual automotive photography is the ability to stage quickly and visually present items for cataloging. Because of their constraints, traditional photoshoots took far more time and effort than virtual photoshoots.

The following are some notable (and universal) advantages of visual AI-backed car dealership photography:

Faster Time-to-Market

Dealership inventory photography is more than just pointing the camera at a car and releasing the shutter button. It accounts for the vehicle’s placement, external conditions, lighting, camera configuration, and angle- the list goes on.

Further, the image undergoes editing- a post-production process that can take 30+ minutes.

In short, the journey from selecting the photographer to obtaining the images is long and tedious.

On the other hand, AI photoshoots and editing are simply a breeze.

With AI-enabled photoshoots, a dealership or reseller can click and edit pictures for a car in a fraction of the time and improve their automotive marketing also. Hence, car dealerships can upload pictures of a used or new car in a very short period.

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Saves money

When dealerships opt to use AI-enabled software for clicking product pictures and editing them simultaneously, they will save a fortune.

Businesses will no longer have to pay for n-numbers of equipment or rent studios for inventory shoots, which saves them money. Simultaneously, they can reduce the number of hours needed to capture and edit car images.

On top of that, visual AI offers multiple variations of the same picture. The dealership can select any backdrop for their inventory pictures without actual photography and without any extra cost.

AI can also stitch together a 360-degree video for the automobile. This requires clicking pictures from various angles. The fact that AI applications themselves assist you in snapping images from various angles is the cherry on top.

As a result, you won’t need to hire a professional photographer because AI-enabled apps will handle everything.

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Improves image quality

AI-enabled photoshoots have advanced so that the human eye cannot distinguish between a virtual and a real-life image. Also, the ability of virtual automotive photography to capture intricate details makes it stand out and look realistic.

Seeing how 90% of shoppers prioritize photo quality while assessing a product, one can hardly go wrong with an AI photoshoot for their automobiles.

AI-based photography can also help change your background with a button click. This can help enhance your image and gain more traction from potential customers.

Greater return on investment (ROI)

Virtual dealership inventory photography and editing offer multiple competitive edges, from reducing costs to expediting image delivery.

And while doing it all, it still manages to fetch the benefits of high-quality product photography. This, in turn, leads to product visualization, more significant interaction, higher conversion rates, social sharing, etc.

Therefore, all in all, dealerships can make more money by using AI to automate catalog creation.

With a bit of investment in virtual dealership photography and editing, sellers can significantly increase their customer acquisition and profit margins.

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Automobile businesses can use it to capture high-definition, studio-style images to offer customers a virtual showroom at their fingertips.

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