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Digital Marketing Guide for Dealerships- How to Rule SERP in 5 Steps!

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How to do digital marketing right for your dealership website? What are the common mistakes that should always be avoided? What are the best practices that should never be missed out? This article will answer some of the leading digital marketing queries of every dealership trying to sell cars online.

Let’s begin with addressing the mistake straight. Most car sellers believe that the homepage of their website is the most important webpage for the online presence of their inventory. And this is where all the digital marketing efforts of dealerships go in vain.

The truth is, your dealership’s VDP (Vehicle Details Page) or automotive landing page should be the focal point of all digital marketing endeavors.

Automotive landing page is where the users are introduced to the vehicle inventory of sellers. A majority of customers who visit dealerships to buy cars often do so after browsing the VDP of at least one of the vehicles on the automotive car dealership’s page.

Customers who take the time to visit a VDP are usually low funnel shoppers. This means that they have done their research and are looking to learn more about a specific car and what it has to offer.

Digital Marketing Guide for Dealerships- How to Rule SERP?

1. It all begins with keyword research

You have probably heard enough how important targeting the right keywords is. The truth is, it is more important then you can imagine. Keyword research for the digital marketing of your dealership’s landing page make the foundation of your ranking on your SERP.

So how do you do it?

Create a universe of all the relevant keywords that are related to your business. And while you choose these keywords based on parameters like Volume and Keyword Difficulty, do not miss out on the most essential parameter- Intent.

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The stronger the intent of your keywords is, the higher your sales conversions. There are plenty of Keyword research tools like Semrush, AHREFs and Moz that can help you in this direction. You can also use Google Keyword Planner and Google Trends for keyword research.

Divide your keyword list into three parts-

  1. Primary Keywords– The primary offering of your landing page. For example, “car for sale”
  2. Secondary Keywords– To give context to your Primary keyword and make it accurate. For example, “best car dealership in Ohio”
  3. Semantic Keywords– To support the Primary and Secondary keywords and strengthen the intent. For example, “discounted rates.”

2. And then, keyword optimization

Now that you have your list of keywords ready, it is time for execution. Optimize all the content on your automotive landing page with the shortlisted set of keywords. This is one of the most important digital marketing steps for dealership websites.

Following are the areas you should definitely insert your keywords at-

  • Meta Details like Title, Description, Alt Text of Images
  • In the URL of the landing page
  • In the content of your VDP or automotive landing page
  • Heading Tags

3. Use nothing but high quality images for traffic conversion

You can get all the traffic on your automotive landing page. But if you are not doing your work to convert that traffic, digital marketing would not reap any results for your dealership.

For this purpose, bid farewell to stock images. They are used everywhere on the internet and your may end losing trust of the potential buyers. Users want to see latest photos of the actual inventory for two reasons- to inspect the vehicle before buying and to judge how authentic the seller is.

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Your target audience will turn into customers if you have high-quality, real car images.

So how do you get the professional-looking car images that also don’t burn your pocket? One way is to shoot images through your smartphone. But it is next to impossible to get a quality output from smartphone shots.

There is a smarter alternative- AI car photo shooting and editing apps that require nothing but your smartphone. Not even a DSLR.

Spyne’s AI photo editor helps decrease the cost of car cataloging by 75%, takes 80% lesser time than the traditional process and increases conversion by 40%.

It provides assisted, self-serve photoshoots that help you get the perfect shots for your VDP.

Want to know more or book a demo? Click here.

Create immersive car inspection experience for your dealership website with Spyne.

4. Call to Action

It is important to make your automotive landing page as informative as possible. However, it is even more important to provide customers the right channel to take action on your VDP.

Your digital marketing efforts will only reap benefits if you provide right CTAs (Call to Action) to buy cars from your dealership.

So how do optimize your page with the right CTAs?

  • Keep the CTAs easy to use. Complicated CTA discourages user from taking action
  • Keep the CTA journey small. For example, if you are asking the user to sign up or book a demo, try giving option like single-click sign up with Google account. Long action journey is boring and results in bouncing the user off
  • Make them visible and easily accessible on your VPD
  • Don’t insert too many CTAs. It will only confuse the users.

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5. Keep your Core Web Vitals in check

So you have optimized your page with the right keywords. You have also included high quality images CTAs to drive engagement and action. But you still won’t rank on SERP unless your website’s loading time is short.

What are core web vitals and why are they important?

Core web vitals are the parameters that define the user experience on your website. This exprience is built on three most essential pillars- page speed, responsiveness and stability of visual content on your website. Talking on these three pillars, following are the ideal core web vitals for your landing page- What defines the perfect core web vitals?

Make sure you landing page is perfect in these three factors.

What is the purpose of VDP in digital marketing?

VDP or Vehicle Detail Page is the landing page for all your car ads and digital marketing campaigns.

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If a vehicle is stagnant with limited online views and lead conversion, it may be beneficial to review photos of the vehicle, add descriptions, adjust the pricing, or craft a new campaign designed to sell those specific cars faster.

It also helps enables you to make decisions about your inventory mix so you can stop buying cars that aren’t getting a lot of interest in your market.


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