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5 Tips To Boost Your Conversion Rate Using Images

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An average of 60 million images are posted on Instagram every day. So, you can imagine the world obsessed with visual content. As Neil Patel says, people no longer want to scroll through your website, they want to experience it. Unless you don’t use a photo, you might not even exist in the world where you want to make your presence stronger.


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Using the right images on your website helps you create a great impression of your brand and enables you to reach out to the right audience. The right images will not only help you with better reach but also convert the right customers.


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According to a study, there is a psychological principle that influences a consumer’s decision, and the right photos are a crucial part of this.

When it comes to e-commerce, you sell images, not products. So, use the right images to improve your conversions. When we hear any information, we just remember the 10% of the message a mere three days later. However, if you add a picture to that information, we retain 65% of the message.

How Images can improve conversions?

So, how exactly can images play an important role to improve your conversion rate? Improving conversion rates means creating an unforgettable user experience. Simple. You can shoot images or go for a digital rendering of your products for high-quality images. The more authentic, the higher will the experience of the users. Now, let me tell you about 5 easy images that can help you boost conversions.


1Picking Up A Quality Image

First of all, you need to pick images relevant to your brand and something that your customers will relate to. Photos can create an emotional connection, therefore, pick images wisely.

You need to understand the page where your users land, which is referred to as the landing page. So that is where you can make your first impression. Extremely bigger images and very small images can irritate your customers, so make sure you have the right balance when it comes to the image size.


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According to CrazyEgg, here are the image sizes that create a beautiful look on your website.

Banner Image: 2000px wide and 800px long

Post/ Event: 425 px wide and 220 px long

Slider: 1920 px wide and 890 px long

Portfolio: 1920px wide and 768px long

Icon: 300px wide and 300px long

Blog: The width of the blog image should be equal to the size of the content and the height anywhere between 400px and 500px.

However, several online tools help you edit your e-commerce product images according to any marketplace. Their tech is designed in such a way that it helps you create marketplace-friendly images instantly.


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The quality of your images on your website shows how serious are you about your online reputation. It is highly recommended and important to use high-quality images on your website. Those selling products on e-commerce sites, marketplaces and websites, should understand their customers should be convinced with the product in the image. So, use images that are highly zoomable so that customers explore the product in detail.

A study found that use large images can incredibly improve your conversion rate, some websites that improved the size of their images boosted the conversion rates by 63%.


2. Include multiple and detailed images

Don’t just use one product image, use as many images of your product from multiple angles to give your customer a 360 view of the product. You can include multiple actions shots (or lifestyle images) of the product to give your customers a better perspective. Another way to improving your conversion rates is to optimize the images that you use on your website.


saree quality images


3. Use a model to elevate the customer experience

When a potential customer can see your product being used by another customer or by a mode in the image, they can easily imagine themselves using or trying the product. Your images become more real and validated when you use a model to showcase your product.


model marketplace ready images


Usually, brands use mannequins or clothes hanging from the hangers but eventually, they don’t drive much customer attention. But if the same products are donned on a model, it gives customers a real picture of the product. They can easily feel the size and delicacy of the product.

Similarly, you can use the product in action (lifestyle shots). That’s how a product can be used in the real life. For example, if you are selling a saree or some fashion items, you can use a model wearing the same clothing item in the image that you need to sell.


saree rendering images


4. Drive customer’s Attention to the product

Use the model to drive the focus of your potential customers to the main product. For example, if you see a model looking straight whilst showing the product with hand and then there is another photo where a woman shows a product be she’s looking at it – so when you look at the woman who’s looking at the product, your eyes will eventually land on the product because the model in the photo is driving your attention.


product images


So use the photos to drive the attention of your potential customers to the product. Here’s the case study that proves it.


5. Use Clean and Sleek images

I know creating beautiful images is tedious and time-consuming. But there’re a lot of easy ways that can help you create clean product images. This is really important for e-commerce brands to create images that just drive customer attention to the product only. So, it becomes crucial for the seller to remove all the distractions from the image.


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With Spyne you can scale your operational process and images processed with our tech can help you improve your conversions by 40%.

SpyneAI For E-commerce

Whether you’re a retailer, an e-commerce marketplace, or a dealership, you need High-Quality eCommerce Images of your products to improve conversion. But how do create images that drive more attention?

Spyne is an AI technology company that is developing industry-first tech tools to help businesses create high-quality, studio-finish images instantly using technology.


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For e-commerce, leading brands use our AI Whitelabel application to capture studio-finish images directly from the app, they don’t have to set up a studio to do the shoot. Now the quality of studio-like images can be achieved using this AI app. The app’s tech automatically processes these images and transforms them into clean and sleek images. It removes your background instantly and replaces a new background to your image within seconds.

You can use this app for any product including footwear, handbags, fashion products, etc. This app not only saves you from photography and editing hassle but also operations. You can track your images/shoots happening on the ground using this app from your dashboard.

SpyneAI For Cars

To create studio-setting images, you can now use our AI application to Create Studio-Setting Car Images. Shoot your car directly with your smartphone from anywhere, choose the background and leave it for processing. Our tech cleans the background and adds a studio-setting background to your car image in seconds – saving you a lot of time and money.


studio car images


Our AI tech is available in multiple formats (API, Whitelabel, and Web tool). If you already have images, you can use our web tool to transform them instantly – 500X faster.


Your website is your online store that remains open 24*7. You don’t want to create a bad impression on your potential customers with bad images. Use high-quality, clean, studio-quality images that drive customer attention. Include multiple shots of one product from different angles to your customer a 360 perspective about the product, which eventually improves the conversions considerably.

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